Monday, February 28, 2011

Simple a few action teach you to obscure easily little stomach Nan

Aggravating little stomach Nan can let you look figure overstaffed sex appeal reduces cent, how does ability obscure abdomen Nan wears a good body look? Be being dressed up loosely is to obscure the method with abdomen the most effective Nan, the blouse deserves to go up the remove theatrical makeup and costume of cultivate one's morality, can wear the small framework that gives exquisite. Additionally double platoon buckles the coat that has effect receiving a small of the back to also be met first your girth is very fine.

Sweater of cultivate one's morality of black long money is worn rise very sexy

White wears even the jacket of wool cloth with soft nap of the cap rise Qing Chun lovely

Which are the cheapest

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thick coat + skirt outfit beauty stayed the third nine-day period after the winter solstice-coldest days of winter does not endure aspic

Liu Dehua also is me the actor or artist that likes most should say is long-standing want than a surname early much but as such as that person insanity makes a person incomprehensible really. I also have a friend to be infatuated with Zhang Guorong the eldest child is not small how does the birthday that can run to Hong Kong to be him designedly for flourish elder brother say. . . Be souvenir? What be still? Not clear. The song that getting a rich settle or live in a strange place also is flourish elder brother completely and photograph flourish are confused people be intoxicated among them hey need not to sin only do not endanger other to should have the rationality that he exists. The Chinese lacks mental belief foreigner to believe what Jesus, Christ of what. . . Puzzle just like the "when Where The Religion Comes To The Town that sings in this song. . . . "

Saw in relief bright fawn on mention that girl I not by in wordy rise

The little sister that visits a report to just know original Laoliu has seen that infatuation dreams and she gives birth to new think of a way again avaricious and insufficient snake swallows an elephant a bit pretty good

- - the god that thinks Liu Dehua is her originally wants to let a god save save her who knows a spirit already favor she

Cold winter day, short skirt + the collocation of filar socks is distributing sex appeal, hot hot breath. And the combination of skirt and coat criterion more add elegant graceful, rustling winter wind, do not do " aspic " beauty, be lapped all over ability is quite warm!

Cape coat + boots of palm restoring ancient ways

The editor comments on: Comb of female star Myleene Klass red lip of blaze of intense of the double collocation that catch hair worn in a bun or coil. Grandma yellow double platoon buckles cape sailor's striped shirt is taken inside coat, issue skirt of body black short umbrella, stocking crossing genu and brown restore ancient ways conjugate of tall canister boots, the hand carries huge black vanity. Vogue restores ancient ways, wet flavour is inapproachable.

Leather careless coat + black umbrella skirt

The editor comments on: Gold - Ka Daishan shows body street, skirt of umbrella of black of collocation of leopard grain shirt, the skin makes rivet the waist seals adornment. Careless coat of skin of outer garment black, the foot wears bow tie high-heeled shoes. Carry bag of Hemers platinic gold. Vogue is elegant, expensive gas is threatening.

Clean out treasure net

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day of tall canister boots, eider down takes sweep season to mix take wind

This print journalist Sun Shuang

Joyous jubilate had been fond of the Spring Festival, beautiful go paying a New Year call! But the weather during the Spring Festival does not give power it seems that this year, jinan, also become colder more in the winter of affection of this part of the day. This moment, eider down takes nature to become the drive cold sheet with indispensable this year Spring Festival to taste. But a lot of MM however kink rises, "Put on eider down to take total him feeling to resemble a big biscuit, again good figure also can appear overstaffed. " actually, want to spend bit of caution to think of in the appreciably on collocation only, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, wear again deep eider down to take also can let you be in this the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day is handsome much appearance.

The reporter visits an our city discovery of each big dress square, most the eider down of coat of paint of design nothing is more... than with the wettest IN is taken and bright lubricious eider down is taken, no matter be fabrics, design or color,can satisfy MM people beautiful to vogue pursuit: Melting and concise and lavish style, lovely candied color department, bringing quality of visual percussive gradual change is... how does that match ability drives away overstaffed, already heat preservation modern? Look now!

Accident is folded wear,

Will " spring " if concealed is like,clean out treasure net now female outfit

Friday, February 25, 2011

The hug opens year of good luck to wear a fashionable red (graph)

Vogue is analytic: Cape is this year necessary sheet tastes current people, will make wonderful New Year open carry outfit to had not suited again with gules cape! The design that Mao Mao gets became much a few minutes nifty and lovely, the mood that lets New Year is more happy; Tie-in black is tight short skirt, black pants socks and black reach malleolar boots, promote fashionable index.

Vogue is analytic: If you are authentic wet person, you have jacket of a Pi Cao certainly this year. White builds dress of gules cultivate one's morality inside leather careless coat, make the individual character that belongs to oneself model dress up. Again tie-in the fittings that sends closely more with might doubled, hale chalaza short boots is to bring new emphasis, let existence feeling instant promote.

Vogue is analytic: Gules double platoon buttons suit jacket already enough classical, jeans of collocation tall waist and follow short boots high, spin private parts scale, delicate the perfect union with vogue, if have PARTY in the morning, match bag of thin shoulder of a black again, can go to an appointment directly.


Vogue is analytic: Gules cotton-padded clothes can give a person the sense of the girl, the girl's index is exceedingly high, soft material lets a person experience lovely breath immediately character, t-shirt of street wind white is built inside, tight jeans and board shoe, make a nifty model, a white braids a cap, let lovely index turn over 3 times, finished the evolution of girl wind.

Vogue is analytic: This winter, the red jacket below boldly challenge, the academic wind design that double platoon buckles is today the popular dot of season, using completely black tie-in red is the safest wear build.

Clean out treasure net female outfit

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Short boots of the Ni that amount to Fu transfers season and genu stocking stage a come back

The popular element sheet that there is a lot of to differ in 2010 Chun Xia season is tasted, and hose is among them most one of be necessary to appear in your almirah. It is one can help you transfer seasonal good associate, also was 2010 in the very outstanding content in numerous and fashionable popular trend. Silk of hollow out bud and knee socks and the short boots high-heeled shoes that amount to Fu Ni money are tie-in, have individual character extremely, savour high-grade, it is ripe female people handpick. Without doubt, hose has individual character more, the hose that spells color matchs extremely easily, huckle divides comfortable design to be able to build the body that show a leg, popular index full marks. Haing ~ yesterday is a good weather really, enrage every day today also not bad. Divide 3 times this weekend by family planning appoint tube action answers an unit to save big examination of family planning job to work overtime to deal with Zhou Yi beyond what also had calculated is pretty good, say a few words does not need to close here if saying, the staff member of family grass-roots unit is true not easy ah, give a party working basic level staff especially, true not easy really, the hardships that the family pays and the source material that handle an examination are tall really. The face has a lot of a lot of need to pass a word for the door here, here for safe for the purpose of no longer comment on, deep sigh, buddha says, not not saying is wrong, the leader calls me personally today, tomorrow 7: 00 add tile to receive inspection job to add a brick to the unit... must send bit of complaint, be recommended to be in charge of job of unit family planning at the outset, cadre door leader says he are in charge of an office work, work is much, improper, recommend the young fellow worker that should trim maternity leave immediately to take-over, in fact is the job that this stays still to give me? Look be being led at the outset is the comrade that nods that what to having youngly somewhat deep love ah, I wish the father of this comrade can realize the intention of our leader.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Netizen group buys doubt to encounter fake

Top left corner is silky after the · · with very good effect of film of black woman's head-ornaments was used, chamfer of · of · of bright skin soft film cooperates to go with · · character still is the embellish lipstick that more slippery · · top right corner is Kiehl's · · quality of a material creams like the eye a bit

The side asks: "First time group is bought appear this kind of thing, alas, make popular feeling irritated really. " netizen " Kingtom9131 " say, she in Ning Bo some group is bought two are bought on the net endowment lipstick of unripe hall embellish, after goods is received, open the fragrance that after was being used, discovery buys at ordinary times with her different, the feeling is false. She buys the customer service connection of the net with the group, what response of the other side did not seal off is OK return money.

"When selling, vow solemnly say commodity is no problem, can be the holiday is however after receiving. " netizen " play play " recount difficulties that one is reluctant to mention to the reporter, she wants to ask, the group is bought meet fake, how to do?

Reply: Yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to those who buy a network to this group deliver goods the station has negotiation, a staff member that surnames Cao expresses, the product is true for certain. But the taste that offers to a few consumer is different did not give out clear answer, finally his commodity sum refund a few present consumer.

After buying a net to undertake communication with this group, the reporter also contacted disappear of peaceful wave city to protect appoint, rights and interests of consumer of peaceful wave city protects committee secretary-general Shi Minwei to tell a reporter, they did not receive what buy a network to this group to complain temporarily, complain to what other network group buys very few also. But he expresses likewise, because at present our country is aimed at network group to buy,still set without specific legislation, without relevant legal mechanism, when consumer is being bought, still need discretion.

Zhejiang another name for Ningbo builds attorney office Guo Jingwei's lawyer to express, want to appeal the country establishs relevant law, industrial and commercial management department also should publish a few relevant provisions, reduce the possibility that produces issue as far as possible. Consumer also should raise vigilance when buying goods, notice the credit of the website is spent, businessman aptitude makes an on-the-spot investigation first before buying a group to buy goods, a variety of limit sex items that examine a group carefully to buy goods. If discover the commodity after buying nots agree with with the fact, should be contacted in time with the website or protect with disappear appoint, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry gets in touch.

Parcel post

Dragon of Li Yu of reporter of learn on job

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are 30 years old less than eye grain too fierce who gives recommend to knit eye frost best?

The canthus that eye week brings about because of slackening is flagging, this is the most lamentable simply. Because this lets the look look of whole person,changed. Specific which good, also I do not say, you go 3 primary colors guide buy. . . Frost of eye of the what in the female's commonly used eye frost goes been knit? 1 answer filling water keeps wet eye white in, what eye frost goes been knit? 3 answers 20 my eye furrow are quite serious, what eye frost goes been knit? 0 answers frost of 20 what eye goes been knit? The brand that had better be major 0 answers frost of 20 what eye goes knitting 3 answers 20 what eye frost has been knitted excuse me on the net that clean out treasure? Does query of hair short message come 123 receive optimal result freely how does the short message quiz? Come Baidu popularizes Baidu of the 2010 Baidu that protect skin to know open platform Baidu knows is the interlocution with the greatest whole world knowledge shares platform

Monday, February 21, 2011

Inning of goods of store up of the end of the year is worth proceed with 5 times to maintain article

In thorough female heart, unprecedented beautiful white product. Improve the appearance of dark and gloomy of skin effectively, make complexion becomes more bright and clear... [refer to cosmetic library in detail] elegant Shi Landai writes value of reference of frost of elite of the ministry that shield an eye immediately: Reason of goods of ¥ 500.0/15ml store up: In elegant Shi Landai eye frost is familial call " all-round raises a star " , the function is powerful, provide public praise extremely! ANR of full of a bit is repaired protect elite, powerful effect energy appears eye week greatly to skin, germ improvement is microgroove, furrow, bloated, black rim of the eye, dry reach color of skin not all 6 big questions, resist of all kinds years is invaded, 24 hours round-the-clock caress with long protect young bright eye... . . .

Saturday, February 19, 2011

3 action teach you to dress up become fashionable and trendy bride

Whether do you also think the tide Wedding Dresses with bold and unrestrained and hot heat try? The means that the brides that challenge to traditional wedding use, reveal oneself body curve with cheap wedding dresses namely, is not to pretend to be missish. Look together below a few action make tide beautiful bride!

Amice of type of form a complete set of + of Wedding Dresses of the first action

New York socialite and gem stylist brief stand in a cathedral that graceful · Paasche overcomes Er to will be in Mexico last year in November issued marriage oath. What she is wearing Vera Wang is soft and expand design Wedding Dresses, be permeated with romantic passion, besides low bosom collar, other all detail are very traditional, this kind is revealing him figure and the practice that maintain traditional side to achieve a balance to let her feel set one's mind at. To take care of the mood of conservative father, jian Na and stylist discuss, necessary cover was made on Wedding Dresses, added a short cape more, very dignified and full appearance.

National condition of different of the 2nd action is moved

Or brief graceful · Paasche overcomes Er. Her bridal the 2nd joyful place is Mexico beach of Akapuerke, over, jian Na but by him move is happy. Get instructive from inside India journey, she was worn a tight short jacket that shows lumbar belly and one is spread by golden leaf design place skirt greatly. In her memory, that body dress has amorous feelings unusually, not only the impression that left profundity to guest, also touched oneself. "Everybody is talking about this skirt all the time, a lot of people speak of my wedding, regular meeting mentions this skirt. Regular meeting mentions this skirt..

Abdomen of the 3rd action wraps up paragraph Wedding Dresses

Kathleen Kadi, an insurance of American new jersey seeks advice from division, in new York cloth park of Lai En spy will hold wedding last year in October. She absolved expatiatory traditional wedding consuetudinary, abandoned hanging down the long skirt with laggard drag, change arm close-fittingly, make it of the upper part of the body tightens spruce abdomen to solicit account, the ground showed the grace of the small of the back that this lets she is beautiful to come out. Outer layer of bud silk Fu, as walking gently bitter fleabane is moved. Connect head gauze even she did not want, "I do not hope what to thing masks my Wedding Dresses. " Kathleen of 33 years old says. Then herself designed the model of Rita Hayworth of a star, restore ancient ways curly hair hangs down gently to go up in her shoulder, or the back that rock fills athletic muscle line then in her.

The article by beautiful sandWedding DressesReprint

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mai Kaolin lands Nasidake

Report from our correspondent (reporter Tian Cong) domestic electron business affairs lands Nasidakedi to be born. Yesterday, dress kind Mai Kaolin of electronic commerce industry (stock code: MCOX) overcomes IPO in American Na Sida, issue valence to be 11 dollars surely, prep above before this 8 dollars - the upper limit that 10 dollars release price, plan collect capital restrains 129 million dollar.

Mai Kaolin's product basically is quick style female outfit, international of follow the lead of is famous brand H M, ZARA, international of product follow closely is newest tide, and a few what the price has congener product only, this makes Maikaolin's sale maintains fast growth 6 years continuously. Last year, net gain of Mai Kaolin is 7.21 million dollar.

In member of Mai Kaolin directorate, basically hold a person to have the 3 people such as Shen Napeng, Gu Beichun. Among them, shen Napeng of 43 years old is president, hold a scale to be about 75.9% , hold of CEO Gu Beichun the share of 13.8% . Mai Kaolin held water 1996, fund investment establishs original You Huaping, gained Chinese larch sth used to one's own advantage 2008 of 80 million dollar accuse an investment. Shen Napeng is fund of China of Chinese larch capital virgin reach executive partner.

Domain of domestic electron business affairs appears on the market to its showed attention. Old chronological table shows every guest father, mai Kaolin experienced development of more than 10 years, accumulate quite abundant. Nevertheless, he expresses at the same time, every guest won't be taken an examination of because of wheat forest appear on the market and feel " have pressure " . Shoe kind Bi Sheng of the happy CEO that clean out a net expresses bibcock of electronic business affairs, oneself had issued odd subscribe of Maikaolin new, think this raises a stock to had been compared.

The data that Ai Rui seeks advice from shows, since this year, day of store of B2C of electronic business affairs all enclothes a number to grow continuously. Feburary when, the website that day all enclothes a number to exceed 100 thousand is only 13, to August this one word already broke up time go to 26. Clean out treasure net female outfit

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweep of industry of fontal city childen's garments is natural fiber fabrics "environmental protection wind"

As whole society health and environmental protection consciousness strengthen ceaselessly, a low carbon consumes a trend sadly arisen. 2010, industry of fontal city childen's garments had in respect of design environmental protection improve considerably, carry out the series of environmental protection childen's garments of natural fiber fabrics and concept of environmental protection life in succession.

Group of Fujian treasure heart purchases department manager Zhuang Baozhong to introduce, below group division " 10 old brand childen's garments of Chinese " Mamimaka (MOMOCO) from purchase the respect such as fabrics to begin to pay attention to profile of mild environmental protection to pledge. He says: "Low carbon has caused the wide attention of average citizen more and more, childen's garments industry also follows mild new trend, among them organic cotton makes a new window. Among them organic cotton makes a new window..

As we have learned, at present industry of fontal city childen's garments had in respect of design environmental protection improve considerably, many enterprises are childen's garments material with pure natural fiber and health care fabrics, rolled out a lot of taste newly, be welcomed by the market.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tradition marriage is formal and festival order wedding

Summary: Before the men and women of free love is engaged, still cannot visit family of the other side publicly, accordingly best business asks as familial as both sides be familiar with, and the go-between that is good at be placed in the middle coordinating is headed for.
Key word: Order wedding to written guarantee bridal appearance marries traditional and bridal ceremony is engaged matters concerned
Very much now 80 hind new personality what to be engaged the ceremony knows is very little, but in tradition marriage flow, ordering wedding also is a very important segment. The preparation before be engaged, in intermediary the character of Shuo and free love run paralell in the times, before the men and women of free love is engaged, still cannot visit family of the other side publicly, accordingly best business asks as familial as both sides be familiar with, and the go-between that is good at be placed in the middle coordinating is headed for. Undertake is like everything so far successful, accompany the man by go-between parental number person heads for woman home, in all ceremony of business betrothal gift, happy event, detail happy candy, pick an auspicious day next hiring...

Tradition marriage is formal and festival order wedding to order wedding, knot wedding ceremony, marry, traditional and bridal ceremony, order marriage appropriate,

The preparation of relevant gift:
The gift that the man should have
1. Hire gold: Can divide again mix to be hired greatly small hire, should be even numbers, and pack with red paper appropriate.
2. Betrothal gift: Normally the man's betrothal gift can be divided for 6 simple ceremonies or 12 grand ceremonies, send to woman home.
3. Feast ceremony: Place of home of man of entertainment of the bride's side has how much the feast that do is worth about, and pay with giving inside bag of cash park ceremony.
4. Go-between ceremony: The man is a bit more than woman home.
5. Set out: Man home attends woman home number together 6 or 10, 12 people all but.
The gift that the woman should have
1. Carry gift gift red bag a certain number of.
2. Provision is sweet tea.
3. Preparation is sweet stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, mug-up.
4. Entertainment feast.
5. Time give bridegroom 6 or 12 (cap, cravat, dress material, cuff-link) .
6. Go-between ceremony a certain number of.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Black and white and optimal supplement is glaring bride

Summary: The cascade of this black designs the assist with bridal true Formal Dresses, have fashionable feeling very much, it is the figure the bride is perfect however in regular design show come out, the design of the drape cascade that skirt places shows bridal charm faultlessly in everybody before, cooperate to go up bridal grace makeup look is more those who show is lovely.
Key word: Marry marry consumptive bride Wedding Dresses formal Dresses

Black and white and optimal supplement flares the bride marries, marry consumption, bride, wedding Dresses, formal Dresses,

Black cascade designs bridal Formal Dresses

The cascade of this black designs the assist with bridal true Formal Dresses, have fashionable feeling very much, it is the figure the bride is perfect however in regular design show come out, the design of the drape cascade that skirt places shows bridal charm faultlessly in everybody before, cooperate to go up bridal grace makeup look is more those who show is lovely.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Narrow body Wedding Dresses encounters skirt of luxuriant bitter fleabane shows bridal beautiful small of the back to the top of one's bent

The beauty that the bride hopes to be able to show his to the top of one's bent on wedding endowment, also be to hope to all can extend graceful waist line in the choice of Wedding Dresses. Do not think only tight Formal Dresses just has perfect waist to reflect, when narrow body Formal Dresses encounters skirt of luxuriant bitter fleabane, bridal beautiful waist is shown likewise!

Narrow proposal of modelling of body Formal Dresses

1. It is OK to leave to be gotten to the extremely deep V of lumbar line all the time make line giving a small of the back.

2. Receive body short skirt, added wide lacy adornment, aggrandizement lumbar line, the bride is soft also beautiful a lot of.

3. The lumbar line that chalaza tightens up and upper part of the body not quite Wedding Dresses of exaggerated A form, the beautiful condition in the action and hind lumbar place illuminative is stereo flower, it is brides' right choice.

Modelling of bitter fleabane skirt suggests:

1. The model of upper part of the body that acme receives a body and most the modelling design that accords with bitter fleabane skirt, appear lumbar exquisite has send. But be sure to keep in mind not to choose as far as possible different the fluctuation with qualitative material half body, the vision divides rift to come, appear easily body form is short.

2. If choose luxuriant humeral ministry adornment, the waist can do the joining together with a few qualitative material, more can dash forward show perfect lumbar curve. Such design is lively and interesting.

3. Bitter fleabane skirt can choose shorter skirt length, short bitter fleabane skirt can come with enormous bulk sense set off gives small of the back of fine of the most beautiful bride.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to choose Wedding Dresses?

How to choose Wedding Dresses ability to show a bride's most perfect one side? This is the problem that invites numerous bride to feel a worry, also be the problem that the bride pays attention to most in bridal respect by chance. Want to know the view of Wedding Dresses stylist? That lets us see the authority of professional personage solve together.

The Wedding Dresses of which kinds of design does Q1, Asian bodily form suit most?

A: Asian bodily form compares charming soft, and the effect that temperament suffers culture is compared so inside collect, suit the Wedding Dresses of type of line soft beauty most. For instance the Wedding Dresses of tall waist line, tall waist line namely Empire Line, imperial line. In Napoleon times it is main popular element, because Napoleon lover makes an appointment with fragrance of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument, stature is not tall, often wear so show the garment of tall pocket money with slender figure, and Asian figure also just is such, not be very lofty, because this wears tall waist,the Wedding Dresses of the line can highlight his figure.

How does Formal Dresses of Q2, bridegroom undertake collocation with bridal Wedding Dresses?

A: When marry, major person pays attention to bridal Wedding Dresses to match very, however often oversight the Formal Dresses of bridegroom, what how can you just make both tie-in is more perfect?

The Formal Dresses of bridegroom dress and move install collocation and Formal Dresses now is not very fastidious, bridegroom should be worn decorous and free and easy, with the Formal Dresses that expects fastidious, design is excellent. The move with the bride is paid attention to to install photograph collocation on detail, there is aureate embroidery on bridal Wedding Dresses for instance, bridegroom can wear aureate cravat and its echo.

How should Q3, accurate bride go to popular trend and classic confluence one case?

A: The rate of the popular trend of Wedding Dresses won't be as rapid like fashionable dress, the time of the Wedding Dresses popularity of classical money can amount to 3-4 year. Wipe Wedding Dresses of pectoral type Wedding Dresses, small waist type and Wedding Dresses of tall waist line for instance, and wipe Wedding Dresses of pectoral type Wedding Dresses, tall waist line still can continue popular.

The Wedding Dresses of design of or so asymmetry also can make the popular window of Wedding Dresses, because the bride needs to ambulate, such Wedding Dresses can make a bride some more change, but this is not or so pairs of semmetry Wedding Dresses is negative, or so semmetry Wedding Dresses is more classical style. If feel vogue feels insufficient, OK and some tie-inner hold flower, necklace or tire in both hands fashionably, for instance Wedding Dresses controls semmetry, hold a flower in both hands to be able to choose the appearance …… of asymmetry

Q4, right for the bride, what kind of Wedding Dresses is just the most perfect?

A: Understanding is perfect and tie-in from time to tome two keys: It is perfect reveal him bride; 2 it is hyperbole advantage, concealment blemish.

If grow to be about to dig its advantage greatly like general bride, match through Wedding Dresses perfect reveal him bride. Arm slightly thick some of adornment, waist can be worn on arm the means …… that spins downward can be used on the thick in collar of the back of a person design that can wear Wedding Dresses of tall waist line, neck weak point

The most perfect collocation is the light that shows a bride beautiful, bridal beauty surmounts everything. The move that at the same time still a bit want to notice a bride holds the place that should suit a place, if cathedral skirt is how old the metropolis is very beautiful, if be skirt of a slap-bang shop big can appear antipathetic.

Professional personage suggests now is the times that dresses in disorder, wedding Dresses also more diversity, in the infuse in vogue some classical element can let an outfit of the bride do not have taste one time, what can bring expect to be less than is surprizing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Put on environmental protection Wedding Dresses that beauty as before

September is me the month of big marriage, I am wanting how to let my bridal extraordinary all the time, was discovered by me finally environmental protection Wedding Dresses this one new-style concept, in inn of Xu Hui I bought this kind of environmental protection model Wedding Dresses, do you believe? Unexpectedly entirely bumf does Wedding Dresses of this environmental protection, go up in wedding without doubt the central issue that I became full-court, believe everybody is affirmative very unforgettable, xi Xi.

Whats say this year an environmental protection, the Wedding Dresses that bumf does also is the sudden crank of I and my husband, the guest that an all spots can be when I was wearing dress of this body bride that day Jing arrived, atmosphere is very good nevertheless, everybody says good-looking, applause is ceaseless also, ah, I am publicized this without disappoint environmental protection.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cup! A few wedding that written guarantee get married just knows engineer a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting

Bridal note is very much, often meet in wedding constantly because of a few little detail agitate became bad the mood, in you should glad also must in happy great rejoicing life, this kind of a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting that can avoid completely, as long as the heart is again a bit finer, the consideration is again bit more comprehensive, who says to be accomplished impossibly perfect? Those who see a bridal guest engineer middling to see a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting to bridal note wedding is Baconian as politic as the change ……

1. The colour spray of atmosphere is made when bridegroom bride enters the arena

Bridal A is relatives and friends uses gush canister spray the sort of color is plastic, dangerous sex is bigger, those a few half big child, the person comes the mad head face gush to two people, the bride goes up on the way be forced to do is used hold a flower in both hands to block, pitiful! It is good that two people arrive in front a time what just get on Formal Dresses and hair is plastic do, on bridegroom head from beginning to end a blue a brief informal note is in shake from side to side. Advocate the person within an inch of on the desk also suffers disaster, should hold an only poor scamper off like a rat in the arms.

What bridal B uses is paper of paillette of petaline clip color, the effect is apparently good, the feeling of very pure beauty; Touched the dress to want to dab only went. Asperse leaf very beautiful, and expenses is not large also, to in the morning the flower on marriage car arrives in the morning again diffuse in the evening, economy beautiful

2. Of rostrum decorate

The if was to stick Wedding Dresses,takes poster on wedding is on rostrum, match a balloon to wait a moment additionally, very grab an eye. But having a BUG is bridegroom bride name is written small. This BUG shows later come out to bother: That emcee is to drive the renown part of field temporarily () of compere of a TV station, estimation does not have preparation beforehand, the name bridegroom reads aloud a fault twice continuously, the bride is very grouchy. If renown copybook is some bigger,the likelihood has been met.

3. The setting of balloon double heart on rostrum

Everybody is preferred now decorate on rostrum on double heart balloon, bridal A and B were used, but the balloon of bridal A, look at their shrivelled helplessly to go down in whole ceremony process …… later asymmetry. When aerating, must notice to plunge into some closer, this should warn the operation staff that assign.

4. Accompany the detail keep an eye on of man to a matron of honour

Remember to a matron of honour is done before me, do not have experience, change the bride makeup headgear still has ring to be put together with match, the result is regarded as by partner man a bag of big match, put aside, when wanting to exchange keepsake, within an inch of cannot be found. Tell according to the netizen additionally, still had come up against forget the ring case with beautiful recapture finally and very depressed thing. These should beforehand a matron of honour of man of good partner of keep an eye on.

Additional, a matron of honour that accompany man does not ask a pair of lovers as far as possible, after lest accompany man,toppling, a matron of honour also disappeared.

5. The countermeasure of bridal game

Must not underestimate at ordinary times the fellow fellow student of gentle adn cultivated, always think everybody is very good won't be troubled by, but …… says everybody still is of conscientiously so,prepare false wine of what, perhaps prepare man of a few partner. Still have the prop little preparation in bridal chamber a few ah!