Saturday, January 22, 2011

How does husband and wife communicate promotional feeling effectively

Dwight · Si Mo says: Before marrying, the communication mechanism that the core of “ marriage is communication …… health has not existed, and should be built through collective life and perfect ceaselessly. ” does not mind us to regard a lasting truth as to send you this word please. The importance of communication is self-evident. And in reality, we always cannot have effective communication because of such and such problem or obstacle however. Communication is expensive be in effective. An adage says well: “ not the words fail to express the meaning, not janus-faced, not unidentified its meaning. ” is simple 15 words, formed the core that communicates effectively. Below, we come around this 15 words fine narrate communication.

How to talk?

The feature of perfect marriage is husband and wife can be below open, safe circumstances, express thought and sentiment. Whether the feeling in conveying a heart with proper way, the spouse that can control you returns you when the comrade-in-arms is the enemy. So, how to speak true opinion, ability is unapt hurt opposite party, then promotional Where is each other close feeling?

1. Speak out the think of a way in your heart clearly

· is born with its fuggy, it is clear to be inferior to telling

Unripe fuggy

In dawn Li heart very indolence is fast, at ordinary times marital state records is to see nightly news just sleep, but Xiao Li is particularly tired tonight, think some of go to bed very much. She sits in the country sigh desperately on the side of annals, annals pays no attention to the country however she. Final him Xiao Li first go to bed. She feels a country annals did not show consideration for her, slept to be not worn instead.

It is clear to tell

Inferior gentleman: Build smooth, I am very tired today, hope breakfast go to bed, do not want to watch TV together with you.

Build smooth: Although I like to watch news, but the news it doesn't matter tonight is good-looking. Such, you first go to bed, I look 5 minutes to be put out again, ?

· avoids to be expected in the dark and guess

Be expected in the dark and guess

Annals discusses the state gladly the plan that he climbs on the weekend with the friend, xiao Li listens angrier more however. She hopes annals seeks the state very much she goes together, but annals did not carry the state one sentence however.

Make clear directly

Below similar case.

Inferior gentleman asks build smooth: When you climb on the weekend, I want to go together with you, can with?

Build smooth: Actually I also like to go together with you, it is I fear the hillside is too steep only, you will be too painstaking.

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