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Austere romance marries sina vice president charming wife

High-grade, luxurious, extravagant, be not current society what marriage of each super plute celebrates is thematic. Yesterday, have 3 luxurious houseboat and the super moneybags of millions upon millions asset, sina network vice president of 41 years old the wedding of Mr Wang Bin is in city of Lu of its home town one domestic pole is common intermediate cafeteria is held. This romantic royal wedding, did not run quickly greatly, the luxurious car such as BMW comprises greet close motorcade, without the big eat of luxury of guesthouse of 5 stars class; Have the festival appearance that has a plenty of high friend capacity audience, blessing of close friends queueing up! When the scroll on spot big screen is broadcasting king bank love, go up in oneself houseboat and the happy picture that lover Tong glad compares Ji Shuangfei. "The sea, the vow of lifetime " become marriage the theme that celebrates grand ceremony.

   Plute wedding · is prelusive

Close friend queues up to send a blessing

In the morning 10 when, the reporter comes to some restaurant that is located in south Lu city by the side of city highway, this common restaurant that runs by proper motion of king bank parents already was dressed up festivally all the more by Wang Bin's close friends: In wintry rain lingering, thick big red carpet spreads dining-room all the time from street side entrance door 2 buildings; In close rank is being received at the door, wang Bin replaced formal young lady in the good friend of Lu city; A flat outside dining-room is in, the so big spurt that comes from Beijing carry together is painterly -- , blue sea, with Wang Bin, Tong Xin's romantic group photo, become marriage celebrate the spot the first scenery.

The relatives and friends that go ahead of the rest hurries to people, no matter all often take mike less to face camera camera lens, xiang Wangbin queueing up's couple leaves open-armed blessing. The marriage of 2 buildings is celebrated advocate assembly room, be decorated to get sweet all the more romance by relatives and friends, 30 desks wedding feast was placed in the hall. Restaurant is remarkable on positional wall, TV of big screen of a few liquid crystal rolls ceaselessly all sorts of romantic group photo when broadcasting Wang Bin and Tong Xin love, introduce their love story to relatives and friends with special kind.

Business circles big wrist becomes a honored guest

A suit the Tang Dynasty installs Wang Bin's parents, one face is bright, it is yesterday undoubtedly marriage celebrate the old person with the happiest spot, old two move back and forth between relatives and friends ceaselessly, carry tea to give smoke at the same time, greet enthusiasticly at the same time. 11 when 20 minutes or so, a suit is very straight the Wang Bin of business suit and a suit are bright red the bridal Tong glad of marriage gauze, by high-grade car appears in the big entrance of restaurant sadly. Face subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to unravel and come the close friends that drinks wedding feast, bridal Tong glad got a hut of introductory mouth to hide directly.

As midday marriage the drawing near that celebrates time, the people that heads for congratulate on a happy occasion followings sb's heels and come. 11 when 30 minutes, the street both sides of restaurant doorway, very fast by of all kinds and high-grade car filled up with. 11 when 50 minutes or so, lu city business circles is super plute -- , Wang Debin of president of group of Sichuan king family name carries a madam, run quickly by the car appears in drinking wedding feast main forces. Subsequently, character of heavyweight of the Lu city business circles such as Xie Ming of president of Inc. of old cellar or pit for storing things of city of Tan Ping of general manager of company of Lu city shift, Lu, political circles arrives early or late, express congratulation to Wang Bin in succession.

Spot of plute wedding ·

Close friend is plunged into for new a form of address for one's wife case

Midday 12 when 15 minutes, compere transmits suddenly in sound box offer: "Because glad of Tong of new a form of address for one's wife is foreigner, the group of relatives and friends that joins wedding today is not much, the relatives and friends of our Lu city should act the part of person of Tong glad a married woman's parents' home actively, the Lu city daughter-in-law that cannot let us feels alone, when bridegroom bride in pairs is on red carpet, everybody hallooes together Tong Xin's name, good? " everybody immediately hallooes: "Good, plunge into to new a form of address for one's wife case! " 12: 30, the bridal celebration of Wang Bin, Tong Xin pulls open big screen. As the agitate that compere stirs, bin Peng people the name that in chorus shouts a bridegroom bride " Wang Bin! Tong Xin! " " Tong Xin! Wang Bin! " the Wang Bin that wears outfit of red the Tang Dynasty, pulling glad of beautiful bride Tong to set foot on red carpet, enter dining room slowly from gate place 2 buildings. When some make missish bridal Tong glad appear on marriage celebration ceremony in the smile, full-court exclamations: "Wow! New a polite form of address for a young woman is even prettier than looking on the photograph! New a polite form of address for a young woman is even prettier than looking on the photograph!!

Husband and wife is deduced " firewood fire according to legend "

2 buildings are bridal advocate on picture of ceremony stage setting, it is an azure sea, what still have king bank husband and wife is gigantic a photograph, the bridal theme word that they are in the center of the picture " the sea, the vow of lifetime " . "Do obeisance to heaven and earth! 2 Bai Gaotang! Husband and wife is right do obeisance to! " traditional " 3 do obeisance to " ceremony, pulled open this is romantic to super plute, trendy and austere marriage grand ceremony.

Marriage of super plute romance is celebrated make 300 Yu Mingjia guest big open horizon. In type of brief marriage Qing Yi, the one screen that husband and wife chooses the candle in all makes attendant honored guest be fully touch: The mother of bridegroom bride two relatives by marriage appearance, after igniting a big candle jointly, go to candle pass on together in bridegroom bride hand. Both hands of Wang Bin's couple is holding big candle in both hands, with big candle a small candle ordinal ignite -- , indicative king, Tong according to legend of two firewood fire, blessing lustre descendants.

Lift cup wish newly-married is happy in all

Guest of all along of newly-married husband and wife proposes a toast, it is the necessary process in traditional wedding. However, of Wang Bin's couple propose a toast outstanding however, have romantic color quite: One exceeds high foot glass, by arrive high low become repeatedly " tender " curve. Wang Bin's couple enters a few bottles of bubbly jointly most above in a glass, inpour of one by one of champagne from the top down in each cup. Subsequently, everybody lifts a cup of blessing jointly " newly-married is happy " !

"Be good! " " true romance! " the spot rings long enthusiastic applause. In marriage banquet, wonderful and pleasant " that momently " music resounds through the hall, the singing with rising and falling mild and indirect adds romantic atmosphere again for romantic wedding.

  Behind the curtain of plute wedding ·

Plute once was a police

Humanness of plute Wang Bin is low-key, he politelied decline a reporter interview, remind again and again " must not apply colours to a drawing " ! The reporter understands from relevant channel subsequently: Wang Bin of 41 years old is person of in relief area of river of Lu state city, bridal Tong glad, anhui person, sina company employee. 1987, after Wang Bin graduates from Sichuan police school, allocate division of public security of substation of public security of in relief area of river of Lu state city, become policeman of a public security, divide assure to bring the job.

By 1993, wang Bin stops firewood to leave office go into business to be in business a few years, leave subsequently alarm altar abdication enters business circles, wait for a domain in maintenance of crane of sortie of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, negotiable securities early or late, preliminary score a success. To Wang Bin constabulary career of a few years, ji Xiaomin evaluates deputy director general of public security bureau of Lu state city: "Wang Bin ever was us an outstanding policeman, also be the glory of Lu state police. Also be the glory of Lu state police..

He is Chinese caique nautical the first person

As we have learned, 2001, the Shenzhen net that Wang Bin established to be major servicing with short message and colour bell download in Shenzhen starts company of science and technology. 2004, sina net bought a net to start a company with 120 million dollar. Subsequently, wang Bin joins sina company. November 2005, wang Bin takes up the post of sina company senior vice president, sina wireless general manager. Current, fortune of king bank individual already entered 500 plute a list of names posted up of Chinese.

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