Saturday, March 19, 2011

Harrisson biscuit bag hides marriage give up

Harrisson of Hollywood male star. Ford is being publicized in European itinerate new piece " firewall " , cummer blocks Li silk tower. Lahete also is followed together row. Harrisson and " the different of Alice thinks the world " female star blocks love of Li silk tower 4 years, mix for her at that time marry old ex-wife divorces, be troubled by bubbling with noisely temporarily. American media is rife Harrisson can make up to very much, he was engaged a two carat a few days ago in getting Buddhist monastic discipline to hide in biscuit paper bag, give cummer. Tower of silk blocking Li thinks to ovine horn biscuit is in bag, open looking is Difannimei is gotten unexpectedly, touch greatly. The spokesman of tower of Dan Kali silk denies this matter however, although feeling is very good,weigh them, but never plan to want to get married. As to everybody most expectant continuation " seize Bao Jibing 4 " when to leave pat, harrisson expresses him special also expect to depend on this, achieve again act art career height. He says to direct Stephen Sipierbaige and production tall to treat. At hand has had Lucas play, take be just round the corner. In continuation, yindeanna. Dr. Jones will have a cummer, harrisson is medium be in " firewall " in personate the female star of his wife Virginia. Mandesen, do his utmost to be recommended to Sipierbaige.

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