Thursday, March 10, 2011

Convict of marriage of Jian of male holiday of harbor of ground in September

◎ a matron of honour, flower child

Respecting woman guest, the relation is quite actually complex, friend, classmate, colleague can be this kind. Male honored guest carries the cummer that attends wedding, OK also a general designation is woman guest. Of course among them the most dazzling collocation should belong to a matron of honour and flower child combination.

Man of ◎ a matron of honour, partner
  Move fit criterion: A matron of honour, move that accompanies man is installed subdued joker color should choose to come on colour the Dresses with set off bride, various bridegroom; Be like with new mankind on design style can, for instance new personality is Wedding Dresses, partner man and a matron of honour also should wear Western-style Dresses; New personality is ancient costume the appearance of an actor, so a matron of honour and partner man also should be worn Chinese style dress.

◎ kin

Family member, can count only half guest, a suit dresses up the outer part that also can represent newlywed person.

   Move fit criterion: Be in they can show mount slightly grand, formal suit is bringing festival sense, color also can choose work look this kind of bright-coloured colour.

◎ classmate, friend

Schoolfellow mug, it is university, middle school or elementary school company those who come over is not important, important is you once grew jointly, have the best memory in green time. She is that individual that always can give you the most cordial opinion.

◎ works in the same place
In the society learn together with you in this classroom, in the joint efforts in the job, of course the fellow worker that we also do not exclude to hinder to be invited at face, but at least they very enjoy a face came.

  Move fit criterion: In wedding they are audiences, it is to contend for grab the actual strength that holds a flower in both hands army, it is the participator of interactive game, the move of female friend is installed with simple, easy give priority to, do not choose too too bright-coloured colour, after all you are not real leading role, leave a bride these glorious. Of course you also need not worry dim and blank, deserving to act the role of on clothings of collocation of choice exaggerated thing, also can bring the result of Jing admire full-court.

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