Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reporter " uncover " Hefei shadow building "inside story of a plot"

Wanted to marry, patting Wedding Dresses to illuminate is happy thing originally, but some moment, a few businessmen captured your “ all one's life so, the state of mind of ” of not need dispute, changing pattern comes “ hole ” you.

Recently, citizen Miss Liu that lives in amber mountain villa has experience greatly, the Wedding Dresses that took oneself eventually is illuminated, but while she is being admired, in the heart however from beginning to end be indignant: Plan to spend 3000 yuan of Wedding Dresses that pat to illuminate originally, spent 4800 yuan finally. floriferous 1800Yuan it is bagatelle, but building of Wedding Dresses shadow is so called “ service ” but too angry person.

The citizen complains: “3000” yuan become “4800 yuan”

We did not hand in “ before money, the enthusiasm of staff member manner of shadow building is like fire; And after handing in Qian Zhi, we are being pulled by them nose goes. ” is in complained phone, there still is a dissatisfaction in the mood of Miss Liu.

This year 10 · of “ before one ” , miss Liu and accurate husband together, in be located in the Yangtse River the building of shadow of some famous Wedding Dresses of the road ordered a value 3000 yuan special offer Wedding Dresses is illuminated. Finally she not only floriferous money, still got skinful air. Miss Liu is fine the experience that counted expenditure of ” of this “ a huge sum.

brushstroke is exceeded estimated choose Wedding Dresses namely. That day, the member that guide heads Miss Liu clothing division. According to agreement, miss Liu can choose a Wedding Dresses freely. But the Formal Dresses that she discovers this extent dirty old, optional style is very few also.

Miss Liu decision is clear-cut buy a new Wedding Dresses. At this moment, shadow building young lady takes Miss Liu to honoured guest area, begin to play removed “ trick ” . Miss Liu early or late pitch on two Wedding Dresses, shadow building young lady is to say the price is in first 2000 multivariate, next after a face about, say oneself misremember the price again, actual price is 8000 multivariate.

Helpless, miss Liu flower hired a Wedding Dresses of shadow building 1000 yuan. “ is floriferous more than still this brushstroke. ” Miss Liu introduces, when choosing a picture, see those beautiful according to hate to part with cutout, plus choose a young lady to be in all the time again by storytelling this Zhang Hao, that piece cannot the word of cutout and so on, oneself floriferous take negative 800 yuan.

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