Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thick coat + skirt outfit beauty stayed the third nine-day period after the winter solstice-coldest days of winter does not endure aspic

Liu Dehua also is me the actor or artist that likes most should say is long-standing want than a surname early much but as such as that person insanity makes a person incomprehensible really. I also have a friend to be infatuated with Zhang Guorong the eldest child is not small how does the birthday that can run to Hong Kong to be him designedly for flourish elder brother say. . . Be souvenir? What be still? Not clear. The song that getting a rich settle or live in a strange place also is flourish elder brother completely and photograph flourish are confused people be intoxicated among them hey need not to sin only do not endanger other to should have the rationality that he exists. The Chinese lacks mental belief foreigner to believe what Jesus, Christ of what. . . Puzzle just like the "when Where The Religion Comes To The Town that sings in this song. . . . "

Saw in relief bright fawn on mention that girl I not by in wordy rise

The little sister that visits a report to just know original Laoliu has seen that infatuation dreams and she gives birth to new think of a way again avaricious and insufficient snake swallows an elephant a bit pretty good

- - the god that thinks Liu Dehua is her originally wants to let a god save save her who knows a spirit already favor she

Cold winter day, short skirt + the collocation of filar socks is distributing sex appeal, hot hot breath. And the combination of skirt and coat criterion more add elegant graceful, rustling winter wind, do not do " aspic " beauty, be lapped all over ability is quite warm!

Cape coat + boots of palm restoring ancient ways

The editor comments on: Comb of female star Myleene Klass red lip of blaze of intense of the double collocation that catch hair worn in a bun or coil. Grandma yellow double platoon buckles cape sailor's striped shirt is taken inside coat, issue skirt of body black short umbrella, stocking crossing genu and brown restore ancient ways conjugate of tall canister boots, the hand carries huge black vanity. Vogue restores ancient ways, wet flavour is inapproachable.

Leather careless coat + black umbrella skirt

The editor comments on: Gold - Ka Daishan shows body street, skirt of umbrella of black of collocation of leopard grain shirt, the skin makes rivet the waist seals adornment. Careless coat of skin of outer garment black, the foot wears bow tie high-heeled shoes. Carry bag of Hemers platinic gold. Vogue is elegant, expensive gas is threatening.

Clean out treasure net

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