Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 big costly wrist of gem of top class collect carefully expresses big shop sign series

Cartier D ' watch of wrist of enamel of adornment of multicoloured toucan of Art Santos 100 MM

The brigade afterwards of the world of be worthy of the name set sail in the Asia last year hind, the watch of wrist of enamel of Cartier D'Art series that the person that collect has deep love for reveals a dinkum gem to make craft again. Contain the dial plate of craft of multicoloured toucan enamel with full-bodied tonal America, result from the Pasha that be born out of enjoys high reputation oneself and Santos series, of the colour of be puzzled of strange unreal evil spirit and wonderful artical excelling nature depict make Kadeya new paragraph enamel watch became unrivaled artistic curiosa, global set limit to issues 40.

Crocodile of Cartier Le Cirque Animalier De Cartier adorns wrist table

The first daydream that sees this wrist is expressed is some Arabia the beauty of descendants Looking is colourful princess, clinking sex appeal is touching the cheetah that wearing gem necklace highly, sit in dancing antependium to use inherent emperor formula arrogant eyes looks at feed illegally or forcibly occupy in the pool in the bank bloodsucking gigantic alligator. Everything is full of the pave of too many things to see, kadeya is being accompanied with true stereo sculpture set a circle closely to get, ground of day after night creates the miniature arena that this animal appears and disappear again and again. Besides expensive gas threatening, have even can control the enough kingcraft of royal wind Fan Cai of fierce alligator.

Boucheron " Seconde Folle " watch of Ronde chameleon wrist

As found hundred years and for the brand Bao Shilong that the first place ascends square to open high-quality goods store in Parisian every, the tabulation technology of wonderful artical excelling nature is they look after the house proudly all the time competence. In confluence the animal allegory of animal and flowers is new piece in, bao Shilong decides to introduce humorous line, the originality space with new open up will convey think of opportunely. The chameleon of Home Bao Shilong can do not have other animal so clever, it illegallies or forcibly occupy apparently all space, meaning in conquer located microcosmic, dedicated the insect that circles ceaselessly at that. The tail coils burgeon, although be gem high-quality goods,the bunch leaf with the careful do manual work on burgeon sets the; such as sapphirine of full pink, blue, yellow, ruby, arouse the beauty of nature however, days of transgression making a person is circuitous, outside visitting content mentally carefreely.

Wrist of gem of L é On Hatot Trapeze Butterfly is expressed

On Hatot gave out L é an inviting invitation, that lets time be engraved here namely stay. This confuses calm case unreal attacks the instant of new moon, search disguise to become the footprint of demon celestial being of butterfly. Flutter in daytime or nightly butterfly, in a brief Zhen Chizhong, the assistant fan of distinctive temperament and shake off fell a gem, blue of diamond along with, pink, purple sapphirine left clues bit a little bit for us. Wrist of Trapeze Butterfly diamond expresses careful ground to guarding this secret, l é this gem poet creates On Hatot again piece most hide the lyric work of poetic flavour.

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