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Do not leave the husband and wife of celebrity conjugal love that does not abandon

Zhou En will exceed with Deng Ying

Do not know to still have which brilliant and cheesy, the man of tall weight can resemble Premier Zhou same, devoted to all one's life oneself marriage, does with his knot hair wife spend lifetime in all? And his wife still cannot be borne.

Lu Xun and Xu Anping

After loving each other with Xu Anping, because divorce,Lu Xun both neither wishs and make a mother sad, do not want to subdue Xu Anping again, be obliged to allege external praise the aide that is him. Although be after the concern of 2 people is public, xu Anping also holds to 2 people is cohabitational relation, still leave Zhu An the renown mark of Mrs. Zhou.

Shen Congwen and Zhang Zhao and

I had taken the route of a lot of places all one's life, cross the bridge of a lot of places all right, had seen the cloud of a lot of frequencies, had drunk a lot of phyletic wine, had loved the person of a proper and best age only however. , -- Shen Congwen " from article a letter from home "

Shan of Ba Jinhe desolate

On August 8, 1972, xiao Shan performed an operation big, after 5 days, she left forever to stay together 28 years each other cling to golden gentleman. Those 5 days, it is Ba Jinxian 5 days of anguish of the extreme in be born. In those days, he rereaded Mei Lin to write again " Marx is passed " . The quote in plum Lin Zaishu Marx is right of the Yan Ni during be dying depict: "She is very fast with respect to pharynx gas... this disease has a kind gradually the property of collapse, because anile be caused by is same,resemble. Be in even a few hours also did not struggle immediately before one's death finally, sink slowly however fall asleep countryside. Her eye is bigger than any moment, more beautiful, brighter. " cling to gold is in Xiao Shan of a few days also saw such eye on the body finally: "She is very quiet, but not lethargy, open from beginning to end big two eyes. The eye is very big, very beautiful, very bright. "

Xin Fengxia and Wu Zuguang

Often abandon a gentleman to ask me: "Do you follow Zu Guang really? If feel not dependable, know understanding may as well again, because of me also slanderous gossip heard of, say even some leaders me not should, undeserved also face says with me. Spreading of hearsay information is blowy: Often be being abandoned is the United States those who come back, wu Zuguang is Hong Kong come back, xin Fengxia can be the person that slums comes out, also do not know even the word, often abandon how to give introductory Wu Zuguang such person? " nevertheless, I think my choice is right, I hold to. Everybody does not destroy the job that I held.

Fu Lei and Zhumei fragrance

After Fu Lei and cousin Zhu Meifu are engaged, ceng Qufa country studies abroad. During studying abroad, he and a French girl emerge amour, because each other difference is too big, this paragraph of amour ended very quickly. After this, he had not been lost again all one's life bright red.

On September 2, 1966 late night, because can't bear humiliate, teach dies with bright red suicide.

Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang

1932, qian Zhongshu knew the house that do not have stannum in Tsinghua garden ability Yuan Yang Jiang. Allegedly, in those days Tsinghua university ever had 70 more than person to go after Yang Jiang.

Qian Zhongshu once had written poem of not little affection for Yang Jiang, the famousest is to publish be in " country wind " semimonthly the 3rd the 11st period inside " Ren explain (1932) year autumn miscellaneous poem " :

Exceedingly sentimental good literary works, pink loves sweet chilly sufficient heartbroken; Answer newspaper situation is crazy without fasten content, miserable a tear 1000.

According to Rang drama of little younger sister cares, valve of a child's hanging hair is amorous go to deep; A word is not had when the classics after fastening, unexpectedly cherish Chinese ink is touched hold gold concurrently.

Fine night suffers from deceive of photograph be sleepinged, hunt hunt rumour is measured measure cold; Such stars is such month, give directions to look with who with who.

Strand day of how of person solar term, out of round of dream of case of quilt of slimy evil spirit; Hard rain spills cold night to be like water, mian of Gu of the cowardly in 100 bug sound.

Put heart and Wu Wenzao on the ice

Glacial heart and Dr. Wu Wenzao married 1929, bridal and austere, in the west hill great party temple spends the night of newly-married. After this, they all the time stand together regardless of situation, get along well, was delivered of one male 2 female, the family with perfect and happy it may be said.

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