Tuesday, March 1, 2011

With soft act the role of the home that tastes deck warmth

Cold winter season, if Xia Qiu still is in the home season is blue, green the color that waits for cool color to move collocation, can let habitant feel cold desire. Professional personage suggests, winter family is indoor and warm most the tweak of get effect instantly, change the soft adornment such as curtain, slipcover namely be warm color " winter dress " , build the warmth on the vision, also bring in New Year for the home at the same time comfortable with the surprise. So, what soft outfit should choose to taste in winter will install warm household?

Thick substance feels much warmer

Decorate an element: げ of ⑵ of body of dimple of ⒌ of domestic cut up with a hay cutter

Winter, how to change does seasonal family deserve to act the role of? Home of triumphant dragon of red star beauty is soft the stylist of Li Ming month that acts the role of inn thinks, the warmth that winter home acts the role of feels, can use cloth art to build, from curtain, slipcover, cushion, hold pillow, bed in the arms to taste wait for respect helper. Downy, cotton expects the feeling can compare warmth, and makings of silk, hemp suits summer to use more.

The reporter understands, come as the hiemal, a lot of homes decorate Guiyang in inn avoid seam soft outfit sofa to fill up series to had better be sold. A merchant checks Zhejiang store the reporter says, of color of the leopard grain in inn, zebra grain, metal hold pillowcase near future in the arms to sell fervently, purchaser is a youth mostly.

The reporter visits the market to still understand, when coming in the winter, many families spread a carpet on frozen ceramic tile, the carpet sales volume with different qualitative capable person soars. The material of the carpet on market pledges secondary is the chemical fiber such as acrylic fibbers, nylon, the price differs to thousands of yuan from a few yuan. Inn is specialized in in a carpet inside, do not have one exceptional metropolis to ask about the problem that do and cleans into the client in inn. Gentleman of chief stone of company of city some cleanness seeks advice from reporter Xiang Guiyang be informed, professional carpet is cleaned, it is to be used first commonly muti_function machine aspiration, bath of reoccupy major scour, after blot, reoccupy water is strong, blow finally dry can.

Winter advocate make scene

Decorate an element: Does ⒒ of warm up  dregs of rice?

Clean out treasure sales promotion

"Home yielding love is calefacient, make great efforts on color indispensable. " according to red star beauty triumphant dragon is soft act the role of Shi Liufeng of match colors of inn soft outfit to introduce, winter home installs the popular collocation of color, less important cent is two trends: It is with red and yellow two tonal give priority to, plus the color of a few departments that be the same as color, for instance khaki, cocoa, Brown, brown, aureate; 2 it is with neuter color is given priority to, again tie-in red, yellow color. The reporter discovers this inn to apply many red on sofa, carpet and wall paper, but slant as a result of chosen red dark, deserve to go up again aureate or maize decorative pattern, won't produce intense stimulation to the person's eye not only, instead more be able to bear or endure look, highlighted the individual character grade of extraordinary.

But also should notice, bright red, big the too bright color such as violet, pieplant, bad to match, if color falls the warm color of a lightness, meet it seems that find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. According to introducing, colour is commonly used the color that arrive annulus, can ordinal picture is worn above La Zi of blood orange olivine, the color that is close to the more, collocation rises to won't make mistake, for example red and orange, but choose color further, have adverse effect, for example red and blue.

New experience of winter warm lamp

Decorate an element: Channel of ∫ of ⑿ of kill channel Pi

Wei of higher primary school of the soft stylist that act the role of inn says: "If say warm color can promote psychology temperature, cloth art can maintain physiology temperature, so lamp act the role ofing is fish and bear's paw can hold concurrently. Arrived winter, the bath in the bathroom bully went up with respect to the clique use, not only use as illume, still can warm oneself. " proposal of Wei of higher primary school, the lamps and lanterns in average household often inconvenience changes, but can prepare two illuminant, one is white, summer is used, change yellow in the winter, home yielding love is warmer. Clean out treasure store

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