Thursday, January 27, 2011

Romantic clique bride " did not plunge drop, do not marry stoutly "

“ which girl does not want child of a Bobby, which girl does not want to have a lipstick, which woman does not want to have a house and a man. ” " humble abode " Li Suchun perhaps applies to other woman to feminine understanding, but to Miss Zhang, compare at a house, she wants to have to plunge drop more. A man has “ the room has a car, I can not consider to marry him certainly. But if did not plunge drop, so I won't consider to marry him certainly. ”

Miss Zhang, 26 years old, white-collar of Beijing foreign enterprise, a typical romanticism hunter. Plunge drop to her, it is the testimony of romantic love, it is marital requisite.

“ is not to say to got Buddhist monastic discipline to represent love certainly. But if wanting to marry, must have plunge drop, ask to marry like some people like wanting to the room has a car. To me, marry to must have plunge drop. ” this is she is gone after to getting the persistence of Buddhist monastic discipline, in fact, preparing Miss Zhang that marry is plunging drop to choose at present and excited.

My budget is in “ 70 thousand ~ 80 thousand the left and right sides. ” as to choose plunge drop first consideration element, miss Zhang says, “ is a brand of course. I also know the 4C level of diamond, but the first consideration element that is not me. ”

Miss Zhang has decided target lock in certain brand at present, because the design of this brand is mixed,pack satisfied her to be opposite the illusion of romantic love. Of the box of “ baby blue, white lacy, which girl can say NO to this gift. ”

After the lock decides a brand, “ next what I consider is size and burnish. The word of size, I can buy 1 carat left and right sides, because feel 1 carat is worn below too small on the hand, and buy diamond of 1 carat above to also can keep a cost. ”

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