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A classy in addition to Low cost Wedding Dress

On the subject of model in addition to practicality, it's best to search for the best slumbering position concerning these individuals, as an alternative to skimp on. That definitely adds up to obtain some sort of dress. Commonly, many people before long continue to uncover women with regards to wedding dresses before this proper wedding service. Many people are aware that it is a motivating undertaking, although strenuous if you cann't learn many steps.

Amazing wedding dresses keep attack the fashion marketplace. Both equally inexperienced in addition to difficult task well-known manufacturers intended for completely new love connected with magnificence in addition to luxury. Many people generally seek to produce far more females aspirations become a and grow movements. You will discover women exactly who receive mixed up in addition to eliminate the decision taking between brands of blooms. And so tips on how to opt for ones great dress definitely available?

Without a doubt a high-end selling price not often suggests every little thing to your account. Opt for ones wedding dress in line with the seems, as an alternative to selling price. Generally carry that into account. Whatever you decide to have on on your wedding ceremony might be a legitimate manifestation in their preference in addition to model. The moment you intend to indicate their full capacity intended for family and friends, learn by yourself end in. What exactly you may not would like to uncover? It truly is needed to hold a start intellect intended for vogue in addition to luxury. Although When i never ever exaggerate.

You are able to complete a model record devoid of paying far too sophisticated. Will not be anxious or maybe possibly be aggravated should the dresses usually are outside of get to. There'll be good-looking models ideal the final good sense connected with vogue, although available on far lower charges. Examine types of looking whenever they want.

Seek out many price cut wedding dresses with regional outlets or maybe stores. Without a doubt, many super deals usually are throughout the World-wide-web currently. Cheaper prices of doing small business shoppers help enormously. No requirement to lose time waiting for the growing season switching nice dresses, wedding in addition to economical, are offered all through the year. Although be tranquil in addition to nutritious though looking on the net. Rethinking previous to finding cash for additional information create a vogue model, although are traded on very low cost charges. Generally, solely services exactly who are dedicated to wedding dresses below wholesale typically offer charges underneath buck 100.

To manufacture a record connected with style in addition to category, you possibly can pattern your very own wedding dress. Undoubtedly, you won't need to have the capacity to finish this illustrating without guide. There may be communicate all over again that has a dressmaker or maybe custom made having practical knowledge. His or her practical knowledge will let you wish wedding dress. Most likely, famous people usually are movements. It is likewise identical having vogue wedding dress. For anyone who is intrigued by this dress of any a number of celeb 's wedding, although are not able to uncover already in the market, merely to uncover many precise pics in their wedding in addition to producing. To be a skilled may make identical, or perhaps identical model that has a congrats. Without a doubt some sort of personalized wedding dress will probably not often price tag considerably.

Make it possible for ones wedding dress to help chat intended for his or her mind-set in addition to style. Start a prudent girl. You can also make a tasteful record devoid of bursting this billfold.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 lead terminal to consume group of forum conferences to be held in Shanghai

On January 5, 2011, 2011 lead terminal to consume · of group of special subject forum case of layout of 6 big sale is published and marry analytic conference is in industrial catenary center of conference of Shanghai Nuo treasure kicks off. This second forum has come from Tianjin, Shandong, Heibei, Jiangsu, , inside the operator of building of more than 100 shadows of unconscious and other places participated in this second forum.

Summary goes, meet tomorrow. This second conference is being discussed and sum up the base that shadow building industry expanded 2011 to go up, from the theme layout of photography, sale, marry the Wedding Dresses of building of industrial catenary, shadow hired a few themes such as carry out to spread out to discuss, the Gaoxilin of Xi'an Luo Ya explains advocate sale case is analytic reach sale new pattern " , combine Luo Ya these year the development way that develops experience and future, introduced oneself old experience. And Taiwan one is video Xu Ren young those who introduced shadow building is large a field Tibet photography and thematic sale plan, got the attention of the person that attend the meeting. The Wen Xu of dimensional layout politics, the sale layout that is aimed at shadow building made the introduction; And the means of 25 big sale that the Zhan Qianlong of Shanghai cornfield is aimed at sale of shadow building network was done very detailed elaborate. Gu Junxian cites classic case gives the sale layout of disparate industry open of trade public figure one side gate. The experience of large show field that the Hu Chengxian that comes from Taiwan collect door is aimed at Wedding Dresses made the introduction, and Wen Zhouwei osmund bridal Li Xiong osmund osmund old experience did the bride to share, lie the professional common sense that dragon teacher introduced Dresses division in the round for everybody, people sighs with emotion benefit a lot. And yellow letter of chief editor of shadow building vision rents in the light of Wedding Dresses of the area establish and the experience that flow setting introduced him. Shen Mingtao of orgnaization of layout of sale of Taiwan life hall comes in the light of retail sales order made the introduction to everybody, everybody is experienced benefit a lot.

On January 6 in the evening, shadow building vision acknowledges end of the year late banquet is in Shanghai banqueting hall of public house of Shanghai China seafood is held. Lin Tianfu of Cao Junhong of Yan Taichang of chairman of figure photography association, famous composer, cameraman, Gaoxilin, He Jun, shanghai marriage celebrates Wang Kai of alliance of instructor of photography of Wedding Dresses of association chairman, Asia-Pacific, Shanghai to photograph Kuang Liying, " now figure " the person that ginseng of building of chief editor Ying Yufei and numerous manufacturer, shadow is met attended late dinner, it may be said is guest and host is used up joyous, everybody is satisfactory and return.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Makeup girl of marriage gauze photography makes up skill and aesthetic

Of 21 centuries today, as the change of people careful beautiful idea, of culture art grade rise, ever the 1000 people one side of be the rage has the mode of some of common fawn on to change bridal modelling and nondescript even film the style will be accepted no longer, contrary, the gravity that people favour can reflect Wedding Dresses to photograph already at those and divine, show again at the same time give a kind of nature, of distinct personality film style and make up modelling, the makeup that adopts different style namely and photography will behave different temperament of the character, turn colorful life into eternity with the instant. Face offset expends the requirement with new market, major of Wedding Dresses photography makes up while modelling division is enhancing technical professional ability hard, what need to promote an individual more is all-around integrated quality. The technology that photographs Wedding Dresses, artistic, grade, culture, only elegant and beautiful, vogue, divine, organic ground is united in wedlock together. Will initiate jointly reach the consumptive group that caters to 21 centuries to mature increasingly.

What problem should makeup girl note when making up for the client?

1, the color that decides powdery bottom

Predetermination is luster surely or lacklustre, oily skin should use lacklustre pink base, because oily skin gives oil extremely easily already to cause,take off makeup; Drying skin should use burnish pink base, but when lest take a picture,lacklustre pink base must be being used when patting Wedding Dresses to illuminate, glance. Choose two, by 3 kinds of pink that are close to him color of skin, try brush at the cheek, in order to decide the color of skin with oneself is close to color most, if already had,go up makeup, best at buy of place of ear ahead bureau discharge makeup retries, color just is met accurate. By the pink that also can try a color of skin is deeper to compare his, such makeup look to have the effect of stereo feeling more.
2, if why is the face decorated by pink model it is a very fundamental skill
Apply bright, dark look appears wide, narrow the method of the effect will decorate color of skin, if pass wide two buccal or zygomatic can be decorated by pink of deep color of skin. Narrower forehead, compressed zygomatic or too short chin, can use white or be decorated by the pink of bright color, but want with the juncture place of former pink bottom even, downy, do not see apparently colored difference, to demand the result end even, downy pink, had better brush bottom of divide evenly pink with soft sponge, the effect is much better.

3. eye shadow

Eye shadow is challenge sex is had most in colour makeup, the richest also change and interesting measure, because wonderful eye film is,apply boundless originality. How to combine different, rich color together, the appearance that makes abstract, dream, diversification comes. Normally the colour of dress applies the color that avoids will comparative color or different color to fasten as far as possible to be put together, wait like purple and yellow, peachblossom and tangerine, but the colour of eye shadow is applied do not accept this restriction completely, the brushwork of eye shadow has following a few kinds:

(A) gradually layer law: This is the commonnest also be a kind of simple method, same color in order to differ deep, light color, word eyelid lower part is consummate square, by go up greatly to shallow gradational picture, can model abstruse the effect of the eye.

(B) Qing Chun: This kind with cheek red brush on after eyelid, brush in the position of double-fold eyelid on the eye shadow of deep gray or nigger-brown, use to eye end by eye head same kind of colour, line leaving a small hole with ash brown or nigger-brown comes by eye end eye head, by thick go out to detailed natural picture, do not look to go out almost so have on makeup feeling, but the eye is met it seems that big at least 1/3 and have very much very god, bright.

(C) Europe type is stereographic: Eye socket place gives orbital effect with nigger-brown or deep gray picture, increase the deepness of eye ministry and three-dimensional result.

Can match on eyelid the warm color such as golden lubricious orange olive green is, or the cold colour such as red of blue purple, wine, behave different mass-tone to move.

(D) geometrical model law: With is a music being drawn among eyelid? Quot; < " or modelling of " > " , be like among make modelling result with azure blue color, eye head criterion with peachblossom, eye end criterion with bright wine red, whole draws the outline of romantic amorous feelings, build an attractive lasting appeal. Making up is a kind of skill. Practice constantly, can develop the skill of a practised and technique certainly, but how using color is a kind of art, need to develop imagination and originality, just but brandish asperses the colour unreal with freely will diversiform ground to change a different color, this also is the place of eye filmgoer person. It is have challenge sex so, do not accept any restriction completely also, warm even, cold lubricious mutual collocation often also has the effect of beyond all expectations.

4. eyelash is brushed

Oriental eyelash is mostly short and straight, hang down downward even, after before had better brushing eyelash, with eyelash clip pressing coils, brush again, eyelash should press 3 times: Place a ministry the 1st times, angle is 45 degrees; The 2nd times clip is interrupted, show 90 degrees, bend up gently; Place tail end the 3rd times, show 120 degrees, bend older point of view up, the attention when clip does not place eyelid. Had better use amphibious type eyelash to brush, when taking out either edge eyelash to brush, can brush filter to go with across eyelash redundant fiber, just won't brush piece condense the effect of posse, also too won't wasteful, brush first on eyelash, brush with small eyelash again brush next eyelash, after been brush, brush with eyebrow brush an eyelash modelling, also make its won't stick together has shocker effect

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love of compose of bethel of 4 big honeymoon is mythological

In this winter, how should the new people that prepares honeymoon choose to give a ground again, small today make up recommend bethel of honeymoon of a few newly-married for everybody, no matter where go to, two people that love each other are in boundless the appreciate in journey is worn the love that belongs to each other, the corner of alive bound leaves compose to give love myth.

Island piece the promise that Hainan makes an eternity

In area of scene of bay of dragon of sea South Asia, often can see the bridal bridegroom that is wearing bright and fashionable Wedding Dresses, in the seaside of snow-white beach and clear azure blue, at the same time amuse oneself pats Wedding Dresses to illuminate at the same time, see them placing the Pose that all sorts of deep feeling are in love with, let a person envy their happiness really. Besides typhoon and heavy rain season, any time come 3 Yadouke with to the top of one's bent. Sunshine is beautiful, arboreous luxuriantly green. Hot spring of blue sky of coconut forest white sand, sunshine, blue sea, back of dew shoulder, dew won't feel cold, can choose various Wedding Dresses, extend to the top of one's bent below sunshine. On dress, can wear Wedding Dresses, skirt of raise letting wind is placed flutter, also can wear dishabille, white short skirt, jeans + shirt, even if took off shoe smooth foot to go on the beach,be right choice, still can film collect carefully of photograph of a group of bikini rises even.

Characteristic plays a way: The seawater here is very clear, below the illuminate of sunshine, not only the Bai Sha that can see seawater falls is mirrorred wave light is clearly, still can see a lot of not famous small fish swim footloosely in crural edge. With the lover pedestrian and row, blow together blow sea wind, those who experience the sea is quiet with dark.

Gu Cun piece the be sentimentally attached to that grand village lingering gives on the west

Grand village is given on the west that long and narrow alley child in, have a few bundles of sun now and then, cross stone carving to show a window, on the wall that imprints wonderful decorative pattern opposite, the change that refracts a myriad comes. Arrive without the dream however badge city. Here, all beautiful dreams the elegance with made of baked clay blueness of whitewash a wall of running water of Na Xiaoqiao of be not a patch on is chic. Still remember " orange became red " in, beautiful standing grain is in the court of badge city deductive chilly is beautiful love story. The sensation of that generation all the time keep arrives now, call wears those who love people to if the place like a haven of peace searchs him,head for that only beautiful story. Characteristic plays a way: Lean close below the peach of that individual plant of village mouth together with him beloved, look at silent shed dripping time from dorp, elapse in mountain forest, feel oneself and be in harmony of person of heaven and earth are an organic whole immediately. The love between two people rises for big love, perhaps this should be being mixed of the seventh evening of the seventh moon should justice. This momently, there is him only in your eye.

Travel sticks person: Can sample in the wineshop in the village steamed dumpling of city of crab carapace yellow sesame seed cake, badge, fry tea of spiral shell, 5 cities dry, panbroil the local cate such as pine of reed of sesame seed cake of corrupt of young soya bean, short, bud.

Desert piece Dunhuang seeks poetics picture idea

Recommend reason: How romantic thing is in having desert of rambling Yu Sha with sweetheart photograph, you can imagine? Be in Dunhuang, the poetics of rambling desert draws sense to make the brigade of honeymoon unforgettable all the more. Actor actor desert of ground ramble Yu Sha, experience " smoke of big desert Gu is straight " capacious mind, watch Protean desert marvellous spectacle, each minutes of each second, different natural landscape guides love associate to take colorful movement of the imagination. 5 kilometers place has Dunhuang city southwest to be in magical desert marvellous spectacle -- cry Sha Shan. Cry sanded hill ridge is like a knife, the person ascends cry namely, slippery circle of delicacy of 5 kinds of sand, fall along with sufficient decadent. Enter the peak, that path sanded peak is like the aureate wave in the sea, of great momentum, billowy. That hillside issues scrutiny spring of a crescent moon, blue waves ripples, resemble a rosebud, attentive ground leans close in the lover's bosom, changeless 100000.

Characteristic plays a way: Climb with lover barefoot, slippery sand, ride a camel to ascend dune, perhaps take slide slippery sand, jump drawing umbrella, undertake Sha Yu, sanded cure, interest is full.

Travel sticks person: Go crying amuse oneself of spring of sanded hill crescent moon with the dusk, crepuscular time optimal.

Green hill piece hill of high mountain eyebrow chains love

Recommend reason: Hill of high mountain eyebrow, the 4 great marvellous spectacle besides famed the world -- besides lamp of light of sea of clouds, sunrise, Buddha, emperor, more because high eyebrow mountain gold supports, one place is not person place hep, novel however and chic homocentric lock a plank road built along a cliff. What head for Jin Ding from hole of thunder level ground is telpher go up, about 5 minutes, repass steps of stone of a 100 class, can arrive at Jin Ding. It is by the side of Shi Ti's armrest, that engraved the homocentric lock of countless sweethearts name thickly on baluster of the most absorbing nothing is more... than, this formed mountain of high mountain eyebrow another distinctive scenery line. Allegedly, after wanting to lock up the lock only, cast the key absolutely into the abyss on the side definitely, but affection is decided lifelong, never depart. Interesting is, a lot of homocentric locks do not have key eye originally, once decide affection,this expresses, do not have leeway.

Characteristic plays a way: With the lover hill of eyebrow of pedestrian You E, not be cursory climb, get in the motion of life however the edification of historical culture, in pedestrian in of gotten heart release. Each cloister of hill of high mountain eyebrow has its individual lasting appeal, from building of woodiness condole foot, arrive indicative " nature round place " bricky hall, arrive again resplendent and magnificent Jin Dian, waiting for you to seek the result that attributes your. Go tired, OK in the evening the clever beautiful hot spring with famous place oneself, water mist waves in the wind, lamp shadow is hazy, talk of everything with the lover, feel life is such nevertheless also.

Travel sticks person: A section of a highway of the part on hill is very arduous, sweethearts people should notice safety, unfavorable the bottom that wear light and strong base shoe. The man should play the lady's hand, love is involving the raising of things to a higher level on the hill road of the hand each other.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The expert is analytic- Battalion of shadow building already and management

The expert talks about battalion of shadow building already and management

Current, the boss of a lot of shadow building industry is existing generally error of a concept, manage the meaning with management and borderline problem namely. Because boundary line is not clear the meaning is unidentified bring about management amlposition, cause an enterprise to develop delay to be touched slow encounter market risk ability to drop, shortened thereby the lifecycle of the enterprise.

"Manage " with " management " which is the most important? This problem is benevolence person the person that see Ren Zhi sees wisdom, the answer has each different, the controller of a lot of Wedding Dresses industries, investor sums up a theory according to respective experience. According to scientific final conclusion should be both be short of one cannot, it is important to should be put in locally. Accordingly, the solution that the investor of industry of Wedding Dresses photography seeks namely: "Manage " with " management " fixed position problem is shown. Is He Wei managed? Point to namely for " planning battalion is sought " . He Wei management? Point to namely for " the manage inside administer also " . Made clear " manage " with " management " basic meaning, decide according to oneself circumstance, everything is in follow a rational line to do some work well reasonable in...

Shadow building wants to had been managed and do do greatly strong, want to be decided according to the oneself circumstance of each enterprise above all, " manage " with " management " the position has been adjusted orderly early or late, this is the first requirement that matters to shadow building to be able to develop continuously. At present of 90 % above of domestic medium or small shadow building is main it is " manage " put in the first place, namely: Play sales promotion and mobile card greatly, in order to extend the market, contend for grab passenger source to strive for market share for sale shift, increase shadow building business income.

According to afore-mentioned circumstances a lot of readers can ask, "Manage " with " management " which is more important? Which should be put in the first place? Actually this one problem is shadow building run in the market " core " problem. From theoretic telling should be to have first there is government after managing, the composition of this one important document is decided according to the order of nature of the market. Must behave force and company culture according to dimensions of building of oneself circumstance, market condition, shadow, employee because of this shadow building, with respect to the strategy that avoids light choice suits him again fixed position measures a body to make thought of business management of enterprise and company culture.

According to survey, going up century the scale at the beginning of 90 time is the largest " group of photography of Guangzhou Wen Yuan Wedding Dresses " group of VS" Guangdong lubricious colour atlas and " of group of Chongqing Jin Fu's person. From this two (inside the industry) the culture design of company of larger Wedding Dresses photography and company strategy fixed position look quite, give the otherness of the company culture of two enterprises and strategic thought and train of thought with respect to can clear resolution.

Group of Guangdong lubricious colour atlas is with real market all along oriented, real company seeks to live on put for the foundation, for market of race to control first machine, battle of bold and powerful be apt to and development enterprising, extend with sales promotion and uninterrupted activity from already management market. "Professional, kind, originality is banner " alliance of the big line of business that get surprise, fore-and-aft enterprising was contended for an another market space, fall in that special social period setting (seller's market) , going up to 90 time high speed develops the century and enter Chinese Wedding Dresses to photograph for the enterprise cuddle of 10 big crackajack pictures laid solid foundation, this one accurate enterprise " sale strategy " fixed position, can calls an industry example.

And another heavyweight is large industry of Wedding Dresses photography, group of Chongqing gold madam is in when be being built first with " brand strategy " to direct, it is dominant thought in order to build the base with solid industry, do not beg at the moment temporarily one benefit, do strong redo first big, contend for do Chinese Wedding Dresses to photograph the first brand, dovish management concept, make the culture thought of the systematic construction inside the enterprise, enterprise and driving market brand behave force, show vitality of healthy and strong increasingly. Because the enterprise has good base, avoid and touch encounter market risk ability to be strengthened greatly. Ensured the high speed of the enterprise grows thereby, group of photography of golden madam Wedding Dresses has made scale of industry of photography of Chinese Wedding Dresses nowadays the company of Wedding Dresses photography with the biggest, the strongest actual strength; Nowadays " golden madam " the first brand that the brand has made be worthy of the name of trade of photography of Chinese Wedding Dresses; "To honour, to be apt to, to the beauty " management concept, it is the target of a magic weapon that golden madam competes and pursuit forever.

The investment operator that regards Wedding Dresses as photography industry and controller can are opposite " manage " with " management " these two vocabularies have profundity comprehend and strong interest. Because this wants to had done the business, do strong, do Dabingde to arrive to develop goodly, company strategy locates must rigorous, science, actual, standard, accurate. In be being managed actually blindly " size sweep the deck " , apparently see the market have rate is very high, produced certain beneficial result, but as a result of insufficient " dedicated " , with respect to meeting generation low end the client thinks " the price is high " , high-end client thinks " class is low " , cause brand decline thereby, be travelled together gradually diversionary pull the passive phase that enters awkwardness even.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Plait of falbala marriage gauze gives bridal taste

Falbala Wedding Dresses " plait " give bridal taste, the Wedding Dresses popularity of this one season is given priority to with drape, the body entity that the Wedding Dresses that drape designs allows a bride appears more enchanting and moving, also can better got-up body look.

Falbala Wedding

New 2011 one season, the Dresses that one of popular trends of Dresses skirt of the bride are monochromatic attune accepts favour greatly, at the same time dark tonal also be fashion colour. Skirt of Dresses of a matron of honour is designing do one's best concise, on colour onefold feel without flowery, but more exquisite on the detail of design, additionally the collocation of fittings also makes you make the central point on marriage banquet in order to be at ease in Benjike.

Falbala Wedding

Falbala all along is the patent of young woman, can differ greatly this year, brand of each big Wedding Dresses or the favor that happen to coincide this kind of tender feelings, lotus leaf of the small lotus leaf of endure with all one's might, stereo bubble account, waviness lotus leaf and smooth whole lotus leaf and in the falbala pressing plait of the quadrature in compasses, can see in Wedding Dresses world, the abundance of cascade, elegant metrical, gentle tactility, the moving glamour of falbala will make brides be overjoyed.

Falbala Wedding

In last centuries 20 time are mixed 80 time, falbala once was popular, tie-in in those days is straightforward golden necklace, people also experiences the taste that gives trifling prostitution in falbala. Angle is worn nowadays complex restoring ancient ways, nostalgic wind is blown, the design that layer cascade folds makes us excited unceasingly. Different is, today the falbala of season is simple adornment no longer, however fashionable main body, make the principal part of bridal Wedding Dresses especially.

Falbala Wedding

Falbala was gifted new student life, thin and one layer upon layer accumulation is in the fine gauze that appear to go up personally, sweet, elegant and light spirit. No matter be bud silk hollow-out pure white soft silk fabric in satin weave, still be elegant gauze ruffle, recounting a kind to attribute exalted pure situation.

Friday, April 22, 2011

New marriage times 80, 90 hind enunciative- My marriage celebrates me to do advocate

In the spring that is full of romantic breath, december 2011 China (Guangzhou) international marriage rich is met (rich of marriage of " of the following abbreviation is met " ) added a fire for festive atmosphere. The Xiaogao that comes from the inn of 1800 renown the name of an article of 20 large trades to lift Guangzhou marriage to celebrate the market is wet, 200 thousand paragraph marriage is tasted newly bring the most fashionable marriage to celebrate tide not only, and, the businessman still makes extent be as high as 28 million yuan indulgence to yield benefit.

But, 80, the 90 marriage after are celebrated can not make benefit, material benefit simply OK and contented, ego of make public individual character, expression has made the consumptive concept of this generation person, marry prepare, of course " my " is done advocate.

Marry prepare, 80 hind heavy short smooth compare quickly with sexual price

Be in before beginning half hours, meeting site has discharged marriage rich dragon having a person, it is young husband and wife brings parental family to come round together more. Marriage rich is met organizing committee besides expedite enter freely outside the ticket, still stipulate parents is accompanied do not need to enter ticket, exhibit meeting site to like go to market kind lively.

The Shiqingsong that works in ad firm plans to will marry in May, young couple is taking bilateral parents to come round together today. Shi Qingsong says, wedding Dresses photography, marriage celebrates field of banquet of service, marriage, headgear of Wedding Dresses, gem, marriage celebrates the everything needed is ready such as things, alternative much, can compare a gender big. "From choose marriage give up to have honeymoon to marriage hind, I am in same a place is OK goods compares 3, what leave out rushs about is bitter, go to the lavatory not only quick, and economy is substantial. "He says.

Du Wei of chief inspector of media of conference organizing committee says marriage gain, make preparations bridal, around needs normally 6 - of 8 months prepare period, but very much now 80 hind without this time and endurance. Marriage rich is met the platform that as it happens provides a goods to compare 3 to allow new people, catered to burgeoning consumptive demand not only, and safety consumes safeguard, card of ginseng item on display not only quality reputation has assure, and affirmatory sale price absolutely not price of retail sales of prep above the corresponding period.

Rich of scan widely marriage is met the spot, inviting advertisement yielding benefit has too many visitors or business to deal with. A jade-like stone for example orchid diamond platinic gold stands to Buddhist monastic discipline decrease 1000 yuan, give home appliance lottery, rate of win a prize in a lottery is 100 % almost, " of a lot of conveniently of new personality " that buy get married ring hold television or freezer in the arms come home. In smoking the Zhang Ling of freezer laughs so that close not approach mouth: "Common saying says those who be opposite to ' is chosen only, do not buy expensive ' , I like ring very much, did not think of to solve the freezer of bridal chamber incidentally, too be to one's profit. Too be to one's profit..

Male color advocates, bridegroom " turns over " becomes heat

Consumption is celebrated in traditional marriage in the habit, the bride is very core all the time, can saying even is only main force, from Wedding Dresses photography, Dresses custom-built, wedding engineers honeymoon optional location, it is almost around move bridal set; Can say, bridegroom all the time pleasant is become " greenery " . But, as 80 hind, 90 hind enter knot wedding day in succession, "The agitation of pattern beauty male " is embedded also marriage celebrate an industry, in fact, the view of male lubricious consumption has been become marriage the consumptive heat that celebrate.

Can go up in marriage rich, the limelight instead of bridegroom Dresses had built Wedding Dresses cheongsam, become key of new people " to pay close attention to object " . Qian circle in the air Hu Daping of manager of department of operation of Dresses of male be an official says, marriage celebrate early days charge to reach 50 thousand yuan or so in 35 thousand yuan commonly, among them 90 % are used on bridal body. But analyse through consumption, we think if bridegroom has more outstanding Dresses and adornment, can let wedding be held more faultlessly.

Really, before the dress of the bridegroom on wedding is much with black, blue-black give priority to, grave elegance. But in light of the kinds or types of goods that from marriage rich meeting site much home postpones business, man Dresses began to appear the color such as argent, khaki is, lively and fashionable. Dresses no longer the format of adherence business suit, cooperate Dresses style of the bride, man Dresses appeared the different clipping such as together type, be dressed in a Chinese-style jacket and trousers.

Hu Daping says, man gift is business suit and recreational combinative edition more now, those who cater to a youth savour, take multivariate and tie-in course; Can match already bow tie, OK also and tie-in jeans, those who emphasize it is practical change with vogue. Qian circle in the air the marriage rich in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou meets Dresses of male be an official on, harvest not less than 500 pieces order.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

First marriage celebrates Changzhou exposition will come on stage in June ginseng exhibit business to amount to about a hundred

Content: 8 exhibit an area greatly, one-stop the service solves wedding for you all problems

To satisfy new personality is opposite now the pursuit of bridal individual character, high-grade, romantic, fashionable trend, it is at the same time marriage celebrate an industry to offer image of a brand to reveal, the arena that product service promotion, industry communication learns, sponsor hand in hand by Changzhou evening paper and Chinese Changzhou net, limited company of medium of business of short for Zhejiang Province of company of medium of culture of net of dragon of center of advertisement of industry of Changzhou city cable, Changzhou, Changzhou undertakes " marriage of first 2011 Changzhou celebrates exposition " will on June 11 - 12 days come on stage ceremoniously in Changzhou international exhibition center.

Rich of current Changzhou marriage meets nearly 100 businessmen that conformity whole town marriage celebrates relevant industry undertake centralized exhibiting, the well-known trademark that invites and other places of Shanghai, Nanjing is garrisoned, offer to the citizen one-stop service experience. Want time two days only, be in a place, can ramble all businessmen, solve you bridal and all problem.

Offer the wholest marriage to celebrate serve

Order a public house, search marriage celebrate, pat Wedding Dresses, buy marriage ring, make an appointment " 4 big King Kong " ... these preparation before marriage are adequate let a pair of any new personality catch mad. Need not anxious, besides these, changzhou marriage rich still can have more service and surprise to waiting for you. From hairdressing cultivate one's morality, travel to honeymoon, you are needed, everything what what think can be in Changzhou marriage rich is found on the meeting.

Meeting general divides current marriage rich 8 exhibit an area greatly: Wedding Dresses photography, marry wine shop of banquet of gem headgear, Wedding Dresses, marriage (happy event article) , travel of bridal plan and service, honeymoon, marriage celebrates things, newly-married to live in. Offer in all 30 a variety of mixing marriage celebrate relevant service category, celebrate a service besides personalized marriage, still have the relevant newly-married service such as outfit of house property, car, home and product.

Ginseng exhibit business to amount to about a hundred

Rich of current Changzhou marriage is met scale is unprecedented, participate in let what brand ginseng exhibits business to amount to about a hundred interest is well-known. Extent yielding benefit is unprecedented, total prices is as high as 1 million above, the real situation passes on broad consumer. Advocate consumptive civilization at the same time, sufficient play businessman gets the action of bellwether, initiate the marriage on a real significance to celebrate shopping carnival. Lucky big lottery still can play after new personality shops, award is numerous, value is rich and generous.

Want to sign up to namely the gift sends only, the new talent signing up that shares an activity, accurate new personality all will obtain an activity to sponsor the overflow gift that just appoints a businessman to offer (great gift is wrapped) or newly-married honeymoon swims large award.

"Whole town be passionately in love " prepare to wear for single men and women

Marriage rich can have two days only, but all sorts of theme activities begin warm-up since April. Sponsor just will hold " originality is bridal " the contest, gold emcee selection contest, most welcome marriage celebrates car of the exterior of photography of the gem headgear, most welcome Wedding Dresses, most welcome marriage to choose etc 5 choose greatly, hold Wedding Dresses to be tasted newly, gem headgear, marriage celebrates the 3 big themes such as things to release show vogue to exhibit meeting.

The activity kicks off to still will be held that day " whole town be passionately in love " large date meeting and " whole town love song " " love song is antistrophic " activity, in addition still gathering of heroes of opening ceremony, fashionable shopping section, single party, beautiful car waits for activity of 4 old scenes, drive whole exhibit the lively atmosphere of the meeting, offer sumptuous dinner of a vision to everybody.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zhu Xun announces marriage amour to be married first Wang Zhi because of - love father

Zhu Xun of CCTV master of ceremonies gave an autobiography recently " speak out with respect to outdated " , in this book, she told about her growing experience, announced the marriage with marital Wang Zhi to love first.

Let others say kind with its, still accuse as straight-out photograph

"I write the major manuscript in the book when be pregnant, it is to want to draw up originally come from oneself became old look at play. 2005 mid-autumn of eve ' Jing world exposes to the sun greatly makings ' hind, I just am determined finally to publish. It is to give the audience that cherishs me to have explain, 2 it is to hope my child knows to have on this world as a child a lot of but with grievance, want oneself to be an upright person openly only, OK calm calm is faced like that. " be in adscript in, zhu Xun explained the account that writes this book, mention baby son the law: "He is growing a tooth, itch closely, he takes most propbably to be met certainly to postscript none hesitant a place of strategic importance is chewed greatly into the mouth. He takes most propbably to be met certainly to postscript none hesitant a place of strategic importance is chewed greatly into the mouth..

She recollected herself say when the amour exposure with Wang Zhi at first: "In succession several days, incomputable phone is hit, ask to interview. Be matchmaking body likewise, I know their state of mind, no more than thinks makings exposing to the sun: In that way the Wang Zhi of an aggressive, what appearance can you be in the home? Begin to write all sorts of disgusting detail on newspaper, let others say kind with its, still accuse as straight-out photograph. Say bout only, did not ask again later. Did not ask again later..

Wang Zhi: The woman that spend is experienced beside my acknowledgment, because they just let me cherish today's love Zhu Xun more: The husband that wants me to be able to find this all one's life do not let me wash a bowl only goes

Why to marry Wang Zhi? Zhu Xun writes in the book: "Say simply with respect to two words: Love father. Love father..

She describes Wang Zhi to say so: Wang Zhi follows father too resembled, although be two generation,the person has striking resemblance however. They are reporters, it is " poor one's previous experience " , do not have any " setting " but character, it is to rely on oneself completely one pace is hit go all out today; They do not smoke, do not drink, but having a collective hobby is to love to eat. Love eater always loves together to eat, accordingly they always have the topic that does not say. Such habit brought up their very similar figure, big and tall, thick, so that hold in the arms,rise feel is very similar. More the brains that those who resemble is them: Retrorse thinking, adj think.

"To us this is planted " young woman " for, full height one ' big backer ' . I love him, because he can resemble the child laughing euqally,be; I respect him, because he can think like the old person,be. Because he can think like the old person,be..

She is mentioned in the book, wang Zhi proposes to her parents mouth is when her father gets a severe disease, the father on sickbed entrusted mom and Wangzhi to come second " face-to-face " . Ask Wang Zhi when eldest sister " below true be willing to part with or use ' diamond Wang Laowu ' the identity? " when, wang Zhi says: "I follow 33 (Zhu Xun) had said, the woman that spend is experienced beside my acknowledgment, likely also you listened the meeting is uncomfortable. But letting me because of their existence psychology does not have abuse in normal, healthy, life. Ability cherishs today's love more, find me to want to search. " say: "Seeking wife is not to carry stand or fall, however appropriate. This as shoe, oneself are comfortable, be an individual experience, do not look to others. " when the opinion that asks Zhu Xun when mom, zhu Xun says: "The husband that I want to be able to find this all one's life do not let me wash a bowl only goes. "The husband that I want to be able to find this all one's life do not let me wash a bowl only goes..

Wangzhi and the son of bright red fast are called the law

" speak out with respect to outdated " by Wang Zhi personally preface. Wang Zhi says: "Zhu Xun gives a book, want me to come add trouble to, it is to hesitate very in my heart, because,basically be of in a melon patch or under the plum tree abstain from. But think better of thinks, ' one night husband and wife 100 days of favour ' , when Zhu Xun rises gradually in her career, the wood that tosses big however alone alone medium my this individual plant ' decayed ' wooden fact is belonged to not easy, and one minute is not delayed for Wang Jiaxu burning incense, let this world went up to have from now on ' the law ' -- , our son is called the law, more let me send the gratitude from the heart. What is more,the rather that, also say without which regulation the husband cannot be the book preface of the wife, adjure everybody to help sb to fulfill his wishes I. Adjure everybody to help sb to fulfill his wishes I..

He says frankly, to giving a book, the manner of his all along is some " be indifferent to " . Look in him, it is difficult to give a book to have 3, it is to be written hard, 2 it is to sell hard, 3 it is report difficult " listen " , be based on afore-mentioned reasons so, be in when Zhu Xun last year the some day of summer, when big abdomen says to want to write this book to me, "My as a temporary measure becomes her the fudge after gravid reaction vomits listens. Now, the book draft of ten words is placed before me in black and white, had read carefully, can't help I am not convinced. Can't help I am not convinced..

In " speak out with respect to outdated " in, the king annals father and son that Zhu Xun photographs " go into battle stripped to the waist " the photograph also took position.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Young anxious marriage dates again and again

Channel of xinhua net Zhejiang on August 29 report (reporter Yuan Yan) in the impression in people, what be anxious for marriage is mature young person mostly. But a few days ago, the reporter dates a few times in Hangzhou see however on the meeting, area of area of a piece of Zhang Hai is babyish " low age " the youth also moves back and forth again and again among them. On August 26, hold in Hangzhou " commonweal of day of soubrette of Zhejiang of · of bissextile the seventh evening of the seventh moon dates congress " on, the spot is close in the participator of 5000 people, 20 years old of young people that reach 25 years old occupied 1/3 left and right sides.

Why more and more " low age " is the youth joined date team? "Now, often listen to family, friend to mention an object

Search hard. Especially girl, pass 24 years old to find flexibly Lang Jun's difficulty is great. Attend dating also can be to give his many somes of chance. If encounter flexibly, can ' who strikes first prevails ' ah. " " date meeting " on, the Xiaochen that the university just graduated this year says to the reporter. In the spot, the youth that reporter discovery and Xiaochen have same think of a way is true still many. These " low age " the young person is right traditional " date " means is not repellent. "It is OK to be met through dating friend of much associate with, cannot do husband and wife, can become a friend. " one dresses up fashionable male youth says.

Sponsor Fang Zhi of one " Zhejiang soubrette net " statistic, join them to date in the member of main forces, 20 years old of young people that reach 25 years old have 14700, 52.2% what hold member sum total about. Some hands in friendly club to also disclose, a few when they organize on 8 minutes of meetings that make friend, 25 years old of the following person that date were occupied 30% .

"Soubrette " Introduction Cao Mou, date team " low age change " with a few parents " apply pressure " not without the relation. Date the spot, a tall mom was written with one's own hands for daughter of 28 years old " card of have the groom move into one's house after the marriage " . Her " card of have the groom move into one's house after the marriage " drew a lot of parents stop read. "How has not so outstanding girl found a target? " aside some understand piece of mom hard the ground says, "My home child also have 23 years old, I must urge her look for a partner in marriage at once. " she says she turned in the spot after circuit, see so much parent is anxious for filial marriage, feel " the situation is grim " , have crisis feeling very much.

Jiang Qian gold analyses Zhejiang college professor, psychological expert, to love, young men and women holds taller hope than mature young person, idea is more Utopian also, but they also try to adopt a convention date means, find satisfactory target.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Xuan Xuan casts a love to talk- The dog is more reliable than the man

On May 16, xuan of announce of red star of movie and TV of Hong Kong TVB and Guo Jin Anlai play the exclusive special report that wall bulletin accepted when the activity rather. Xuan Xuan is in the recovery after with TVB one paper grows about 13 years " celibate " , review experience of these more than 10 years, xuan deep feeling has announce so that have to break.

Spit bitter water: Too cross vulnerability of honest and frank

With TVB one paper grows about 13 years to expire eventually, although renew the contract no longer, dan Xuanxuan still formed new cooperative way with TVB, review experience of these more than 10 years, xuan deep feeling has announce so that have to break, the regret also has results, altogether, "I was brought up, matured. "

At the outset, because Xuan Xuan is study abroad from England the recreational group that returns to just be joined, so Ceng Yin frank and outspoken " malefactor is much, appellation person is little " and by the coronal with " dispute essence " notoriety. These year come, more come out for many times the become enemies of relation of star of a lot of TVB such as she and Lin Feng, Zhang Keyi, She Shiman, mention these things, xuan Xuan is having infinite deep feeling, "The disposition that is me probably too cross honest and frank, I think the thing should have black and white two sides only all the time, need not need not turn round, but the fact is not such, as the happening of setbacks and dispute, I just understand most thing often is put in gray region, eat one chasm to grow one wisdom, I learn now a lot of better. " saying TVB is in-house is an actual edition " Jin Zhiyu evil " , xuan Xuan also confirmed this is nodded, "This is not the problem of TVB actually, however inside the problem between star, this is a kind of very bad ethos. Want to be in good human relations inside TVB, very special really difficult. "

Busy date: The dog is more reliable than the man

Become one elder sister of TVB, the announce Xuan achievement on the career is already beyond question, to her oneself emotional life just may be next life aim, "Before a few years, ever had me for some time to want to marry a person particularly, look at beside each is good the man got married, feel special lose, but this kind of condition had gone now, but I still am in date actively in. "

In TVB, end with parting company after all for years after the marriage of husband and wife of several pairs of screens such as name of latter Tao Dayu, Teng Li, the marriage that looks at a good friend is broken, xuan Xuan also had new view to marriage, "I won't suffer too much effect, everything cannot be importuned, there is lightning marriage lightning to divorce beside me, resemble what they marry to still want to part company for years so also having, ultimate control does not control emotive job, the psychological burden with too heavy short of is good. "

Although emphasize " along with the predestined relationship " , dan Xuanxuan asks to the boy friend in memory or some, "I should search like the animal, boy friend that has love, do not want so much word (the word because of me is much, still love to laugh at) , have bit of sense of humor, two people resemble a friend together same. As actor, my job is too busy, still be public character, it is more difficult to look for a boy friend. I should take care a bit, because just began you,knowing a someone is open-armed. My every time is patted procrastinating is true, want to marry the sort of. " speak of a dog, xuan Xuan more say with all sorts of feelings: "The person is too clever now, the dog just is the person's best friend, I raised 4 dogs, it is to roam about dog, getting along with them is much easier than getting along with the person. Getting along with them is much easier than getting along with the person..

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wife of Eminem Ning Zuo spends Zuo marriage

Cast to Ning hand sufficient the day of group of beautiful Rap that becomes Yu Zuo king Eminem, the beginning of the year just follows the wife of the first to be appointed to an office with minute of old Zuo to restore good relations to attend church again, cannot think of Zuo paragraph Jin does not hold marriage to be accused namely play, Central Plains makes clear because of having no. Come to give a child 50 Cent at his, announces new piece again show, hand but the gold that is conspicuous of Long name Zuo resembles shadow emperor Nigulasijizhi.

Die of of Zuo of Lin Meiyin lifts Ceng Zaige Zuo Zuo , Shu of of Kui of character of delegate of bound of tongue of Zuo of Eminem Zuo and emeritus new Long is great, again message went out recently, kim Mathers of his Ning ex-wife of of of marriage of the 2nd Jian 82 days, is receive with Zuo marriage. His word person yesterday to Zuo of of intermediary Zuo Zhu thing, Er Eminem already put forward Zuo marriage to Detroit court explain Zha , the hope is OK Jian bundle the marital Zuo of 2 people, not Zuo makes him of reason of cracked of Zuo does not agree to divulge.

Ever made a song " wife thinking "

In this year January Eminem Ning Zuo he the Ning of city of root of of Kim Wu Mi of 3 of year of Zuo goes the 2nd times marriage Die , outside dividing friend of Zuo square Yin , with respect to Zuo prentice 50 Cent also has to invite attend, but by at refus Jian Yu of of new Long bound makes stands outside large quantities of Yin person with dog young Zuo .

Its Eminem already went with Kim Zuo in high school association, has one at Yo of marriage of 99 years of Jian female, however urgent Zuo of marriage after feeling falls continuously, Zuo takes the song Zha from wife name to write in " miss dead wife really " . Jin of first time marriage ran month of of a year of 0 , Zuo marriage remarries 4 years, nowadays most Jian is minute of Zuo .

person is new a muching Nicholas

just mentions Eminem prentice 50 Cent, Zuo like that it is very good that walks along , but in Zuo shadow respect still be the elder brother at the beginning of only, not Zuo already must succeed than Eminem . Fu Zhiceng of thing Zuo is in the film close to Yin of person " 8 lis of highway " powdery Chinese ink ascends , and 50 Cent is in Kui last year " Get Rich Or Die Tryin%26#039; " after plan is patted again new piece, nigulasijizhi performs emperor of shadow of Ning Si Ka greatly hand !

Zuo covers a " The Dance " ball piece is new piece, draw materials from actual person and event, Zheng narrates the Nicholas that acts famous fist to teach Jin , in Luyishianna city Bao spends Zuo exceed Zuo 40 years convict holds the post of Li to teach Jin . To at 50 Cent it is the criminal that a has share of shadow boxing sky, the Zuo of of identity of a criminal awaiting for execution that Zuo has fist of ambition Jin good Zuo can be face him with Zuo , the of apprentice Zuo of 2 people of of draw of film concentration. ■ civil: Shu can boy

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Waxwork house changes bridegroom Dresses to Yao Ming waxwork

Yao Ming wants to marry! These two days, as more and more media take delight in talking about Yu Yaoming and Xie Li are in too area of lake source scene filmsBridalThe news of the photograph, yao Ming that is rife long already wedding also will rise to surface gradually in August.

The Yao Ming that is in love nearly 10 years and foliaceous Li ended their love long-distance race in this summer eventually, represent Shanghai to celebrate "Height" the bridal grand occasion of giant, be located in Nanjing on the west the specially of house of waxwork of Shanghai Mrs. Du Sha of front door of road new world is mouth of its front door the Yao Ming that basketball of original a suit equips changed bridegroom Dresses, of Yao Ming brand-newModellingThe Jing sound that attracted countless Fans screams. Not only such, the Yao Ming of fund of affectionate fund of a suit Dresses still holds an one Shu Mei marvellous in both hands, beside a piece of tremendous card, also drew up the aspirations of every tourist: "Wish Yao Mingxin marriage is happy! "Wish Yao Mingxin marriage is happy!!

House of waxwork of Shanghai Mrs. Du Sha is opposite to this to express the blessing of new personality, still broadcast in the old hall in ground floor designedly " you should marry me today " , foil the tender feelings one side with a small invisible on field giant.

House of waxwork of Shanghai Mrs. Du Sha from last year since 51 practice, tourist in an endless stream. The celebrity waxwork modelling inside the house also is mixed as the modelling of celebrity itself of social heat news update constantly, let a tourist be able to be in the firstTimeExperience the newest elegant demeanour of star.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

True luck of Liu Zhitai Yin pulls hand film Wedding Dresses to reflect exposure

According to Korea media coverage, actor Liu Zhitai and Yin Zhenrui are new film publicly " secret love " publicity marriage gauze is illuminated, let filmgoer of a lot of unwitting people false alarm.

Recently, actor Liu Zhitai and Yin Zhenrui are new film " secret love " filmed gauze of a group of marriage is illuminated. Piece in the two people of personate newlywed, illuminate in marriage gauze in complete emersion the happiness between a pair of lovers is sweet, caused filmgoer even people small suspicion.

In the photograph, liu Zhitai wears black Dresses tie-in and argent cravat, peremptory the about of a pair of accurate bridegroom. Still disclose to the reporter, to can put on this body Wedding Dresses, move in effort all the time before oneself, body of model reducing weight. And " false bride " Yin Zhen Ruize expresses him this is to give the first time after the path to pat marriage gauze to illuminate, film moment feeling is a bit tensely, cause expression a bit inflexible.

The cameraman that is two people to film marriage gauze is illuminated is right also two the individual's expression speak favorably of substantially, saying two people stand over is one is drawn. Righter the professional spirit that Liu Zhitai and Yin Zhenrui regard an actor as expresses to admire, let whole film the work is very great.

The marriage gauze that this two people film is illuminated will serve as piece in the adornment in home of 2 people newly-married, suspension is on the one side wall in the home. Also will make another special view in film.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The story of Zhang Ailing and American husband

At the beginning of September 1995, in the Xi Mu area of los angeles, zhang Ailing of generation literature female wonder leaves like that in the Gu in apartment, there is relatives and friends beside, without acquaintance, also do not have even a stranger even. After several days, house manager feels not right, this just discovers...

Compare after Zhang Ailing is dead before one's death celebrated much, for a short while, article of biography, grieve, close-up, memoir, complimentary word floods Chinese the literary world. Strange is, people prate of ground of take delight in talking about she and " traitor bookman " the one Duan Zhongtu the fate brings lovers together of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Lan Cheng, allude without the person however another paragraph of foreign the fate brings lovers together that she is in the United States. After that one paragraph wants than before one paragraph touching, want the real situation much.

The American Chinese that has old communication concern with Zhang Ailing writer minister is new, wrote a book to reveal this paragraph of little-known past recently.

Summer 1955, zhang Ailing emigrates from Hong Kong the United States, be in this year, novel of her the first English " yangko " publish in the beauty. Junior become famous, all along just gaily tall also Zhang Ailing, aspire hovers in the literary sky of English.

Between the 2nd year March, she gets famous Mai Daowei the assistance of literary battalion, go over there, only thing literature writing, strive for publish novel of the 2nd English.

Mai Daowei is literary build 1907, by the %26#8226; of widow Ma beautiful jade of Mai Daowei of %26#8226; of famous composer Edward Mai Daowei is founded. Group of Shanmilin that it is located in city of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth in, cover an area of 420 acre, it is by many 40 size the room is abandoned, the villatic, atelier, library structure that make group, a haven of peace of it may be said. The tentative idea of literary battalion is, assistance has the writer of talent and artist, cast off lay interference temporarily, be engaged in technically below a kind of halcyon environment creating. Be in the ground of assemble of writer of this United States, she met unexpectedly Lai Ya of %26#8226; of Fu Dena of writer of American white man (Ferdinand Reyher) .

Lai Ya is German immigrant descendant formerly, young when showed dazzling literary talent, rich and colorful of his individual character, knowledge is all-embracing, horizontal excessive of literary talent of style of conversation, play bold and unconstrained is free and easy. Had married, have a daughter. But he natural disposition is bold and unrestrained and free, of very incommensurate marriage manacle, with feminism person ex-wife removed affiance. In this in the following years, he also associate with crosses many moving cummer, but the neither one in them is willing to also do not have skill and this man to written guarantee in all manage repeatedly, till him 65 years old encounter Zhang Ailing.

The individual character that Lai Ya uses as a result of social concept become reconciled makes like that, the attention that causes plus life pressure is dispersive, did not go to the talent put to good use of own literature reach the limit, did not keep the work with him immortal be sent on a diplomatic mission that is to say.

Lai Ya is when many years old 30, clothing is fashionable, demeanour is elegant, the manner of talent of a pair of handsome young man. However, when arriving many years old 40, people looks him, resemble the correct of a bourgeois, because of him in those days, became an enthusiastic Marxist, but he did not join the Communist Party. Lai Ya is original with respect to hate evil as much as one hates an enemy, the compassion that stems from nature to always be being cherished a kind by oppressive people heart, always replace American labor and ordinary people consideration, it is an idealist, all these, can happen to have the same view with the certain part of the Marxism of course. This also is saying why palpability is in his work, often be the experience with social nobody and them is given priority to. Crossed destiny year, crossed a cycle of sixty years especially year Lai Ya, include the body to appeared to take downhill path even in every respect, literature does not have large contribution, economic atmosphere short of money, broke a leg and several degrees apoplectic. To weigh brace up literary male wind, he comes to Mai Daowei literary battalion, also be here just about, woman of wonder of a China entered his old age to live, make he feels the power of the love that never has met truly, she is Zhang Ailing.

In the environment of elegant romance and mood, perhaps some is planted peculiar induction, zhang Ailing of 36 years old and Lai Ya of 65 years old arose to forget year love, latter daughter and former age comparative, that is to say a daughter that can become another.

On March 13, they meet for the first time, have " meet to ever was acquainted why " feeling. After this, meet day is joyous, talk about literature, talk about culture, talk about life, talk about experience, jump over Tan Yue to cast an edge. Arrived at the beginning of May, arrived to assign the rate that abandons hard hard simply, concern progress gets amazingly quick. Lai Ya writes in the diary May 12: They " go hut, together pass the night " . The 3rd day, lai Ya arrived in the deadline of literary battalion, must leave. When Zhang Ailing is sending him, still gave him only a bit money. After a many month, zhang Ailing also left literary camp. On July 5, lai Ya receives letter of Zhang Ailing, said to already conceived his child. Right now, lai Ya feels he has responsibility of a kind of morality, feel Zhang Ailing is honest and kind, lovely again, be one virtuous wife model woman, then, he was begged to her marriage, but ask she is abort, do not want the child. Arrived in those days August 18, after the half an year that is acquainted namely, they married in new York.

Very difficult complete conjecture, why can Zhang Ailing marry at that time bigger than her different race better of nearly 30 years old. The difference between them is such big, setting of the age, phyletic, individual character, viewpoint of value, one's previous experience and political viewpoint differ right-down again.

36 years old, 65 years old.

Woman of a China, man of an United States.

Lonely close, one makes friend very wide.

One spends money astute, a skill is easy.

One likes metropolitan numerous be troubled by, one likes the quiet of small villages and towns.

An one's previous experience the house large family at decline, an one's previous experience produces immigrant in Germany.

Marxist of a dispute, one is a Marxist.

Take literary style again for, zhang Ailing's work with a kind of biting outlook that she has alone, the statement that appears with her peculiar empty spirit get rid of again, human nature most in fine fine ground reverses picture, even if color is thick, also appear some kind of slight cold is beautiful. Read her thing, not be a few work that resemble reading others, cross from the eye only, cross from the soul however. And the romantic colour that Lai Ya's work is permeated with for the masses pursuit ideal society. Then, busybody people be analysed from different point of view.

"Utilitarian " think, she makes Lai Ya mistake can help her infiltrate the adviser of world of mainstream English literature, and the place that does not know him to go up in the literary world is not tall, and the progress of oneself is very limited, be in even downhill, live for oneself ceaselessly and struggle, there is the lead by hand of what essence very hard on the career.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Kang Sheng on well of champion of Olympic Games judo and marry when red female actor

According to Japan joint company reports, carry off for Japanese team on Sydney Olympic Games the Jing Shangkang of player of 29 years old of judo of gold of judo of 100 kilograms of class gives birth to the man the female actor with 25 years old east the university of the East China Sea that in divine Nai 15 days plain county makes the same score city announces Yuan Yaxi formally.

Two people undertook conjugal registering in the morning that day, the judo that chose to practice in sweat of brandish of him student times on the well holds a news conference inside field. He says a little undemonstratively: "I everything judo career detain was in on Beijing Olympic Games. It is OK that we feel two people try hard together help somewhat to the life henceforth, decide to marry so. " bride east principle face takes smile ground to say: "I feel I am responsible provide support for the player. The hope builds an environment that can loosen body and mind for him. The hope builds an environment that can loosen body and mind for him..

On the world judo tounament 2003, ever was opposite as the reporter formerly east undertook interviewing on the well, two people began association subsequently. Firm ground expresses on the well: "Even if be go ahead regardless,life also should be Olympic Games ready-made. Newly-married gives birth to work general to just begin after the Olympic Games ends. Newly-married gives birth to work general to just begin after the Olympic Games ends..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ten million wealthy old woman is crash face-lifting saves marriage

Because the husband loves another person, ms. Zhang of family property ten million flies back to Chongqing from Hainan on a special trip yesterday, in weak point the flower inside 30 minutes is in southwest hospital nearly 100 thousand yuan plastics division undertakes face-lifting, the hope can defeat young and beautiful rival in love accordingly.

"Doctor, ask you the side is busy, operation face-lifting can be passed in short time, become young and some more beautiful. " yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, a middleaged lady with luxuriant dress comes to division of this courtyard plastics, say oneself are called Zhang Jing (alias) , 45 years old, typical Chongqing person, answer Chongqing this on a special trip by plane from Hainan, plane goes straight towards a hospital continuously.

Below the doctor's inquiry, ms. Zhang says, go up century at the beginning of 90 time, she and husband are hit to Hainan go all out, so far, two people already were achieved on ten million family property. Before a few months, the husband begins apparently desolate she, do not come home for long. Finally, the member that she just knows a beautiful language of the husband and company is good went up. From this, the emotional go from bad to worse of two people. Several days ago, husband and wife two quarrelled greatly one, the husband lets her unexpectedly " look in the mirror well, see oneself that piece of turn against " . Accordingly, under stretch, her specially flies back to Chongqing, determination face-lifting saves marriage and family.

The doctor says, ms. Zhang maintains very well actually, but request to fall repeatedly in hers, after the expert diagnoses tegether, this division decides, inject for its 18 value injection of 6000 yuan of furrow fill fluid. After many minutes 30, inject ends, the Zhang Jing that keeps looking in the mirror expresses, to saved marriage to spend many yuan 10 are worth. (sign up for according to Chongqing business) origin: Net of Yangtse Evening Post

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sun Nan and belle advocate sow be exposed to the sun to already was registered marry

Staff member of local civilian political situation weighs a reporter " the news that should not report Sun Nan marriage " , nobody receive Mai Gongmei telephone call listen.

Pan Wei, travel is defended inspect golf master of ceremonies. Ever had chaired England to make public contest, United States to make public celebrity of contest, United States to surpass match of golf of 3 big international.

When seeing Pan Wei for the first time, she just pulled Shadow Creek field of Siweijiasi to play a ball game from the United States. "We are opposite actually costly do not have a concept, but you understood what cries at a draught here costly. " admire case by sunshine moist slightly black face, pan Wei sends a bright smile. A few dollars also had been hit before public golf. In home, pan Wei and partner people also want to push golf to the masses all the time.

Look in her, golf is a kind of movement that makes a person relaxed and happy. "It can change your state of mind not only, also meet the life that exert a subtle influence on changes you " .

Sun Nan and Mai Gongmei had divorced, defend with travel inspect female advocate the message that broadcasts Pan Wei marriage had been passed for a long time, but party all the time absolutely deny. The reporter is in know from director of the X inside the circle accidentally yesterday, sun Nan and Pan colourful had married really, and be in Hefei bureau of civil administration of the area that include a river is registered.

Coterie signs up for Mai Gongmei of makings grandson Nan to already divorced

Yesterday, the reporter is to X the director enquires its make fun of newly originally filmed progress circumstance, because his new show gut involves the scenario of the divorce, this director is chatting to chatting to sigh suddenly unexpectedly: "Sun Nan and Mai Gongmei also parted, had held out before them " . He more disclose to the reporter, "Sun Nan had married with Pan Wei now, the person in this work group knows, in Hefei the area that include a river registers them. In Hefei the area that include a river registers them..

Choose the account that registers in Hefei to two people, this personage is analysed, because Hefei does not have dog young culture,be on one hand, message of not easy leak out. On the other hand, the compere of Anhui stage is before Pan Wei, there is a house probably in Hefei, plus her native place mounds in Anhui in relief, probable it is Sun Nan after the parents that sees Guo Panwei, they are registered in Hefei incidentally married.

   Mai Gongmei rejects a response

Reporter with branch of Hefei city civil administration many staff member acquired connection yesterday, but reporter discovery, they have a lot of to scruple it seems that, all not be willing the front responds to this matter.

One Q surnames a staff member is the reason that enquires the reporter is called enthusiasticly first, in be informed a reporter to want to understand Sun Nan to whether be the area that include a river is registered when marrying, the other side enquires the message that the reporter is informed from where first, denying his again subsequently is the person that the reporter should seek. The another personage that is not willing to disclose a full name expresses, do not know this matter. But the news that he says to the reporter should not report Sun Nan marriage again, colourful of Sun Nan Pan acquiesced to already registered be related it seems that between utterance. The reporter dialed Mai Gongmei's telephone for many times last night, all nobody are received listen. Subsequently the reporter sends the short message that seek testimony to her again, but arrive when distributing news dispatches, she also did not have a return.

To confirm this information further, before dawn calls the reporter now agent article flute of Sun Nan, he says surprisingly: "Impossible! I am done not have necessary conceal with you, I think this is not true, unless he connects me,also hiding the truth from. Unless he connects me,also hiding the truth from..

   Sun Nan buys sentiment of red younger sister history

1987, sun Nan becomes a of Chinese colliery song and dance ensemble vocal actor. The 2nd year, sun Nan knew the Xin Xin that is a singer likewise. Two people began amour very quickly. But October 1999, sun Nan and Xin Xin part company.

In May 2000, sun Nan and Mai Gongmei lightning marry -- they are acquainted when show, know 24 hour hind, sun Nan proposes to Mai Gongmei. After marriage, mai Gongmei abandons essay career for Sun Nan, was delivered of early or late one female one child. It is reported, when two people marry, sun Nan goes because of bridal midway CCTV show, leave Mai Gongmei one person manages overall situation, to compensate Mai Gongmei, sun Nan still expressed to think the end of the year fills last year do marriage banquet. Mai Gongmei's reaction is: "I do not want, I should let him regret all one's life. I should let him regret all one's life..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shen Aojun will be married in May house of state guest of Diaoyutai of diplomat male friend places marriage banquet

Yesterday, " conceal " in " Zun La " Shen Aojun of the person that act discloses when Beijing accepts a special report, by May, she will be in house of Diaoyutai state guest and flexibly it is good for Jin Zhi of the Qin Dynasty that Lang Jun writtens guarantee. The feeling of two people consolidates period film just about " conceal " when, nevertheless, this bridegroom resembles " Yu Zecheng " same mystery, because working nature is special,can play to media only " conceal " , can fair at numerous is -- the diplomat that he is some country, foreign nationality Chinese.

Remnant daughter is on dating road

Profess " desperately 3 man " Shen Aojun says, him job is too busy before be too busy to scruple individual problem, became remnant daughter not carefully, of family urgent the way that allowed her to walk up to date. "I and my gentleman are introduction of friend of 7 years of classics, date next successful, we are Manchu. After meeting, introducer still arranges him to went to Shanghai visitting my parents and elder sister, my people feels he is very dependable, begin formal association. " today, shen Aojun should answer Shanghai, with flexibly Lang Jun films marriage gauze is illuminated.

   Li Jing inserts willow Liu Chengyin involuntarily

The Shen Aojun that is enmeshed in happiness discloses, the acquaintance of two people, be in love with " conceal " return some relationships. "I am patted " conceal " when, he vacates the New year holidays that put two years I am accompanied in the play staff, we also appeared at that time a few contradiction, be hemisphere of north and south after all lie between, get together to leave less much. " " conceal " after be being patted, actual distance ever let each other relation cool for a time, till 8 years the left and right sides will attend Li Jing in September " super visit " . Li Jing one language sleeps lightly dreamboat. Shen Aojun says frankly: "A paragraph of Ceng Buyu's fast feeling was recollected to experience in the program at that time, li Jing says to me ' sometimes happiness is not distant, perhaps be in crossing turning, someone says to you -- you go with me ' , when hearing this at that time, indifferent horse extensive had my heart dimple, because my gentleman also follows me,had said same word. Record a program, I phone him immediately. " before long, shen Aojun's gentleman strives for the opportunity that works to China, she laughs at him character the mood in those days is sung with respect to the place in resembling a song " it is sunny day. " arrive from love get a marriage certificate, character of Shen Aojun laugh does not have the sort of blazing feeling between two people. "Our age differs 78 years old, the time that be together is too little, can disentomb only slowly. Can disentomb only slowly..

  Hopeful of morning of Sun Gonglei Yao attends wedding

3 elder sister marriage of Shen Aojun are domestic banquet replaces wedding, so Shenyang mother hopes young daughter can do a wedding all the time. To come true the mother wishs, shenyang is proud Jun Zhengan sends happy note. "Invited many friends such as Yao Chen, Sun Gonglei now. Can affirmatory is " conceal " director and producer, wave of Ren Quan, Yellow Sea can come, the daughter that still has Li Jing should be become to us flower child. The daughter that still has Li Jing should be become to us flower child..

Shen Aojun says, marriage is not two the individual's things absolutely,

  " conceal " medium modelling

One everybody still follows from the back child. The husband's parents dies, he whether blend in the domesticity besides bound of two the world? Shen Aojun expresses: "He acts independently all the time before, not quite be gregarious, learning hard now with us harmony of one everybody person lives. Learning hard now with us harmony of one everybody person lives..

Many female stars can choose marriage hind retired, photograph husband godchild, although Shen Aojun has this to read aloud, but already was strangled to be in the cradle by the gentleman. "He says with me, must get the life ring that has oneself, do not take sport you can become aware gain and loss falls, when arriving, you can blame me. The woman cannot be done really depend on the man's furniture, of other in part joining should be to make each other happy and joy, more, is not a captivity of other in part the world in oneself. " Shen Aojun still expresses, oneself into master " happy event of highly skilled doctor comes happy " hopeful pats continuation, production Founder negotiates to it. As to " conceal " , the director does not pat continuation absolutely.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rescue marriage to inspecting 5 minutes everyday

Doctor of an elder psychology once had recieved a pair of husband and wife, they already cold war is very long period of time, feeling is dimmer and dimmer. Before psychological doctor, two people resemble personal enemy same, distain each other. In advisory process, psychological doctor teachs them a method that rescues marriage: Be opposite everyday inspect 5 minutes.

At first, themselves is not clear also, can you produce so magical result to inspecting? Psychological doctor tells them, must try to seek the sort of mental state when love, unlock oneself heart, ground of exuding tenderness and love through eyes watchs opposite party. Try to be opposite when them when inspecting, each other are a bit bashful, because actually, they already very long had not seen the other side with the look that expects love so. Release the joyance of a heart and sincere feeling gradually when them, when receiving the longing in eyes of the other side and joy, they discover, body and mind had change -- of original marriage decide chronically situation, let them see the weakness of the other side only, despise each other gradually. Its are direct and sequential, passed more and undesirable suggestion and information to the other side namely, make marital bramble densely covered. And expect actively what this kind of full of emotive helped them seek pair of the other side to inspecting with the suggestion, those who be in this kind to be planted 5 minutes everyday is right in inspecting an exercise, it is OK that they discover opposite party is former so beautiful, so pure, remain the sweetheart that oneself choose at the outset, become good-tempered gradually.

When love, we are opposite silently inspect, but in marriage, bilateral conference from originally to inspecting, turn those who be backside is silent observation, turn again for negligence, may be to despise even -- why can you have such change? Because of us too mind that former perfect image, do not allow little flaw invade, we did not regard as the other side true faulty individual will try to accept.

The couple in case is in above the psychological effect that the study in seeking advice went to to look attentively at, they acquired a variety of prejudice in putting down a heart gradually, the sort of tenderness in picking up love again and abasement, much a bitter to the other side laugh, many somes good-tempered. Pack up the expression that densely covered, brows locks up anxious cloud closely when them, loosen truly come down, when speechless ground looks at the other side, can see more and good suggestion from body of the other side, the direction that can try to expect toward place of the other side then goes hard, final two people can return again gradually old good.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Piece - member - let enter wedding of the Liu Yong that wear Yun - ban - reporter

Liu Yong, Dai Yun, these two names are not Changshu all certainly for the Nanjing person to liking badminton, and after Sun Jun of this pair of afterwards, Ge Fei a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of carve of another pair of gods of Jiangsu badminton associate " after tierce postpones wedding day, get married yesterday eventually. Originally this is a very joyful thing, but what did not think of is, final Dai Yun and Liu Yong let come however the numerous reporter of congratulate on a happy occasion ate to shut an a thick soup...

Last night 18: 00, dai Yun is in Nanjing with Liu Yong's wedding some is famous restaurant is held as scheduled, come the guest in an endless stream of congratulate on a happy occasion, true it may be said " a thousand li is fawn on, high friend capacity audience " . Besides China male feather number one male Xing Lindan has temporarily besides the thing, just obtain Shangmusi in Japan cup and the bishop of Chinese feather team of You Bai cup drill the honored guest such as Xie Xingfang of champion of Zhang Ning of champion of Li Yongbo, Olympic Games, world shows up entirely, and one of male double parvenus Cai Zuo geng is the partner man that became Liu Yong. To these " teacher good friend " , the Liu Yong, young couple that wear Yun is taken care of very hand and foot, after arriving at restaurant when them, have person specially assigned for a task or job " convoy " , these convoy personnel begin from Li Yongbo, every time figure of convoy star level and moment of bridegroom bride photographic, the reporter of metropolis and spot breathes out a few times greatly: "You should pat a photograph to make the best of time to pat here! " begin a reporter to still do not understand what meaning, wait for guest to arrive basically later neat, the reporter just discovers, holding bridal hall doorway, had had 4 " security personnel " , and their responsibility does not let a reporter enter bridal spot namely.

Doesn't bridal spot let a reporter enter? Should be informed this one message in the numerous reporter of the doorway with respect to expect early hind very open-eyed. The reporter of a few TV stations expressed dissatisfaction immediately: "It is bridegroom bride informs us first, invite us to attend wedding, arrived here does not let enter again, what meaning is this after all? " but, consider this is the wedding day of bridegroom bride, reporters did not abreact come out.

A few reporters find the Liu Yong that welcomes guest in the doorway to enquire a circumstance, liu Yong says: "After waiting for wedding to begin, you go in again. " the explanation that heard bridegroom, everybody waits patiently rise, but bridal hall is walked into in musical sound when bridegroom bride, after wedding begins formally, the reporter that tries to enter bridal spot ate once more " a thick soup that close the door " , be blocked overbearingly to be in by security personnel doorway.

The reporter outside face each other of ground of special air of arrogance says the organizer of a female of the Liu Yong, wedding that wear Yun: "Do not take Liu Yong to say a thing, he is bridegroom official today, does his have the nerve say not to let you enter? Liu Yonggen did not say to let a reporter enter with me originally, the star of the Chinese feather team that comes today is too much, we do not hope the reporter is disturbed. We do not hope the reporter is disturbed..

Hear this word, attendant reporter finds both funny and annoying a bit, the reporter of a TV station in anger under, carry a camera to go, go to say very rustily at the same time at the same time: "I went, he patted me to me namely today, what meaning ah... "

And the thing of after this happening is to let a person feel to find both funny and annoying a bit more, the reporter thinks through world champion Sun Jun takes him into the spot, but outer part does not give like thinking of to organize that bridal female comrade, do not let enter namely, do so that Sun Jun also shakes can helplessly only finally shake one's head.

Not all also nevertheless reporter cannot enter the spot, also have mixed individually go in, the reporter that infiltrate goes to later discloses say, they were to go out " member " .

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pan Yueyun is caught face at the back of evil sue appeal to divorce

Yueyun of Taiwan singer Pan Jing exploded on March 6 this year evil is caught after living apart last year by marital Huang Guangquan, a few days ago by Taiwan person arrange of forest land check is sued according to crime of adultery, future may face 1 year of the following sentence. Her yesterday calm suffers visit, divulge already going up the month divorces to forensic appeal, at a variety of harm that litigant book lists 10 years to come. She alls sorts of feelings well up in her heart: "I won't marry again! " the announce cost that points to the TV on the month on her gentleman is " the 1st income that he comes to 10 years. " the announce cost that points to the TV on the month on her gentleman is " the 1st income that he comes to 10 years..

The message says, pan Yueyun marries 10 years, daughter also already 10 years old, talked about a divorce early with husband 2003 actually, as to why to talk 6 years all the time, she says: "My daughter loves father and mom very much, need a whole family. " until fizzle out to exploded to media a few days ago makings accusation she does not agree to let him see a daughter, still take media to wait for a daughter to the school, she just is driven beyond forbearance take legal approach.

She speaks of the requirement that raises at the outset: "I am conveyed the meeting is completely responsible to him (point to) of burden life expense, also include to be able to see a child at any time, but he talks not to want to talk, do not leave namely. " what to want after all to the gentleman, she says: "I know what he wants of course, he won't start to talk, he is very clever. He is very clever..

She expresses confined 1999 when very suffer, patient however up to now. She says: "He is only big I 1 year old, arms and legs is sturdy. " coming 10 years is she brings up 2 people all the time however (point to husband and daughter) , "Announce of on the month on him 2 TV, that is the 1st income that he comes to 10 years (it is reported makes an appointment with new station money in all 1000 yuan of 4 20 thousand) . " her dissatisfaction gentleman puts a word to say she moves ceaselessly for avoid a creditor, she is clear: "I move the home 3 times, it is to follow he parts, he is not moved be forced I am moved. He is not moved be forced I am moved..

And she and outside express affair object Huang Qizhou's current concern, she says: "I am put namely at present empty. " clear also did not live together with him. She is busy recently announce handbill music " look out lake " , funky of inn of night of 4 days of ongoing comrades opens next month sing.

The reporter called gentleman Huang Guangquan of Pan Yueyun yesterday, he expresses to have not receive announcement of divorce of A Pan appeal, ask why he doesn't accept divorce agreement behindhand, he says: "At the outset she takes me to sign, but her elder sister calls me tolerance, so I do not have an autograph, I am not not to leave, it is to know to other man intervenes later, the situation is different. The divorce must leave, but her attitude is too tough, I do not have method to accept. " Pan Yueyun points to announcement of the month on him is come 10 years first income, his angrily rebuke: "Be impossible! I have all the time do artwork business, give she, it is not fixed only, unspeakable certain amount, do not have a law to be compared with her of course. Do not have a law to be compared with her of course..