Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chen Yirong is exploded conclude 10 years of contract with He Rundong

He Rundong films for new scope of operation with Chen Yirong marriage gauze photographs yesterday advertisement, did not bury when, two big children play scissors stone cloth goof, at first loser of come to an agreement or understanding should kiss the cheek that wins the home, guess when He Rundong nevertheless when winning, ask Chen Yirong kisses his instep unexpectedly, frighten Chen Yirong is awkwardly giggle, ask He Rundong why joke the other side? He says: "Because don't I think corrode bottom gives her? ! !!

The arm Yu that the reporter after reaching discovers Chen Yirong together, she points to namely is hit by He Rundong, your He Rundong 100 words Mo Bian, after reaching, she says softheartedly again: "It is josh only actually, it is myself is in those who bump into Yu before 1 many weeks. It is myself is in those who bump into Yu before 1 many weeks..

He Rundong divulges next month will film to Japan teleplay: "This drama has been being patted before New Year, but because of heroine wood village much river was pregnant, want to waited for her to receive a body to just can be patted again so. (Be afraid of be afraid that she can be pregnant again? ) if be me,be about to cross her quickly! (Piece graceful

Already was the Chen Yirong that puts on marriage gauze collaboration with He Rundong the 3rd, state 2 people have the feeling of the old couple, he Rundong more explode oneself with Chen Yirong " illicit order lifelong " : "If we did not marry after 10 years, we marry, marry to use this one part that takes this! Marry to use this one part that takes this!!

Chen Yirong broke away from collaboration this year in Feburary old " Duolian " , also delimit temporarily with concern of sister of senior fellow apprentice next period, but she still goes to harbor to film on invitation marriage gauze advertisement.

Company of this marriage gauze looks for Gu Tianle before

Drape marriage gauze, did not let Chen Yirong faint first, she is in with Li Wei

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