Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ni can prepare Betty of ceremony of next month marriage - Miller is displayed sing - with the wind volant

Ni can prepare Betty of ceremony of next month marriage - Miller is displayed sing " with the wind volant "

Evening paper dispatch although not long ago still claims oneself are unforgettable to old affection of A Shang Ge, dan Ni can be grabbed even after all marital hall steps in front of A soup. A few days ago, ni can have been mixed formally to grandfather cloth Keyes is engaged, it is reported, two people will hold wedding at will be in Sydney on June 25. Subsequently, to the scenery attractive Fiji island has honeymoon happily.

Nevertheless, ni but won't hold costly wedding with Keyes, two people would rather choose " small and delicate " or be " small and sweet " means. Next, to bridal guest list, two people also arrange close kin good friend to attend only, and You Ni but foster daughter Yi Andongniya does Shabeila and little sister a matron of honour, keyes brought man of his elder brother keep sb company. As to the rich and generous case gift that receives on wedding, ni but will do " almsdeed " : Contribute a charitable foundation of los angeles entirely, help the tramp with homeless street.

In addition, rice of · of the Betty after Ni can invite case Lai beautiful day actively straps the wedding that is his to display sing, because two people are the friend that be close friends originally, and " with the wind volant " it is Ni all the time but love most. And a so classical love song ases if even if be Ni to be able to measure a body to have something made to order with Keyes, sang the true love of two people.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mo Wenwei- Marry should extemporaneous

Yesterday, bold, hot Mo Wenwei again " amazed " 4: In new special " if do not have you " the reporter sees on the meeting, she announces in public: Marry had better not of course, want extemporaneous ability amused. In the meantime, she also discloses, male friendly Feng Delun often with changing magic form brings him infinite surprise.

Without the accident, this piece of new special " if do not have you " unaltered be advocate play love song, mo Wenwei says frankly, a lot of people hear her song, more it is to seek after feeling is frustrated " cure is hurt " , so whenever, love song always is most be able to bear or endure listen, also have city most

But the topic of male friend is inescapable after all, mo Wenwei also does not abstain from refer this paragraph of feeling, just allude not actively absolutely. Award starlight highway resembles going up in the Hong Kong gold this year, she and hand of Feng Delun free land pull a hand to appear before flashlight, enough proof, present Mo Wenwei has lived to feeling honester and honester, have rumor even, two people had considered to marry. The reporter asks Mo Wenwei, true? She bursts out laughing: "Marry? I arrive as a child big, had not wanted when to marry. " her explanation says, oneself are not not marriage, just won't have sedulous plan, "Marry had better not of course, the sort of is in dining-room, accompanying flower, violin to propose, had better not such. Marry, it is to want extemporaneous ability of course amused. " look, to Mo Wenwei character, emotional life also needs constantly surprise, invariable or it is to cling outmodel conventions, god-given beauty heart. The reporter asks her, the Feng Delun in the life, what kind of surprise can you bring to her? Mo Wenwei blurts out: Become magic. Make a when she feels the most mysterious magic, it is Feng Delun the hand takes a piece of whole paper, relapse before her tear at, look be like broken up, result one pass on, it is a piece of big complete newspaper, wei Baisai does not get Rangmowen its are solved.

Before before long, have exposure of Hong Kong media she and Feng Delun's Ju Jiasheng are illuminated alive, to this, mo Wenwei denies two people to already lived together, raise doubt to the behavior of media: "The reporter peeps to my private place, this is illegal act, should get legal tie, nevertheless, very regrettablly, the law of Hong Kong still does not have the regulation of this respect at present. As actor, privacy and job did not concern, media was not necessary to be together both drag in. Media was not necessary to be together both drag in..

According to reporter understanding, " if do not have you " the big plate of the 8th piece of mandarin that is Mo Wenwei, made time is however what never had had is endless, expend days of nearly 3 years to come from the depression of the market, mo Wenwei says: "Disc market is a lot of worse than before now, give every pieces of special to want so more careful, because be being driven,I do not wish to want to enter the market, the song still confiscates enough hasty hair piece. The song still confiscates enough hasty hair piece..

   Razz male star

   ■ Zhou Jielun: Become magic to differ " duration " Zhou Jielun also can become magic, but his technology was cheated 3 years old of children, cheat me to be able to be no good... went up in my Shanghai concert last year, a lot of audiences are open-eyed the expression at him (show Mo Wenwei sits in Zhou Jielun to go up personally, it is hot very) , actually most begin me to arrange this bridge paragraph, very afraid also: He is like very bashful, do not know wish to not be willing. Result, he agreed unexpectedly. More those who let me want to be less than is, in whole act, zhou Jielun maintains very sober pattern all the time, with me hot form bright contrast, I feel to be handled so, the result is stronger.

■ Liu Dehua: I am the most willing the honored guest that with his partner he ever had held the position of concert of my Hong Kong, at that time, I and he discusses, can let a concert be provided more can view a sex, he is laughing to say: "Do not have a thing, tear apart my dress. " nevertheless, he also has good figure really. He is make one's rounds performs my concert in, a collaboration is the tacittest male honored guest.

■ Zhu Xiaotian: He is the most bashful cooperate with Zhu Xiaotian, it is the most difficult to seem. Because he is very bashful, I remember, when seeing me for the first time, he dare not see me, ask him to become a honored guest so, dance on the concert together with me, it is some are a hard job to him really.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marry the emperor's son-in-law before applying for archives exposure and made of baked clay child shine marriage

A few days ago, be the United States " lay mines ascends Du Xianfeng to declare " explode Sitaipanneike will mix the fiance before giving Xinjisi year only beautiful girl of 18 years old covers with tiles Yidisuowa, the news that two people will get married in the lightning inside 2 months. Now, this newspaper is flat announced will register on December 10, 2011 marry the personnel directory of application.

This news raises a mighty uproar one piece in world each district, because of the Ke Yuying inside Si Taipan Jun Xiao asperses this adjective not to have a predestined relationship, also do not build with young promising on relation, the network circles beautiful girl that he 29 years old makes more meticulously than acute pace company is made of baked clay child became big fully 11 years old. Those who let life doubt is, czech male just just remove before beautiful net with Swiss princess Xin Jisi affiance, although his Ceng Yi is spent,advocate will marry a princess come this year. He and made of baked clay Yidisuowa had not spread any news before this. Two people's only correlation is -- they are Czech tennis player. Up to now, IMG of company of economy of seat of baby of all alone of made of baked clay Edie had be notted make to this message confirm Yi Wei to deny, look this news is not concoctive.

According to the code of Florida city, marry application has legal effectiveness inside 60 days only, if this character is not empty, their wedding is in not far will hold in the future.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ma Yinjiu advocate heat of chirp new personality kisses contest

Bridegroom Bao kneels down propose, Zuo gets beautiful woman fragrant heart Zuo flower 9 Yin are kissed from Zuo new personality result More than 100 a happy married couple in all Jian fine Jin , tongue of Bao of bridegroom bride is kissed, kiss calm affection

[ Yin of big fair Jin ] Long of Ning travel citizen joins Taipei municipal government 11 days afternoon marriage Die , Zuo of Taipei city Zuo flower 9 Yin are kissed from Zuo new personality result. By Wu Xin the person exceeds Zuo 100 , osculant Zuo also four Zuo of Zuo Zuo .

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Liu Jialing admits to preparing bridal ring to grab lens

Liu Jialing (right) should Niu Chengze is invited view and admire about " affection have to already living path " .

Liu Jialing (right) should Niu Chengze is invited view and admire about " affection have to already living path " . Liu Jialing left hand is wearing ablaze ring, she smiles.

Liu Jialing left hand is wearing ablaze ring, she smiles.

Liu Jialing Taipei is Cheng Zexin of button of good friend, director piece " affection have to already living path " be about to show liberal platform. To entertain " fine " guest, niu Chengze included next theater VIP office yesterday afternoon, see a movie together with Liu Jialing, although did not sit lover, he still bought popcorn and coke to entertain her.

Combine a newspaper according to TaiwanReport, niu Chengze and Liu Jia Ling have friendship of more than 10 years, ever still passed Guo Fei to hear even, mention red to hear the past every time, niu Chengze laughs helplessly say, "How should people say, I also do not have method. " speak of Liu Jialing nevertheless, niu Chengze straight boast she is " female in hero " , wisdom has personal loyalty again. "Affection have to already existent path " show near at hand, niu Chengze invites Liu Jialing to look piece, she also agrees instantly.

Liu Jialing attended Niu Chengze to be arranged for her according to it yesterday afternoon " private mirror especially meeting " , although put on the dress of recreational wind, but the ring on the hand still ablaze and dazzling. Ask who she is those who send, she is laughing to hit too extremely say, "Very beautiful! " do not wish to answer more to media query. Face Liu Jialing and Liang Chaowei to be being preparedBridalBe related, niu Chengze cannot say more, express only, "Wei young, you Are So Lucky! (you are really lucky) "

After seeing the movie, liu Jialing goes first gentle breeze square shops, ask Niu Chengze and Liao Zhenhan, Sun Yunyun's couple to wait to eat dinner together again then. Niu Chengze expresses, liu Jialing looks piece hind think, the film is patted very sincerely, also feel glad for him.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Li Zhouxian holds the congratulate such as Piao Zhiyuan of bridal good friend

Li Zhouxian of female actor of Korea of Sohu recreation dispatch is in 24 days afternoon some guesthouse held an Er bridal, the Piao Zhiyuan that ever comprised Shoo combination together with Li Zhouxian hurried to bridal spot to send a blessing for the good friend.

Li Zhouxian exceeded a standard in SBS TV station 1992 go out in the contest, comprised a woman to combine Shoo together with Piao Zhiyuan 1997. Current and active the domain waits in melodrama, in addition still attended Korea as write words home the special transcribe of many famous singer.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kate - rub silk and rock and roll male friend will be engaged to will marry in September in August

Kate Masi is reincarnate a few days ago rock and roll young woman films for some magazine modelling picture.

British supermodel Kate Masi, admitted to already accepted hand of guitar of band of male friendly The Kills last week a few days ago Jiemi Xinsi (Jamie Hince) propose, plan to will marry in September this year. She divulges male friend kneels down in Parisian iron tower the ground proposes to her, but both sides also drank wine at that time, so she objects, till just agree the next day. A few days ago, kate Masi is in the dwelling place that peaceful of graceful · of good friend fragrance carves, discuss with Allan of Li Li · and Shadi Fusite be engaged the matters concerned with right clique, allan of Li Li · puts forward to hold the clique that predicts contest to give priority to a problem with auspicious to be opposite, kate Masi is interested in this greatly, still plan to will be held in August.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Intern tall is treated - from new male friend is 19 amour of same sex exposing to the sun years old

" intern case thunder " (what “ George ”(George) acts in Grey%26#039;s Anatomy) is especially much - Redmond - be able to bear or endure special

Be in " intern case thunder " (what “ George ”(George) acts in Grey%26#039;s Anatomy) is especially much - Redmond - be able to bear or endure especially (Theodore Raymond Knight) follows male friendly mark - Keniersen (the relation of Mark Cornelsen) . This began to date since Feburary to sweethearts.

“ he is interested in me to me very open-eyed really! ”35 year old be able to bear or endure to say to media especially, and ability is 19 Keniersen years old. Be able to bear or endure to still say Keniersen is the fellow ” with a magical “ especially, so he likes adhesion he, I like “ we two everything what have. He says ” .

Although add benefit welfare inferior city already legalization of same sex marriage, but be able to bear or endure to say they had not considered to concern conjugal matters concerned especially.

We just just know “ the other side is less than 6 months, so I feel to consider marriage to be able to have been compared again later. He returns ” complement says, “ does not cross people to won't date with the person that cannot see future. ” besides, be able to bear or endure to still say him especially to adopt the “ drop ” of a child is very interested.

Speak of age difference, he says, the distinction that “ is brow ply only just, nevertheless the key is we love the other side very much. ”

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hu Haiquan is exposed to the sun the child already 5 years old and marry already

Feather one of ・ spring members Chen Yu altogethers since after dad, not only place full moon alcoholic drink greatly for the son, often still mix wife beautiful conjugal love. As high-key as Chen Yu every than rising, hu Haiquan comparatives on emotional life low-key. Although the outside explodes early,give him to one talked about old cummer, but the feeling that Hu Haiquan had not responded to him directly all the time lives. Yesterday, reporter from a coterie person place learns, hu Haiquan writtens guarantee early actually legitimate child, "The child 5 years old, be him only ' confidential job ' do very well, their family still went to the beginning of the year wading together this year Japan plays. Their family still went to the beginning of the year wading together this year Japan plays..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Harrisson biscuit bag hides marriage give up

Harrisson of Hollywood male star. Ford is being publicized in European itinerate new piece " firewall " , cummer blocks Li silk tower. Lahete also is followed together row. Harrisson and " the different of Alice thinks the world " female star blocks love of Li silk tower 4 years, mix for her at that time marry old ex-wife divorces, be troubled by bubbling with noisely temporarily. American media is rife Harrisson can make up to very much, he was engaged a two carat a few days ago in getting Buddhist monastic discipline to hide in biscuit paper bag, give cummer. Tower of silk blocking Li thinks to ovine horn biscuit is in bag, open looking is Difannimei is gotten unexpectedly, touch greatly. The spokesman of tower of Dan Kali silk denies this matter however, although feeling is very good,weigh them, but never plan to want to get married. As to everybody most expectant continuation " seize Bao Jibing 4 " when to leave pat, harrisson expresses him special also expect to depend on this, achieve again act art career height. He says to direct Stephen Sipierbaige and production tall to treat. At hand has had Lucas play, take be just round the corner. In continuation, yindeanna. Dr. Jones will have a cummer, harrisson is medium be in " firewall " in personate the female star of his wife Virginia. Mandesen, do his utmost to be recommended to Sipierbaige.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Group plan- Grandson couple experience amour is big torturous do not eliminate to marry likelihood

The Sun Lixian body in love, the time of 2/3 is beautiful replying " Deng Sun Lian " on pertinent question, can you be the same as You Lijiang with Deng Chao? Marry plan, can wedding go in Li Jiangju? Deng Chao is pointed to to borrow feeling to go up, upright not to mind again as cummer...
Shanghai of 5 days of Sun Licong " best days " piece answer Beijing, with Li Jiang the identity of figure spokesman attends a news briefing, the openness with consistent continuance is right the manner of amour, easy square ground is opposite Sun Lida " amour is big torturous " .
As figure spokesman of Li Jiang, sun Libing not him self-abasement is right Li Jiang's contribution, the teleplay that acts the leading role by her " a meter of sunshine " force is striking, it is everywhere on all directions street " a meter of sunshine " trace. Be in grandson in couple eye, beautiful river is easy and comfortable carefree, her photo market also find a view from Li Jiang, and look in media reporters, the Li Jiang with romantic grumous breath, suit she and Deng Chao to travel more actually!

Can you be the same as You Lijiang with Deng Chao?

Grandson couple: The word of organic meeting can go. After Deng Chao saw the photo part that I take in Li Jiang, be opposite over there also be very interested, if embark on a journey, I am best tourist guide.

Can be wedding held in Lijiang?

Grandson couple: This project is a bit big, my relatives and friends is in Shanghai, call them Li Jiang completely charge is not small the issue that marries actually comes slowly, if have a news really one day, can announce to everybody.

Can you mind amour by exposure?

Grandson couple: Be willing not quite actually oneself life by exposure, I am patted to stealing previously all along very alert, but that (point to to go vacationing to be patted south two sea of faceses wearing) do not know why to to grow an eye rear. See a picture later, oneself feel not quite have the nerve (grandson couple laughs wittily) , had never tried to be worn so less on lens.

Can you feel amour affects the life?

Grandson couple: Such better. Go out to play previously should wear big sunglasses, big guaze mask, can expert now go playing, not terrible see.

Can you mind Deng Chao to be pointed to to borrow amour to go up?

Grandson couple: Others tells him so, a bit angry, because I follow him,not be in that way person. Nevertheless I also do not want to tell too much, time can prove everything.

2006 lives year grandson the N of couple " for the first time "

Sun Lijin is 24 year years old, but this life with her bumper harvest as adverse as fleeting time however attitude year " demon cuss " be widely divergent. Career, sentiment is overall 2006 further upward, outside concerning to develop play from play except the sweethearts that exceeds with Deng, be in with RAIN dance of the Communist Party of China of the first MV, first time rolls out only music " love if air " , roll out photo market for the first time " unbleached. Grandson couple " , first time ginseng performs the film " Huo Yuanjia " outside, 5 days hold the position of urban image spokesman, sun Liye is the head meets with. There is a destiny to shove a hand after Sun Lishen, let her this life year become a bumper harvest year, and she is in the N 2006 " for the first time " , still should calculate actually on " best days " in guide with the name of Guan Jinpeng cooperate first. At present this drama is being patted in Shanghai heat, the news that however Sun Lijiao color is taken sb's place by new personality comes out. To this grandson couple response: Face blast changing character is her to close guide " request a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively " result, although the show share of deficient home female A Ying is more, but the part of rich home female Ji Wen is more charming to her. And manage by as usual, this kind of state is not the wrist that anxious does not have play to act ability achieves, so in those days of Zhao Wei be a dancing partner today's grandson couple, had flown on branch to do phoenix indeed.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fushanyazhi is given out marry enunciative a year in have wife have child

The weekly female of newest first phase published Fushanyazhi (39) " a year in have wife and child " marry enunciative, cause each attention for a short while, everybody cares what whether can blessing hill announce like him to be in so got married before 40 years old of his birthday on Feburary 6 next year.

Say according to the report, blessing hill is in film edition " Galilean " film tensely be accepted in the process interview. All the time since blessing hill is in order to suit the action to the world celebrated, in busy job he returned clearance to ever was finished at managing to find time last year yearning long already abroad study abroad, spend 6 hours to learn English hard everyday. He alleges avowedly in broadcast unexpectedly nowadays " when I want to be in 40 years old absolutely, marry " , and put forward a few conditions of the object marry in ideal. Value the clean feeling of hair and skin very much above all, cannot accept verbal and tough woman next, it is to get next complimentary the attitude that also can keep condescending.

All the time since the blessing hill that is media angle focus marries this enunciative, cause all sorts of guessing immediately. According to performing art circle senior personage is analysed, this should marry before putting forward clearly 40 years old, hill of probable specification blessing had had clear marriage object. There ever also had been a talk before this, hill weighing blessing is in the first month of the lunar year when talk about a marriage in home of the cummer outside heading for the circle that lives in Osaka. Those who combine this is enunciative, look two people are meddlesome near.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flower girl gowns beauty as well as maximum comfort for that flower girl

Flower girl dresses are available in many various fabrics, designs, styles, as well as colors. They vary from colorful memory joggers of spring towards the all-white small versions of the traditional wedding gown. The sight from the young girl dressed up in a stunning gown scattering flowers lower the aisle prior to the bride provides a grin to everybody's face.

There are lots of dresses that permit both not guilty beauty as well as maximum comfort for that flower girl. After just about all, a youngster has less of the tolerance with regard to uncomfortable clothing than a mature girl. Often flower girl gowns are whitened cap sleeved gowns having a sash to complement the wedding ceremony colors which fall from either ankle joint length or even knee duration. This doesn't have to continually be the situation however. There is actually room expressing many of the child's character while nevertheless matching the actual style as well as decor from the wedding.

Tea duration satin golf ball gowns work nicely with just about all seasons from the year and all sorts of wedding ceremonies. They may come in a number of colors which range from elegant ivory to some deep chocolate apple to some summery lawn green. A different color sash could be tied round the waist to keep a colour scheme or simply to add an additional splash associated with color. Satin is the most typical fabric utilized in flower girl dresses as it is temperature appropriate in most seasons. Similar dresses may also be found within breathable 100 % cotton, which are ideal for warmer months. Like silk, cotton is actually easily dyed in the future in an array of colors.

For any casual springtime wedding, like a garden celebration, a brief sleeve gown with chiffon is actually suggested. These types of dresses function crinkle chiffon, so might be best for any more informal affair, but make sure that girls won't ever look as though they possess wrinkled their own gown! Available in an array of colors, chiffon dresses work nicely with vibrant hues that could look as well matte within another material. Chiffon dresses usually have an empire waistline with beading or even ribbon fine detail.

Lightweight organza gowns in many cases are paired in order to warm wedding ceremonies, especially those happening in springtime or drop. They in many cases are tea duration with smoke sleeves. Organza gowns in many cases are white having a sash or even other waistline accessory, like a flower. These dresses might have lots associated with detail without having wearing down clothes or holding the lady back! Embroidery as well as lace are typical detail features which are delicate as well as dainty.

Many wedding brides choose girl dresses which are reminiscent of the miniature wedding gown. These whitened gowns are often spaghetti straps A-line ground length dresses. Some wedding companies possess flower girl dresses which match the actual bridal dress precisely to have an elegant smooth look. These gowns might have features for example ribbon sashes, beading, sequins, ribbons, and actually pick-ups! White official gowns really are a classic take a look at an stylish winter wedding ceremony.

For people who like the appearance of the white flower girl gown that appears young as well as less just like a bridal dress, there are several choices. A excellent option is really a tea-length whitened dress along with tiered tulle levels. Add the colored sash in the waist and also the flower girl can nevertheless match the colour scheme. With this particular style gown, the flower girl nevertheless looks youthful, and is actually guaranteed to become comfortable through the entire wedding ceremony.

White gowns aren't the only real option with regard to formal wedding ceremonies. Fancy container bodice gowns are extremely popular with regard to formal occasions, especially those happening in Fall or Winter season. A popular type of these dresses is really a tea duration A-line dress featuring lace along with a coloured satin having a ribbon as well as lace "belt" in the waistband. This particular look is actually simultaneously sensitive, age suitable, and stylish. Any youthful girl would seem like a little princess in silk and ribbons! Another well-liked style is really a simple teas length silk and organza dress, with the ruffled as well as pleated neckline. These gowns often are available in pastel colours, and could be matched well like a slightly lighter in weight shade associated with any wedding ceremony color plan.

In addition towards the dress, flower girls usually have other coordinating accessories. White silk gloves in many cases are paired along with formal dresses, while the tiara could be paired along with any flower girl's gown. If you are searching for something somewhat less formal than the usual tiara, the floral headpiece or wreath is actually elegant as well as child-like, and it is a ideal pair for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Flower girl dresses could be matched towards the wedding decoration, the type of the wedding ceremony, and the growing season of the marriage, though they ought to always complement the personality from the flower girl herself. Using the bride feeling just like a queen, and also the flower girl feeling just like a princess, everyone is going to be joyful as well as exuberant. By very first knowing the growing season of the marriage, how official the ceremony is going to be, and after that taking the actual flower girl personality in to perspective, an ideal flower girl dress is going to be an simple find!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Extensive minor details is cool child close card already divorced with stylist husband

Early before be come out frequently marriage the extensive minor details of Japanese female star that change is cool child, yesterday (On March 13) announce in official website with stylist husband ridge Ze Gaohong divorces afternoon, end much matrimony 4 years. Extensive minor details of 27 years old is in with " the person that give all concerning " express on the statement that is a problem, did not regret to be married ridge lustre, although divorce but still inspect the other side to be a good friend: "Ridge lustre remains the person that I respect, also be the good friend that can talk about worry. We can serve as parental communication of the son after. We because dissension pace is abhorrent, just bring about divorce wind up. We can be attached most importance to with the son after. " extensive minor details and ridge lustre will act according to in December at 3 years child get married, next the beginning of the year fills place wedding feast and absurd below alone child grand annals, arrived 5 years extensive in July minor details reappears formally film " Slow Dance " . Actually extensive minor details marries 4 years, ever came out for many times marriage the message that change, early before ever still was patted the photo that lives apart with the husband, but she is denied at that time marriage change, explaining only is receive a son to return to go to the lavatory learn to just follow Laogong to live apart.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Do not leave the husband and wife of celebrity conjugal love that does not abandon

Zhou En will exceed with Deng Ying

Do not know to still have which brilliant and cheesy, the man of tall weight can resemble Premier Zhou same, devoted to all one's life oneself marriage, does with his knot hair wife spend lifetime in all? And his wife still cannot be borne.

Lu Xun and Xu Anping

After loving each other with Xu Anping, because divorce,Lu Xun both neither wishs and make a mother sad, do not want to subdue Xu Anping again, be obliged to allege external praise the aide that is him. Although be after the concern of 2 people is public, xu Anping also holds to 2 people is cohabitational relation, still leave Zhu An the renown mark of Mrs. Zhou.

Shen Congwen and Zhang Zhao and

I had taken the route of a lot of places all one's life, cross the bridge of a lot of places all right, had seen the cloud of a lot of frequencies, had drunk a lot of phyletic wine, had loved the person of a proper and best age only however. , -- Shen Congwen " from article a letter from home "

Shan of Ba Jinhe desolate

On August 8, 1972, xiao Shan performed an operation big, after 5 days, she left forever to stay together 28 years each other cling to golden gentleman. Those 5 days, it is Ba Jinxian 5 days of anguish of the extreme in be born. In those days, he rereaded Mei Lin to write again " Marx is passed " . The quote in plum Lin Zaishu Marx is right of the Yan Ni during be dying depict: "She is very fast with respect to pharynx gas... this disease has a kind gradually the property of collapse, because anile be caused by is same,resemble. Be in even a few hours also did not struggle immediately before one's death finally, sink slowly however fall asleep countryside. Her eye is bigger than any moment, more beautiful, brighter. " cling to gold is in Xiao Shan of a few days also saw such eye on the body finally: "She is very quiet, but not lethargy, open from beginning to end big two eyes. The eye is very big, very beautiful, very bright. "

Xin Fengxia and Wu Zuguang

Often abandon a gentleman to ask me: "Do you follow Zu Guang really? If feel not dependable, know understanding may as well again, because of me also slanderous gossip heard of, say even some leaders me not should, undeserved also face says with me. Spreading of hearsay information is blowy: Often be being abandoned is the United States those who come back, wu Zuguang is Hong Kong come back, xin Fengxia can be the person that slums comes out, also do not know even the word, often abandon how to give introductory Wu Zuguang such person? " nevertheless, I think my choice is right, I hold to. Everybody does not destroy the job that I held.

Fu Lei and Zhumei fragrance

After Fu Lei and cousin Zhu Meifu are engaged, ceng Qufa country studies abroad. During studying abroad, he and a French girl emerge amour, because each other difference is too big, this paragraph of amour ended very quickly. After this, he had not been lost again all one's life bright red.

On September 2, 1966 late night, because can't bear humiliate, teach dies with bright red suicide.

Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang

1932, qian Zhongshu knew the house that do not have stannum in Tsinghua garden ability Yuan Yang Jiang. Allegedly, in those days Tsinghua university ever had 70 more than person to go after Yang Jiang.

Qian Zhongshu once had written poem of not little affection for Yang Jiang, the famousest is to publish be in " country wind " semimonthly the 3rd the 11st period inside " Ren explain (1932) year autumn miscellaneous poem " :

Exceedingly sentimental good literary works, pink loves sweet chilly sufficient heartbroken; Answer newspaper situation is crazy without fasten content, miserable a tear 1000.

According to Rang drama of little younger sister cares, valve of a child's hanging hair is amorous go to deep; A word is not had when the classics after fastening, unexpectedly cherish Chinese ink is touched hold gold concurrently.

Fine night suffers from deceive of photograph be sleepinged, hunt hunt rumour is measured measure cold; Such stars is such month, give directions to look with who with who.

Strand day of how of person solar term, out of round of dream of case of quilt of slimy evil spirit; Hard rain spills cold night to be like water, mian of Gu of the cowardly in 100 bug sound.

Put heart and Wu Wenzao on the ice

Glacial heart and Dr. Wu Wenzao married 1929, bridal and austere, in the west hill great party temple spends the night of newly-married. After this, they all the time stand together regardless of situation, get along well, was delivered of one male 2 female, the family with perfect and happy it may be said.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Convict of marriage of Jian of male holiday of harbor of ground in September

◎ a matron of honour, flower child

Respecting woman guest, the relation is quite actually complex, friend, classmate, colleague can be this kind. Male honored guest carries the cummer that attends wedding, OK also a general designation is woman guest. Of course among them the most dazzling collocation should belong to a matron of honour and flower child combination.

Man of ◎ a matron of honour, partner
  Move fit criterion: A matron of honour, move that accompanies man is installed subdued joker color should choose to come on colour the Dresses with set off bride, various bridegroom; Be like with new mankind on design style can, for instance new personality is Wedding Dresses, partner man and a matron of honour also should wear Western-style Dresses; New personality is ancient costume the appearance of an actor, so a matron of honour and partner man also should be worn Chinese style dress.

◎ kin

Family member, can count only half guest, a suit dresses up the outer part that also can represent newlywed person.

   Move fit criterion: Be in they can show mount slightly grand, formal suit is bringing festival sense, color also can choose work look this kind of bright-coloured colour.

◎ classmate, friend

Schoolfellow mug, it is university, middle school or elementary school company those who come over is not important, important is you once grew jointly, have the best memory in green time. She is that individual that always can give you the most cordial opinion.

◎ works in the same place
In the society learn together with you in this classroom, in the joint efforts in the job, of course the fellow worker that we also do not exclude to hinder to be invited at face, but at least they very enjoy a face came.

  Move fit criterion: In wedding they are audiences, it is to contend for grab the actual strength that holds a flower in both hands army, it is the participator of interactive game, the move of female friend is installed with simple, easy give priority to, do not choose too too bright-coloured colour, after all you are not real leading role, leave a bride these glorious. Of course you also need not worry dim and blank, deserving to act the role of on clothings of collocation of choice exaggerated thing, also can bring the result of Jing admire full-court.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chen Yirong is exploded conclude 10 years of contract with He Rundong

He Rundong films for new scope of operation with Chen Yirong marriage gauze photographs yesterday advertisement, did not bury when, two big children play scissors stone cloth goof, at first loser of come to an agreement or understanding should kiss the cheek that wins the home, guess when He Rundong nevertheless when winning, ask Chen Yirong kisses his instep unexpectedly, frighten Chen Yirong is awkwardly giggle, ask He Rundong why joke the other side? He says: "Because don't I think corrode bottom gives her? ! !!

The arm Yu that the reporter after reaching discovers Chen Yirong together, she points to namely is hit by He Rundong, your He Rundong 100 words Mo Bian, after reaching, she says softheartedly again: "It is josh only actually, it is myself is in those who bump into Yu before 1 many weeks. It is myself is in those who bump into Yu before 1 many weeks..

He Rundong divulges next month will film to Japan teleplay: "This drama has been being patted before New Year, but because of heroine wood village much river was pregnant, want to waited for her to receive a body to just can be patted again so. (Be afraid of be afraid that she can be pregnant again? ) if be me,be about to cross her quickly! (Piece graceful

Already was the Chen Yirong that puts on marriage gauze collaboration with He Rundong the 3rd, state 2 people have the feeling of the old couple, he Rundong more explode oneself with Chen Yirong " illicit order lifelong " : "If we did not marry after 10 years, we marry, marry to use this one part that takes this! Marry to use this one part that takes this!!

Chen Yirong broke away from collaboration this year in Feburary old " Duolian " , also delimit temporarily with concern of sister of senior fellow apprentice next period, but she still goes to harbor to film on invitation marriage gauze advertisement.

Company of this marriage gauze looks for Gu Tianle before

Drape marriage gauze, did not let Chen Yirong faint first, she is in with Li Wei

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buy - daughter-in-law - always want to escape cheat marriage let distant on the west year caustic millions of

Buy " daughter-in-law " always want to escape

Of Yuan Bao " daughter-in-law " call Deng Xiaoniu, dan Yuanbao says: "Deng Xiaoniu cries on her registered permanent residence, id calls Bai Qianniu, everybody does not know which it is true. Everybody does not know which it is true..

Pass comparative Id and registered permanent residence this, the reporter also discovers, yuan Bao's wife is Deng Xiaoniu in the name on Id, if,address saves rummy of Lu water county for Yunnan, was born on April 5, 1982, and go up to call Bai Qianniu originally in registered permanent residence, address saves group of north of the county that satisfy prosperous to press down the village that enter port for Zhejiang, was born on April 26, 1974.

So, where person is Yuan Bao's wife after all? What is her true identity? Face the reporter's query, she always fumbles, say be Zhejiang a little while, say be Yunnan again a little while.

Since what discover this Yunnan is gotten " daughter-in-law " after having two capacities, yuan Bao and its home person also can't help suspecting: "This ' daughter-in-law ' be also cheat of marriage? " later, yuan Bao begins dead to treat defend to the death to his wife, can come in the reporter before on March 21, she or look for an opportunity can run.

Although be " buy marriage " , but after all Yuan Bao is close since Yunnan " daughter-in-law " get, and still be in " daughter-in-law " half many month lived in the home, such discretion, was still cheated finally?

Of Yuan Bao " daughter-in-law " ever said: "I am cheated to come over, be be given to cheat by introducer, what here and they say is different, they say here but rich, but good, will look, still be inferior to us over there the home. Still be inferior to us over there the home..

Occupy Yuan Bao to mirror, his introducer calls Liu Chunyou, it is bank of loess of town of hole of Buddha of approach source city child village person, in buying the process of marriage, he gave this individual 18 thousand yuan of money, additional the introductory fee that paid 3000 yuan.

Buy marriage course to understand Yuan Bao in detail, the following day, the policeman drive car of group of detect of punishment of public security bureau 80 kilometers, go straight towards Home Liu Chunyou continuously, regrettablly, he was not in the home.

Be in Home Liu Chunyou, reporter discovery, his wife also is Yunnan person actually, be called Shan Namei, and they had had the child, easy life of a small family passes well still, the issue that Liu Chunyou's wife introduces cost 3000 yuan to collection Yuan Bao absolutely deny.

According to the person introduction of this village, liu Chunyou this " daughter-in-law " also buy two years ago, but this individual heart is quite vivid, buy " daughter-in-law " hind be less than half an year, be in the home scarcely cultivate land, somebody sees he is gone to soon in person other country or build prosperous there get outstanding, still get several sometimes, not be his person of course, getting comer also is him allegedly " daughter-in-law " native place there, his home building is very broken before, build newly again before New Year. He never gets a person toward this countryside, also be in the home rarely, came back in the evening sometimes, disappeared again the following day, 3 two still follow when he comes home sometimes male, conversation is nonlocal accent.

Now, to buying marriage person Yuan Bao reachs his for family, the mainest task looks to be bought namely " daughter-in-law " , they think of this at the outset, but most be afraid of the job that produce.

Yuan Bao says: "Now if be at ease, how can also go up outside money gaining a point goes. Look at her to be in the home, whats do not work, save money of much junior talent is enough these 18 thousand money. Save money of much junior talent is enough these 18 thousand money..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Austere romance marries sina vice president charming wife

High-grade, luxurious, extravagant, be not current society what marriage of each super plute celebrates is thematic. Yesterday, have 3 luxurious houseboat and the super moneybags of millions upon millions asset, sina network vice president of 41 years old the wedding of Mr Wang Bin is in city of Lu of its home town one domestic pole is common intermediate cafeteria is held. This romantic royal wedding, did not run quickly greatly, the luxurious car such as BMW comprises greet close motorcade, without the big eat of luxury of guesthouse of 5 stars class; Have the festival appearance that has a plenty of high friend capacity audience, blessing of close friends queueing up! When the scroll on spot big screen is broadcasting king bank love, go up in oneself houseboat and the happy picture that lover Tong glad compares Ji Shuangfei. "The sea, the vow of lifetime " become marriage the theme that celebrates grand ceremony.

   Plute wedding · is prelusive

Close friend queues up to send a blessing

In the morning 10 when, the reporter comes to some restaurant that is located in south Lu city by the side of city highway, this common restaurant that runs by proper motion of king bank parents already was dressed up festivally all the more by Wang Bin's close friends: In wintry rain lingering, thick big red carpet spreads dining-room all the time from street side entrance door 2 buildings; In close rank is being received at the door, wang Bin replaced formal young lady in the good friend of Lu city; A flat outside dining-room is in, the so big spurt that comes from Beijing carry together is painterly -- , blue sea, with Wang Bin, Tong Xin's romantic group photo, become marriage celebrate the spot the first scenery.

The relatives and friends that go ahead of the rest hurries to people, no matter all often take mike less to face camera camera lens, xiang Wangbin queueing up's couple leaves open-armed blessing. The marriage of 2 buildings is celebrated advocate assembly room, be decorated to get sweet all the more romance by relatives and friends, 30 desks wedding feast was placed in the hall. Restaurant is remarkable on positional wall, TV of big screen of a few liquid crystal rolls ceaselessly all sorts of romantic group photo when broadcasting Wang Bin and Tong Xin love, introduce their love story to relatives and friends with special kind.

Business circles big wrist becomes a honored guest

A suit the Tang Dynasty installs Wang Bin's parents, one face is bright, it is yesterday undoubtedly marriage celebrate the old person with the happiest spot, old two move back and forth between relatives and friends ceaselessly, carry tea to give smoke at the same time, greet enthusiasticly at the same time. 11 when 20 minutes or so, a suit is very straight the Wang Bin of business suit and a suit are bright red the bridal Tong glad of marriage gauze, by high-grade car appears in the big entrance of restaurant sadly. Face subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to unravel and come the close friends that drinks wedding feast, bridal Tong glad got a hut of introductory mouth to hide directly.

As midday marriage the drawing near that celebrates time, the people that heads for congratulate on a happy occasion followings sb's heels and come. 11 when 30 minutes, the street both sides of restaurant doorway, very fast by of all kinds and high-grade car filled up with. 11 when 50 minutes or so, lu city business circles is super plute -- , Wang Debin of president of group of Sichuan king family name carries a madam, run quickly by the car appears in drinking wedding feast main forces. Subsequently, character of heavyweight of the Lu city business circles such as Xie Ming of president of Inc. of old cellar or pit for storing things of city of Tan Ping of general manager of company of Lu city shift, Lu, political circles arrives early or late, express congratulation to Wang Bin in succession.

Spot of plute wedding ·

Close friend is plunged into for new a form of address for one's wife case

Midday 12 when 15 minutes, compere transmits suddenly in sound box offer: "Because glad of Tong of new a form of address for one's wife is foreigner, the group of relatives and friends that joins wedding today is not much, the relatives and friends of our Lu city should act the part of person of Tong glad a married woman's parents' home actively, the Lu city daughter-in-law that cannot let us feels alone, when bridegroom bride in pairs is on red carpet, everybody hallooes together Tong Xin's name, good? " everybody immediately hallooes: "Good, plunge into to new a form of address for one's wife case! " 12: 30, the bridal celebration of Wang Bin, Tong Xin pulls open big screen. As the agitate that compere stirs, bin Peng people the name that in chorus shouts a bridegroom bride " Wang Bin! Tong Xin! " " Tong Xin! Wang Bin! " the Wang Bin that wears outfit of red the Tang Dynasty, pulling glad of beautiful bride Tong to set foot on red carpet, enter dining room slowly from gate place 2 buildings. When some make missish bridal Tong glad appear on marriage celebration ceremony in the smile, full-court exclamations: "Wow! New a polite form of address for a young woman is even prettier than looking on the photograph! New a polite form of address for a young woman is even prettier than looking on the photograph!!

Husband and wife is deduced " firewood fire according to legend "

2 buildings are bridal advocate on picture of ceremony stage setting, it is an azure sea, what still have king bank husband and wife is gigantic a photograph, the bridal theme word that they are in the center of the picture " the sea, the vow of lifetime " . "Do obeisance to heaven and earth! 2 Bai Gaotang! Husband and wife is right do obeisance to! " traditional " 3 do obeisance to " ceremony, pulled open this is romantic to super plute, trendy and austere marriage grand ceremony.

Marriage of super plute romance is celebrated make 300 Yu Mingjia guest big open horizon. In type of brief marriage Qing Yi, the one screen that husband and wife chooses the candle in all makes attendant honored guest be fully touch: The mother of bridegroom bride two relatives by marriage appearance, after igniting a big candle jointly, go to candle pass on together in bridegroom bride hand. Both hands of Wang Bin's couple is holding big candle in both hands, with big candle a small candle ordinal ignite -- , indicative king, Tong according to legend of two firewood fire, blessing lustre descendants.

Lift cup wish newly-married is happy in all

Guest of all along of newly-married husband and wife proposes a toast, it is the necessary process in traditional wedding. However, of Wang Bin's couple propose a toast outstanding however, have romantic color quite: One exceeds high foot glass, by arrive high low become repeatedly " tender " curve. Wang Bin's couple enters a few bottles of bubbly jointly most above in a glass, inpour of one by one of champagne from the top down in each cup. Subsequently, everybody lifts a cup of blessing jointly " newly-married is happy " !

"Be good! " " true romance! " the spot rings long enthusiastic applause. In marriage banquet, wonderful and pleasant " that momently " music resounds through the hall, the singing with rising and falling mild and indirect adds romantic atmosphere again for romantic wedding.

  Behind the curtain of plute wedding ·

Plute once was a police

Humanness of plute Wang Bin is low-key, he politelied decline a reporter interview, remind again and again " must not apply colours to a drawing " ! The reporter understands from relevant channel subsequently: Wang Bin of 41 years old is person of in relief area of river of Lu state city, bridal Tong glad, anhui person, sina company employee. 1987, after Wang Bin graduates from Sichuan police school, allocate division of public security of substation of public security of in relief area of river of Lu state city, become policeman of a public security, divide assure to bring the job.

By 1993, wang Bin stops firewood to leave office go into business to be in business a few years, leave subsequently alarm altar abdication enters business circles, wait for a domain in maintenance of crane of sortie of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, negotiable securities early or late, preliminary score a success. To Wang Bin constabulary career of a few years, ji Xiaomin evaluates deputy director general of public security bureau of Lu state city: "Wang Bin ever was us an outstanding policeman, also be the glory of Lu state police. Also be the glory of Lu state police..

He is Chinese caique nautical the first person

As we have learned, 2001, the Shenzhen net that Wang Bin established to be major servicing with short message and colour bell download in Shenzhen starts company of science and technology. 2004, sina net bought a net to start a company with 120 million dollar. Subsequently, wang Bin joins sina company. November 2005, wang Bin takes up the post of sina company senior vice president, sina wireless general manager. Current, fortune of king bank individual already entered 500 plute a list of names posted up of Chinese.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A white skirt obtains Zhao Wei give precious diamond

On September 4, zhao Wei is in marry the zone that plunge drop tries. That day, daibiersi the group begins formally in general merchandise of mouth of Beijing food market the allusion of the first diamond that its are in China hides a house, famous female Xing Zhaowei is visited begin ceremonial spot.

On September 4, zhao Wei reveals received gift. That day, daibiersi the group begins formally in general merchandise of mouth of Beijing food market the allusion of the first diamond that its are in China hides a house, famous female Xing Zhaowei is visited begin ceremonial spot.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Family member sweetheart - banquet of marriage of Yin of Li Xiumeng Fu Xin jumps the dance that stick a face

By Beijing rub limited company of investment of accept international movie and TV invests produce a film, you Xinrui directs Pang Hao hold those who guide is large close affection drama " family member sweetheart " although masterstroke is affection of the old person in report, but string what everything contradicts is male a Lixiumeng married twice in drama however, it is He Tanwen article for the first time (Gao Xin enlighten adorn) marry, it is to comfort be about to the maternal Cao Aiqin of dies (Sarina acts the role of) , and Tan Wen Wenzheng is Li Guojiang of Li Yan's father (Zhao Youliang is acted the role of) the Tan Xiaohui of first love lover that more than 30 years have not meets (Pan Hong is acted the role of) one's own daughter; Li Yan marries the 2nd times is to mix however dark all the time the Ai Ge of female strong person that loving (Fu Xin Yin acts the role of) , and Ai Ge is Li Guojiang of Li Yan's father however (Zhao Youliang is acted the role of) with Tan Xiaohui the 30 daughters that lose before New Year, two daughters marry Tan Xiaohui Li Yan, and Ai Ge the half-blooded elder sister that doubt is like Li Yan, is this incestuous? " family member sweetheart " gut 3 fold, peak loop turns, let a hero plainting when the fantasticality of the destiny promising...

Lixiumeng acting the leading role to be in the life in drama still is a youth that has not marry, royal to the tradition wedding is him all the time special expected business, and " family member sweetheart " a teleplay satisfied two his desires, have more very person, two Aldine wedding films in same day unexpectedly, the day of big heat wants to put on cravat of business suit strung as the Lixiumeng of bridegroom official, marry with two beautiful new a form of address for one's wife respectively: Do obeisance to heaven and earth, drink hand in cup... two marriage banquet comes down, li Xiumeng strongs and pervasive fragrance with accord with even companionship dance jumps greatly on banquet of Yin Zai marriage, so tired that he sticks on the body of Fu Xin Yin almost, be made fun of to say by spot personnel " the dance that stick a face " , li Xiumeng says frankly continuously " did not think of to marry so tired, romantic not at all " ! Nevertheless, taking play space, wear marry the Lixiumenghui of Dresses and Yin of bridal Fu Xin " affection is unbroken " the ground closes according to, the combination of belle of handsome young man, provide power most of course, also murdered a reporter to poor not less forest.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 big costly wrist of gem of top class collect carefully expresses big shop sign series

Cartier D ' watch of wrist of enamel of adornment of multicoloured toucan of Art Santos 100 MM

The brigade afterwards of the world of be worthy of the name set sail in the Asia last year hind, the watch of wrist of enamel of Cartier D'Art series that the person that collect has deep love for reveals a dinkum gem to make craft again. Contain the dial plate of craft of multicoloured toucan enamel with full-bodied tonal America, result from the Pasha that be born out of enjoys high reputation oneself and Santos series, of the colour of be puzzled of strange unreal evil spirit and wonderful artical excelling nature depict make Kadeya new paragraph enamel watch became unrivaled artistic curiosa, global set limit to issues 40.

Crocodile of Cartier Le Cirque Animalier De Cartier adorns wrist table

The first daydream that sees this wrist is expressed is some Arabia the beauty of descendants Looking is colourful princess, clinking sex appeal is touching the cheetah that wearing gem necklace highly, sit in dancing antependium to use inherent emperor formula arrogant eyes looks at feed illegally or forcibly occupy in the pool in the bank bloodsucking gigantic alligator. Everything is full of the pave of too many things to see, kadeya is being accompanied with true stereo sculpture set a circle closely to get, ground of day after night creates the miniature arena that this animal appears and disappear again and again. Besides expensive gas threatening, have even can control the enough kingcraft of royal wind Fan Cai of fierce alligator.

Boucheron " Seconde Folle " watch of Ronde chameleon wrist

As found hundred years and for the brand Bao Shilong that the first place ascends square to open high-quality goods store in Parisian every, the tabulation technology of wonderful artical excelling nature is they look after the house proudly all the time competence. In confluence the animal allegory of animal and flowers is new piece in, bao Shilong decides to introduce humorous line, the originality space with new open up will convey think of opportunely. The chameleon of Home Bao Shilong can do not have other animal so clever, it illegallies or forcibly occupy apparently all space, meaning in conquer located microcosmic, dedicated the insect that circles ceaselessly at that. The tail coils burgeon, although be gem high-quality goods,the bunch leaf with the careful do manual work on burgeon sets the; such as sapphirine of full pink, blue, yellow, ruby, arouse the beauty of nature however, days of transgression making a person is circuitous, outside visitting content mentally carefreely.

Wrist of gem of L é On Hatot Trapeze Butterfly is expressed

On Hatot gave out L é an inviting invitation, that lets time be engraved here namely stay. This confuses calm case unreal attacks the instant of new moon, search disguise to become the footprint of demon celestial being of butterfly. Flutter in daytime or nightly butterfly, in a brief Zhen Chizhong, the assistant fan of distinctive temperament and shake off fell a gem, blue of diamond along with, pink, purple sapphirine left clues bit a little bit for us. Wrist of Trapeze Butterfly diamond expresses careful ground to guarding this secret, l é this gem poet creates On Hatot again piece most hide the lyric work of poetic flavour.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

With soft act the role of the home that tastes deck warmth

Cold winter season, if Xia Qiu still is in the home season is blue, green the color that waits for cool color to move collocation, can let habitant feel cold desire. Professional personage suggests, winter family is indoor and warm most the tweak of get effect instantly, change the soft adornment such as curtain, slipcover namely be warm color " winter dress " , build the warmth on the vision, also bring in New Year for the home at the same time comfortable with the surprise. So, what soft outfit should choose to taste in winter will install warm household?

Thick substance feels much warmer

Decorate an element: げ of ⑵ of body of dimple of ⒌ of domestic cut up with a hay cutter

Winter, how to change does seasonal family deserve to act the role of? Home of triumphant dragon of red star beauty is soft the stylist of Li Ming month that acts the role of inn thinks, the warmth that winter home acts the role of feels, can use cloth art to build, from curtain, slipcover, cushion, hold pillow, bed in the arms to taste wait for respect helper. Downy, cotton expects the feeling can compare warmth, and makings of silk, hemp suits summer to use more.

The reporter understands, come as the hiemal, a lot of homes decorate Guiyang in inn avoid seam soft outfit sofa to fill up series to had better be sold. A merchant checks Zhejiang store the reporter says, of color of the leopard grain in inn, zebra grain, metal hold pillowcase near future in the arms to sell fervently, purchaser is a youth mostly.

The reporter visits the market to still understand, when coming in the winter, many families spread a carpet on frozen ceramic tile, the carpet sales volume with different qualitative capable person soars. The material of the carpet on market pledges secondary is the chemical fiber such as acrylic fibbers, nylon, the price differs to thousands of yuan from a few yuan. Inn is specialized in in a carpet inside, do not have one exceptional metropolis to ask about the problem that do and cleans into the client in inn. Gentleman of chief stone of company of city some cleanness seeks advice from reporter Xiang Guiyang be informed, professional carpet is cleaned, it is to be used first commonly muti_function machine aspiration, bath of reoccupy major scour, after blot, reoccupy water is strong, blow finally dry can.

Winter advocate make scene

Decorate an element: Does ⒒ of warm up  dregs of rice?

Clean out treasure sales promotion

"Home yielding love is calefacient, make great efforts on color indispensable. " according to red star beauty triumphant dragon is soft act the role of Shi Liufeng of match colors of inn soft outfit to introduce, winter home installs the popular collocation of color, less important cent is two trends: It is with red and yellow two tonal give priority to, plus the color of a few departments that be the same as color, for instance khaki, cocoa, Brown, brown, aureate; 2 it is with neuter color is given priority to, again tie-in red, yellow color. The reporter discovers this inn to apply many red on sofa, carpet and wall paper, but slant as a result of chosen red dark, deserve to go up again aureate or maize decorative pattern, won't produce intense stimulation to the person's eye not only, instead more be able to bear or endure look, highlighted the individual character grade of extraordinary.

But also should notice, bright red, big the too bright color such as violet, pieplant, bad to match, if color falls the warm color of a lightness, meet it seems that find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. According to introducing, colour is commonly used the color that arrive annulus, can ordinal picture is worn above La Zi of blood orange olivine, the color that is close to the more, collocation rises to won't make mistake, for example red and orange, but choose color further, have adverse effect, for example red and blue.

New experience of winter warm lamp

Decorate an element: Channel of ∫ of ⑿ of kill channel Pi

Wei of higher primary school of the soft stylist that act the role of inn says: "If say warm color can promote psychology temperature, cloth art can maintain physiology temperature, so lamp act the role ofing is fish and bear's paw can hold concurrently. Arrived winter, the bath in the bathroom bully went up with respect to the clique use, not only use as illume, still can warm oneself. " proposal of Wei of higher primary school, the lamps and lanterns in average household often inconvenience changes, but can prepare two illuminant, one is white, summer is used, change yellow in the winter, home yielding love is warmer. Clean out treasure store