Friday, February 25, 2011

The hug opens year of good luck to wear a fashionable red (graph)

Vogue is analytic: Cape is this year necessary sheet tastes current people, will make wonderful New Year open carry outfit to had not suited again with gules cape! The design that Mao Mao gets became much a few minutes nifty and lovely, the mood that lets New Year is more happy; Tie-in black is tight short skirt, black pants socks and black reach malleolar boots, promote fashionable index.

Vogue is analytic: If you are authentic wet person, you have jacket of a Pi Cao certainly this year. White builds dress of gules cultivate one's morality inside leather careless coat, make the individual character that belongs to oneself model dress up. Again tie-in the fittings that sends closely more with might doubled, hale chalaza short boots is to bring new emphasis, let existence feeling instant promote.

Vogue is analytic: Gules double platoon buttons suit jacket already enough classical, jeans of collocation tall waist and follow short boots high, spin private parts scale, delicate the perfect union with vogue, if have PARTY in the morning, match bag of thin shoulder of a black again, can go to an appointment directly.


Vogue is analytic: Gules cotton-padded clothes can give a person the sense of the girl, the girl's index is exceedingly high, soft material lets a person experience lovely breath immediately character, t-shirt of street wind white is built inside, tight jeans and board shoe, make a nifty model, a white braids a cap, let lovely index turn over 3 times, finished the evolution of girl wind.

Vogue is analytic: This winter, the red jacket below boldly challenge, the academic wind design that double platoon buckles is today the popular dot of season, using completely black tie-in red is the safest wear build.

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