Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marry the emperor's son-in-law before applying for archives exposure and made of baked clay child shine marriage

A few days ago, be the United States " lay mines ascends Du Xianfeng to declare " explode Sitaipanneike will mix the fiance before giving Xinjisi year only beautiful girl of 18 years old covers with tiles Yidisuowa, the news that two people will get married in the lightning inside 2 months. Now, this newspaper is flat announced will register on December 10, 2011 marry the personnel directory of application.

This news raises a mighty uproar one piece in world each district, because of the Ke Yuying inside Si Taipan Jun Xiao asperses this adjective not to have a predestined relationship, also do not build with young promising on relation, the network circles beautiful girl that he 29 years old makes more meticulously than acute pace company is made of baked clay child became big fully 11 years old. Those who let life doubt is, czech male just just remove before beautiful net with Swiss princess Xin Jisi affiance, although his Ceng Yi is spent,advocate will marry a princess come this year. He and made of baked clay Yidisuowa had not spread any news before this. Two people's only correlation is -- they are Czech tennis player. Up to now, IMG of company of economy of seat of baby of all alone of made of baked clay Edie had be notted make to this message confirm Yi Wei to deny, look this news is not concoctive.

According to the code of Florida city, marry application has legal effectiveness inside 60 days only, if this character is not empty, their wedding is in not far will hold in the future.

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