Friday, March 18, 2011

Group plan- Grandson couple experience amour is big torturous do not eliminate to marry likelihood

The Sun Lixian body in love, the time of 2/3 is beautiful replying " Deng Sun Lian " on pertinent question, can you be the same as You Lijiang with Deng Chao? Marry plan, can wedding go in Li Jiangju? Deng Chao is pointed to to borrow feeling to go up, upright not to mind again as cummer...
Shanghai of 5 days of Sun Licong " best days " piece answer Beijing, with Li Jiang the identity of figure spokesman attends a news briefing, the openness with consistent continuance is right the manner of amour, easy square ground is opposite Sun Lida " amour is big torturous " .
As figure spokesman of Li Jiang, sun Libing not him self-abasement is right Li Jiang's contribution, the teleplay that acts the leading role by her " a meter of sunshine " force is striking, it is everywhere on all directions street " a meter of sunshine " trace. Be in grandson in couple eye, beautiful river is easy and comfortable carefree, her photo market also find a view from Li Jiang, and look in media reporters, the Li Jiang with romantic grumous breath, suit she and Deng Chao to travel more actually!

Can you be the same as You Lijiang with Deng Chao?

Grandson couple: The word of organic meeting can go. After Deng Chao saw the photo part that I take in Li Jiang, be opposite over there also be very interested, if embark on a journey, I am best tourist guide.

Can be wedding held in Lijiang?

Grandson couple: This project is a bit big, my relatives and friends is in Shanghai, call them Li Jiang completely charge is not small the issue that marries actually comes slowly, if have a news really one day, can announce to everybody.

Can you mind amour by exposure?

Grandson couple: Be willing not quite actually oneself life by exposure, I am patted to stealing previously all along very alert, but that (point to to go vacationing to be patted south two sea of faceses wearing) do not know why to to grow an eye rear. See a picture later, oneself feel not quite have the nerve (grandson couple laughs wittily) , had never tried to be worn so less on lens.

Can you feel amour affects the life?

Grandson couple: Such better. Go out to play previously should wear big sunglasses, big guaze mask, can expert now go playing, not terrible see.

Can you mind Deng Chao to be pointed to to borrow amour to go up?

Grandson couple: Others tells him so, a bit angry, because I follow him,not be in that way person. Nevertheless I also do not want to tell too much, time can prove everything.

2006 lives year grandson the N of couple " for the first time "

Sun Lijin is 24 year years old, but this life with her bumper harvest as adverse as fleeting time however attitude year " demon cuss " be widely divergent. Career, sentiment is overall 2006 further upward, outside concerning to develop play from play except the sweethearts that exceeds with Deng, be in with RAIN dance of the Communist Party of China of the first MV, first time rolls out only music " love if air " , roll out photo market for the first time " unbleached. Grandson couple " , first time ginseng performs the film " Huo Yuanjia " outside, 5 days hold the position of urban image spokesman, sun Liye is the head meets with. There is a destiny to shove a hand after Sun Lishen, let her this life year become a bumper harvest year, and she is in the N 2006 " for the first time " , still should calculate actually on " best days " in guide with the name of Guan Jinpeng cooperate first. At present this drama is being patted in Shanghai heat, the news that however Sun Lijiao color is taken sb's place by new personality comes out. To this grandson couple response: Face blast changing character is her to close guide " request a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively " result, although the show share of deficient home female A Ying is more, but the part of rich home female Ji Wen is more charming to her. And manage by as usual, this kind of state is not the wrist that anxious does not have play to act ability achieves, so in those days of Zhao Wei be a dancing partner today's grandson couple, had flown on branch to do phoenix indeed.

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