Monday, March 14, 2011

Extensive minor details is cool child close card already divorced with stylist husband

Early before be come out frequently marriage the extensive minor details of Japanese female star that change is cool child, yesterday (On March 13) announce in official website with stylist husband ridge Ze Gaohong divorces afternoon, end much matrimony 4 years. Extensive minor details of 27 years old is in with " the person that give all concerning " express on the statement that is a problem, did not regret to be married ridge lustre, although divorce but still inspect the other side to be a good friend: "Ridge lustre remains the person that I respect, also be the good friend that can talk about worry. We can serve as parental communication of the son after. We because dissension pace is abhorrent, just bring about divorce wind up. We can be attached most importance to with the son after. " extensive minor details and ridge lustre will act according to in December at 3 years child get married, next the beginning of the year fills place wedding feast and absurd below alone child grand annals, arrived 5 years extensive in July minor details reappears formally film " Slow Dance " . Actually extensive minor details marries 4 years, ever came out for many times marriage the message that change, early before ever still was patted the photo that lives apart with the husband, but she is denied at that time marriage change, explaining only is receive a son to return to go to the lavatory learn to just follow Laogong to live apart.

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