Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mai Kaolin lands Nasidake

Report from our correspondent (reporter Tian Cong) domestic electron business affairs lands Nasidakedi to be born. Yesterday, dress kind Mai Kaolin of electronic commerce industry (stock code: MCOX) overcomes IPO in American Na Sida, issue valence to be 11 dollars surely, prep above before this 8 dollars - the upper limit that 10 dollars release price, plan collect capital restrains 129 million dollar.

Mai Kaolin's product basically is quick style female outfit, international of follow the lead of is famous brand H M, ZARA, international of product follow closely is newest tide, and a few what the price has congener product only, this makes Maikaolin's sale maintains fast growth 6 years continuously. Last year, net gain of Mai Kaolin is 7.21 million dollar.

In member of Mai Kaolin directorate, basically hold a person to have the 3 people such as Shen Napeng, Gu Beichun. Among them, shen Napeng of 43 years old is president, hold a scale to be about 75.9% , hold of CEO Gu Beichun the share of 13.8% . Mai Kaolin held water 1996, fund investment establishs original You Huaping, gained Chinese larch sth used to one's own advantage 2008 of 80 million dollar accuse an investment. Shen Napeng is fund of China of Chinese larch capital virgin reach executive partner.

Domain of domestic electron business affairs appears on the market to its showed attention. Old chronological table shows every guest father, mai Kaolin experienced development of more than 10 years, accumulate quite abundant. Nevertheless, he expresses at the same time, every guest won't be taken an examination of because of wheat forest appear on the market and feel " have pressure " . Shoe kind Bi Sheng of the happy CEO that clean out a net expresses bibcock of electronic business affairs, oneself had issued odd subscribe of Maikaolin new, think this raises a stock to had been compared.

The data that Ai Rui seeks advice from shows, since this year, day of store of B2C of electronic business affairs all enclothes a number to grow continuously. Feburary when, the website that day all enclothes a number to exceed 100 thousand is only 13, to August this one word already broke up time go to 26. Clean out treasure net female outfit

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