Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fushanyazhi is given out marry enunciative a year in have wife have child

The weekly female of newest first phase published Fushanyazhi (39) " a year in have wife and child " marry enunciative, cause each attention for a short while, everybody cares what whether can blessing hill announce like him to be in so got married before 40 years old of his birthday on Feburary 6 next year.

Say according to the report, blessing hill is in film edition " Galilean " film tensely be accepted in the process interview. All the time since blessing hill is in order to suit the action to the world celebrated, in busy job he returned clearance to ever was finished at managing to find time last year yearning long already abroad study abroad, spend 6 hours to learn English hard everyday. He alleges avowedly in broadcast unexpectedly nowadays " when I want to be in 40 years old absolutely, marry " , and put forward a few conditions of the object marry in ideal. Value the clean feeling of hair and skin very much above all, cannot accept verbal and tough woman next, it is to get next complimentary the attitude that also can keep condescending.

All the time since the blessing hill that is media angle focus marries this enunciative, cause all sorts of guessing immediately. According to performing art circle senior personage is analysed, this should marry before putting forward clearly 40 years old, hill of probable specification blessing had had clear marriage object. There ever also had been a talk before this, hill weighing blessing is in the first month of the lunar year when talk about a marriage in home of the cummer outside heading for the circle that lives in Osaka. Those who combine this is enunciative, look two people are meddlesome near.

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