Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Netizen group buys doubt to encounter fake

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The side asks: "First time group is bought appear this kind of thing, alas, make popular feeling irritated really. " netizen " Kingtom9131 " say, she in Ning Bo some group is bought two are bought on the net endowment lipstick of unripe hall embellish, after goods is received, open the fragrance that after was being used, discovery buys at ordinary times with her different, the feeling is false. She buys the customer service connection of the net with the group, what response of the other side did not seal off is OK return money.

"When selling, vow solemnly say commodity is no problem, can be the holiday is however after receiving. " netizen " play play " recount difficulties that one is reluctant to mention to the reporter, she wants to ask, the group is bought meet fake, how to do?

Reply: Yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to those who buy a network to this group deliver goods the station has negotiation, a staff member that surnames Cao expresses, the product is true for certain. But the taste that offers to a few consumer is different did not give out clear answer, finally his commodity sum refund a few present consumer.

After buying a net to undertake communication with this group, the reporter also contacted disappear of peaceful wave city to protect appoint, rights and interests of consumer of peaceful wave city protects committee secretary-general Shi Minwei to tell a reporter, they did not receive what buy a network to this group to complain temporarily, complain to what other network group buys very few also. But he expresses likewise, because at present our country is aimed at network group to buy,still set without specific legislation, without relevant legal mechanism, when consumer is being bought, still need discretion.

Zhejiang another name for Ningbo builds attorney office Guo Jingwei's lawyer to express, want to appeal the country establishs relevant law, industrial and commercial management department also should publish a few relevant provisions, reduce the possibility that produces issue as far as possible. Consumer also should raise vigilance when buying goods, notice the credit of the website is spent, businessman aptitude makes an on-the-spot investigation first before buying a group to buy goods, a variety of limit sex items that examine a group carefully to buy goods. If discover the commodity after buying nots agree with with the fact, should be contacted in time with the website or protect with disappear appoint, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry gets in touch.

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