Friday, March 4, 2011

Family member sweetheart - banquet of marriage of Yin of Li Xiumeng Fu Xin jumps the dance that stick a face

By Beijing rub limited company of investment of accept international movie and TV invests produce a film, you Xinrui directs Pang Hao hold those who guide is large close affection drama " family member sweetheart " although masterstroke is affection of the old person in report, but string what everything contradicts is male a Lixiumeng married twice in drama however, it is He Tanwen article for the first time (Gao Xin enlighten adorn) marry, it is to comfort be about to the maternal Cao Aiqin of dies (Sarina acts the role of) , and Tan Wen Wenzheng is Li Guojiang of Li Yan's father (Zhao Youliang is acted the role of) the Tan Xiaohui of first love lover that more than 30 years have not meets (Pan Hong is acted the role of) one's own daughter; Li Yan marries the 2nd times is to mix however dark all the time the Ai Ge of female strong person that loving (Fu Xin Yin acts the role of) , and Ai Ge is Li Guojiang of Li Yan's father however (Zhao Youliang is acted the role of) with Tan Xiaohui the 30 daughters that lose before New Year, two daughters marry Tan Xiaohui Li Yan, and Ai Ge the half-blooded elder sister that doubt is like Li Yan, is this incestuous? " family member sweetheart " gut 3 fold, peak loop turns, let a hero plainting when the fantasticality of the destiny promising...

Lixiumeng acting the leading role to be in the life in drama still is a youth that has not marry, royal to the tradition wedding is him all the time special expected business, and " family member sweetheart " a teleplay satisfied two his desires, have more very person, two Aldine wedding films in same day unexpectedly, the day of big heat wants to put on cravat of business suit strung as the Lixiumeng of bridegroom official, marry with two beautiful new a form of address for one's wife respectively: Do obeisance to heaven and earth, drink hand in cup... two marriage banquet comes down, li Xiumeng strongs and pervasive fragrance with accord with even companionship dance jumps greatly on banquet of Yin Zai marriage, so tired that he sticks on the body of Fu Xin Yin almost, be made fun of to say by spot personnel " the dance that stick a face " , li Xiumeng says frankly continuously " did not think of to marry so tired, romantic not at all " ! Nevertheless, taking play space, wear marry the Lixiumenghui of Dresses and Yin of bridal Fu Xin " affection is unbroken " the ground closes according to, the combination of belle of handsome young man, provide power most of course, also murdered a reporter to poor not less forest.

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