Thursday, February 24, 2011

Short boots of the Ni that amount to Fu transfers season and genu stocking stage a come back

The popular element sheet that there is a lot of to differ in 2010 Chun Xia season is tasted, and hose is among them most one of be necessary to appear in your almirah. It is one can help you transfer seasonal good associate, also was 2010 in the very outstanding content in numerous and fashionable popular trend. Silk of hollow out bud and knee socks and the short boots high-heeled shoes that amount to Fu Ni money are tie-in, have individual character extremely, savour high-grade, it is ripe female people handpick. Without doubt, hose has individual character more, the hose that spells color matchs extremely easily, huckle divides comfortable design to be able to build the body that show a leg, popular index full marks. Haing ~ yesterday is a good weather really, enrage every day today also not bad. Divide 3 times this weekend by family planning appoint tube action answers an unit to save big examination of family planning job to work overtime to deal with Zhou Yi beyond what also had calculated is pretty good, say a few words does not need to close here if saying, the staff member of family grass-roots unit is true not easy ah, give a party working basic level staff especially, true not easy really, the hardships that the family pays and the source material that handle an examination are tall really. The face has a lot of a lot of need to pass a word for the door here, here for safe for the purpose of no longer comment on, deep sigh, buddha says, not not saying is wrong, the leader calls me personally today, tomorrow 7: 00 add tile to receive inspection job to add a brick to the unit... must send bit of complaint, be recommended to be in charge of job of unit family planning at the outset, cadre door leader says he are in charge of an office work, work is much, improper, recommend the young fellow worker that should trim maternity leave immediately to take-over, in fact is the job that this stays still to give me? Look be being led at the outset is the comrade that nods that what to having youngly somewhat deep love ah, I wish the father of this comrade can realize the intention of our leader.

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