Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mo Wenwei- Marry should extemporaneous

Yesterday, bold, hot Mo Wenwei again " amazed " 4: In new special " if do not have you " the reporter sees on the meeting, she announces in public: Marry had better not of course, want extemporaneous ability amused. In the meantime, she also discloses, male friendly Feng Delun often with changing magic form brings him infinite surprise.

Without the accident, this piece of new special " if do not have you " unaltered be advocate play love song, mo Wenwei says frankly, a lot of people hear her song, more it is to seek after feeling is frustrated " cure is hurt " , so whenever, love song always is most be able to bear or endure listen, also have city most

But the topic of male friend is inescapable after all, mo Wenwei also does not abstain from refer this paragraph of feeling, just allude not actively absolutely. Award starlight highway resembles going up in the Hong Kong gold this year, she and hand of Feng Delun free land pull a hand to appear before flashlight, enough proof, present Mo Wenwei has lived to feeling honester and honester, have rumor even, two people had considered to marry. The reporter asks Mo Wenwei, true? She bursts out laughing: "Marry? I arrive as a child big, had not wanted when to marry. " her explanation says, oneself are not not marriage, just won't have sedulous plan, "Marry had better not of course, the sort of is in dining-room, accompanying flower, violin to propose, had better not such. Marry, it is to want extemporaneous ability of course amused. " look, to Mo Wenwei character, emotional life also needs constantly surprise, invariable or it is to cling outmodel conventions, god-given beauty heart. The reporter asks her, the Feng Delun in the life, what kind of surprise can you bring to her? Mo Wenwei blurts out: Become magic. Make a when she feels the most mysterious magic, it is Feng Delun the hand takes a piece of whole paper, relapse before her tear at, look be like broken up, result one pass on, it is a piece of big complete newspaper, wei Baisai does not get Rangmowen its are solved.

Before before long, have exposure of Hong Kong media she and Feng Delun's Ju Jiasheng are illuminated alive, to this, mo Wenwei denies two people to already lived together, raise doubt to the behavior of media: "The reporter peeps to my private place, this is illegal act, should get legal tie, nevertheless, very regrettablly, the law of Hong Kong still does not have the regulation of this respect at present. As actor, privacy and job did not concern, media was not necessary to be together both drag in. Media was not necessary to be together both drag in..

According to reporter understanding, " if do not have you " the big plate of the 8th piece of mandarin that is Mo Wenwei, made time is however what never had had is endless, expend days of nearly 3 years to come from the depression of the market, mo Wenwei says: "Disc market is a lot of worse than before now, give every pieces of special to want so more careful, because be being driven,I do not wish to want to enter the market, the song still confiscates enough hasty hair piece. The song still confiscates enough hasty hair piece..

   Razz male star

   ■ Zhou Jielun: Become magic to differ " duration " Zhou Jielun also can become magic, but his technology was cheated 3 years old of children, cheat me to be able to be no good... went up in my Shanghai concert last year, a lot of audiences are open-eyed the expression at him (show Mo Wenwei sits in Zhou Jielun to go up personally, it is hot very) , actually most begin me to arrange this bridge paragraph, very afraid also: He is like very bashful, do not know wish to not be willing. Result, he agreed unexpectedly. More those who let me want to be less than is, in whole act, zhou Jielun maintains very sober pattern all the time, with me hot form bright contrast, I feel to be handled so, the result is stronger.

■ Liu Dehua: I am the most willing the honored guest that with his partner he ever had held the position of concert of my Hong Kong, at that time, I and he discusses, can let a concert be provided more can view a sex, he is laughing to say: "Do not have a thing, tear apart my dress. " nevertheless, he also has good figure really. He is make one's rounds performs my concert in, a collaboration is the tacittest male honored guest.

■ Zhu Xiaotian: He is the most bashful cooperate with Zhu Xiaotian, it is the most difficult to seem. Because he is very bashful, I remember, when seeing me for the first time, he dare not see me, ask him to become a honored guest so, dance on the concert together with me, it is some are a hard job to him really.

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