Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cup! A few wedding that written guarantee get married just knows engineer a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting

Bridal note is very much, often meet in wedding constantly because of a few little detail agitate became bad the mood, in you should glad also must in happy great rejoicing life, this kind of a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting that can avoid completely, as long as the heart is again a bit finer, the consideration is again bit more comprehensive, who says to be accomplished impossibly perfect? Those who see a bridal guest engineer middling to see a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting to bridal note wedding is Baconian as politic as the change ……

1. The colour spray of atmosphere is made when bridegroom bride enters the arena

Bridal A is relatives and friends uses gush canister spray the sort of color is plastic, dangerous sex is bigger, those a few half big child, the person comes the mad head face gush to two people, the bride goes up on the way be forced to do is used hold a flower in both hands to block, pitiful! It is good that two people arrive in front a time what just get on Formal Dresses and hair is plastic do, on bridegroom head from beginning to end a blue a brief informal note is in shake from side to side. Advocate the person within an inch of on the desk also suffers disaster, should hold an only poor scamper off like a rat in the arms.

What bridal B uses is paper of paillette of petaline clip color, the effect is apparently good, the feeling of very pure beauty; Touched the dress to want to dab only went. Asperse leaf very beautiful, and expenses is not large also, to in the morning the flower on marriage car arrives in the morning again diffuse in the evening, economy beautiful

2. Of rostrum decorate

The if was to stick Wedding Dresses,takes poster on wedding is on rostrum, match a balloon to wait a moment additionally, very grab an eye. But having a BUG is bridegroom bride name is written small. This BUG shows later come out to bother: That emcee is to drive the renown part of field temporarily () of compere of a TV station, estimation does not have preparation beforehand, the name bridegroom reads aloud a fault twice continuously, the bride is very grouchy. If renown copybook is some bigger,the likelihood has been met.

3. The setting of balloon double heart on rostrum

Everybody is preferred now decorate on rostrum on double heart balloon, bridal A and B were used, but the balloon of bridal A, look at their shrivelled helplessly to go down in whole ceremony process …… later asymmetry. When aerating, must notice to plunge into some closer, this should warn the operation staff that assign.

4. Accompany the detail keep an eye on of man to a matron of honour

Remember to a matron of honour is done before me, do not have experience, change the bride makeup headgear still has ring to be put together with match, the result is regarded as by partner man a bag of big match, put aside, when wanting to exchange keepsake, within an inch of cannot be found. Tell according to the netizen additionally, still had come up against forget the ring case with beautiful recapture finally and very depressed thing. These should beforehand a matron of honour of man of good partner of keep an eye on.

Additional, a matron of honour that accompany man does not ask a pair of lovers as far as possible, after lest accompany man,toppling, a matron of honour also disappeared.

5. The countermeasure of bridal game

Must not underestimate at ordinary times the fellow fellow student of gentle adn cultivated, always think everybody is very good won't be troubled by, but …… says everybody still is of conscientiously so,prepare false wine of what, perhaps prepare man of a few partner. Still have the prop little preparation in bridal chamber a few ah!

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