Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buy - daughter-in-law - always want to escape cheat marriage let distant on the west year caustic millions of

Buy " daughter-in-law " always want to escape

Of Yuan Bao " daughter-in-law " call Deng Xiaoniu, dan Yuanbao says: "Deng Xiaoniu cries on her registered permanent residence, id calls Bai Qianniu, everybody does not know which it is true. Everybody does not know which it is true..

Pass comparative Id and registered permanent residence this, the reporter also discovers, yuan Bao's wife is Deng Xiaoniu in the name on Id, if,address saves rummy of Lu water county for Yunnan, was born on April 5, 1982, and go up to call Bai Qianniu originally in registered permanent residence, address saves group of north of the county that satisfy prosperous to press down the village that enter port for Zhejiang, was born on April 26, 1974.

So, where person is Yuan Bao's wife after all? What is her true identity? Face the reporter's query, she always fumbles, say be Zhejiang a little while, say be Yunnan again a little while.

Since what discover this Yunnan is gotten " daughter-in-law " after having two capacities, yuan Bao and its home person also can't help suspecting: "This ' daughter-in-law ' be also cheat of marriage? " later, yuan Bao begins dead to treat defend to the death to his wife, can come in the reporter before on March 21, she or look for an opportunity can run.

Although be " buy marriage " , but after all Yuan Bao is close since Yunnan " daughter-in-law " get, and still be in " daughter-in-law " half many month lived in the home, such discretion, was still cheated finally?

Of Yuan Bao " daughter-in-law " ever said: "I am cheated to come over, be be given to cheat by introducer, what here and they say is different, they say here but rich, but good, will look, still be inferior to us over there the home. Still be inferior to us over there the home..

Occupy Yuan Bao to mirror, his introducer calls Liu Chunyou, it is bank of loess of town of hole of Buddha of approach source city child village person, in buying the process of marriage, he gave this individual 18 thousand yuan of money, additional the introductory fee that paid 3000 yuan.

Buy marriage course to understand Yuan Bao in detail, the following day, the policeman drive car of group of detect of punishment of public security bureau 80 kilometers, go straight towards Home Liu Chunyou continuously, regrettablly, he was not in the home.

Be in Home Liu Chunyou, reporter discovery, his wife also is Yunnan person actually, be called Shan Namei, and they had had the child, easy life of a small family passes well still, the issue that Liu Chunyou's wife introduces cost 3000 yuan to collection Yuan Bao absolutely deny.

According to the person introduction of this village, liu Chunyou this " daughter-in-law " also buy two years ago, but this individual heart is quite vivid, buy " daughter-in-law " hind be less than half an year, be in the home scarcely cultivate land, somebody sees he is gone to soon in person other country or build prosperous there get outstanding, still get several sometimes, not be his person of course, getting comer also is him allegedly " daughter-in-law " native place there, his home building is very broken before, build newly again before New Year. He never gets a person toward this countryside, also be in the home rarely, came back in the evening sometimes, disappeared again the following day, 3 two still follow when he comes home sometimes male, conversation is nonlocal accent.

Now, to buying marriage person Yuan Bao reachs his for family, the mainest task looks to be bought namely " daughter-in-law " , they think of this at the outset, but most be afraid of the job that produce.

Yuan Bao says: "Now if be at ease, how can also go up outside money gaining a point goes. Look at her to be in the home, whats do not work, save money of much junior talent is enough these 18 thousand money. Save money of much junior talent is enough these 18 thousand money..

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