Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 years when do not have love, " early spring in Feburary "

—— of public clamour can confound right and wrong " early spring in Feburary "(1963)

Actually desolate has real love between gully autumn and contented haze. Because Chinese intellectual is right son of relation of male and female is special nevertheless sensitive, together with gossip and calumniatory rise from all directions, xiao Jian autumn just decides to want sacrificial love, marry a woman that oneself do not love to be wife. Be in China, human relation and case of person moral character often are not his thing, form in the mouth of other however. Public clamour can confound right and wrong, those who say is this truth. " early spring in Feburary " the image that shaped the intellectual that has humanitarian mind successfully, mirrorred their anguish and hesitation. Thespian ending, body reveals old intellectual to be in under the pressure of traditional idea and feudal force helpless, also convey an original work place accumulate contained basic idea.

Film brief introduction: 1926, the gully of school leavers desolate that feels disappointed to revolution autumn should of good friend Tao Mukan invite Lai Furong to press down teach. Love arose slowly between haze of little sister contented and Xiao Jian autumn, cause the jealousy that money of rich home children is promoting. Before long, the message that has an affair with about concerning between Xiao Jian autumn and article elder brother's wife uploads in small town. Xiao Jian autumn decides to sacrifice the love of oneself and Tao Lan, marry article elder brother's wife to be wife. Northern expedition began, article elder brother's wife casts river take one's own life because of abasement however. Xiao Jian autumn leaves lotus to press down in anger, tao Lan also chases after him and go ……

Love is enunciative: We can have those who grow long future

Love keepsake: Epistolary

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