Monday, February 21, 2011

Inning of goods of store up of the end of the year is worth proceed with 5 times to maintain article

In thorough female heart, unprecedented beautiful white product. Improve the appearance of dark and gloomy of skin effectively, make complexion becomes more bright and clear... [refer to cosmetic library in detail] elegant Shi Landai writes value of reference of frost of elite of the ministry that shield an eye immediately: Reason of goods of ¥ 500.0/15ml store up: In elegant Shi Landai eye frost is familial call " all-round raises a star " , the function is powerful, provide public praise extremely! ANR of full of a bit is repaired protect elite, powerful effect energy appears eye week greatly to skin, germ improvement is microgroove, furrow, bloated, black rim of the eye, dry reach color of skin not all 6 big questions, resist of all kinds years is invaded, 24 hours round-the-clock caress with long protect young bright eye... . . .

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