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The story of Zhang Ailing and American husband

At the beginning of September 1995, in the Xi Mu area of los angeles, zhang Ailing of generation literature female wonder leaves like that in the Gu in apartment, there is relatives and friends beside, without acquaintance, also do not have even a stranger even. After several days, house manager feels not right, this just discovers...

Compare after Zhang Ailing is dead before one's death celebrated much, for a short while, article of biography, grieve, close-up, memoir, complimentary word floods Chinese the literary world. Strange is, people prate of ground of take delight in talking about she and " traitor bookman " the one Duan Zhongtu the fate brings lovers together of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Lan Cheng, allude without the person however another paragraph of foreign the fate brings lovers together that she is in the United States. After that one paragraph wants than before one paragraph touching, want the real situation much.

The American Chinese that has old communication concern with Zhang Ailing writer minister is new, wrote a book to reveal this paragraph of little-known past recently.

Summer 1955, zhang Ailing emigrates from Hong Kong the United States, be in this year, novel of her the first English " yangko " publish in the beauty. Junior become famous, all along just gaily tall also Zhang Ailing, aspire hovers in the literary sky of English.

Between the 2nd year March, she gets famous Mai Daowei the assistance of literary battalion, go over there, only thing literature writing, strive for publish novel of the 2nd English.

Mai Daowei is literary build 1907, by the %26#8226; of widow Ma beautiful jade of Mai Daowei of %26#8226; of famous composer Edward Mai Daowei is founded. Group of Shanmilin that it is located in city of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth in, cover an area of 420 acre, it is by many 40 size the room is abandoned, the villatic, atelier, library structure that make group, a haven of peace of it may be said. The tentative idea of literary battalion is, assistance has the writer of talent and artist, cast off lay interference temporarily, be engaged in technically below a kind of halcyon environment creating. Be in the ground of assemble of writer of this United States, she met unexpectedly Lai Ya of %26#8226; of Fu Dena of writer of American white man (Ferdinand Reyher) .

Lai Ya is German immigrant descendant formerly, young when showed dazzling literary talent, rich and colorful of his individual character, knowledge is all-embracing, horizontal excessive of literary talent of style of conversation, play bold and unconstrained is free and easy. Had married, have a daughter. But he natural disposition is bold and unrestrained and free, of very incommensurate marriage manacle, with feminism person ex-wife removed affiance. In this in the following years, he also associate with crosses many moving cummer, but the neither one in them is willing to also do not have skill and this man to written guarantee in all manage repeatedly, till him 65 years old encounter Zhang Ailing.

The individual character that Lai Ya uses as a result of social concept become reconciled makes like that, the attention that causes plus life pressure is dispersive, did not go to the talent put to good use of own literature reach the limit, did not keep the work with him immortal be sent on a diplomatic mission that is to say.

Lai Ya is when many years old 30, clothing is fashionable, demeanour is elegant, the manner of talent of a pair of handsome young man. However, when arriving many years old 40, people looks him, resemble the correct of a bourgeois, because of him in those days, became an enthusiastic Marxist, but he did not join the Communist Party. Lai Ya is original with respect to hate evil as much as one hates an enemy, the compassion that stems from nature to always be being cherished a kind by oppressive people heart, always replace American labor and ordinary people consideration, it is an idealist, all these, can happen to have the same view with the certain part of the Marxism of course. This also is saying why palpability is in his work, often be the experience with social nobody and them is given priority to. Crossed destiny year, crossed a cycle of sixty years especially year Lai Ya, include the body to appeared to take downhill path even in every respect, literature does not have large contribution, economic atmosphere short of money, broke a leg and several degrees apoplectic. To weigh brace up literary male wind, he comes to Mai Daowei literary battalion, also be here just about, woman of wonder of a China entered his old age to live, make he feels the power of the love that never has met truly, she is Zhang Ailing.

In the environment of elegant romance and mood, perhaps some is planted peculiar induction, zhang Ailing of 36 years old and Lai Ya of 65 years old arose to forget year love, latter daughter and former age comparative, that is to say a daughter that can become another.

On March 13, they meet for the first time, have " meet to ever was acquainted why " feeling. After this, meet day is joyous, talk about literature, talk about culture, talk about life, talk about experience, jump over Tan Yue to cast an edge. Arrived at the beginning of May, arrived to assign the rate that abandons hard hard simply, concern progress gets amazingly quick. Lai Ya writes in the diary May 12: They " go hut, together pass the night " . The 3rd day, lai Ya arrived in the deadline of literary battalion, must leave. When Zhang Ailing is sending him, still gave him only a bit money. After a many month, zhang Ailing also left literary camp. On July 5, lai Ya receives letter of Zhang Ailing, said to already conceived his child. Right now, lai Ya feels he has responsibility of a kind of morality, feel Zhang Ailing is honest and kind, lovely again, be one virtuous wife model woman, then, he was begged to her marriage, but ask she is abort, do not want the child. Arrived in those days August 18, after the half an year that is acquainted namely, they married in new York.

Very difficult complete conjecture, why can Zhang Ailing marry at that time bigger than her different race better of nearly 30 years old. The difference between them is such big, setting of the age, phyletic, individual character, viewpoint of value, one's previous experience and political viewpoint differ right-down again.

36 years old, 65 years old.

Woman of a China, man of an United States.

Lonely close, one makes friend very wide.

One spends money astute, a skill is easy.

One likes metropolitan numerous be troubled by, one likes the quiet of small villages and towns.

An one's previous experience the house large family at decline, an one's previous experience produces immigrant in Germany.

Marxist of a dispute, one is a Marxist.

Take literary style again for, zhang Ailing's work with a kind of biting outlook that she has alone, the statement that appears with her peculiar empty spirit get rid of again, human nature most in fine fine ground reverses picture, even if color is thick, also appear some kind of slight cold is beautiful. Read her thing, not be a few work that resemble reading others, cross from the eye only, cross from the soul however. And the romantic colour that Lai Ya's work is permeated with for the masses pursuit ideal society. Then, busybody people be analysed from different point of view.

"Utilitarian " think, she makes Lai Ya mistake can help her infiltrate the adviser of world of mainstream English literature, and the place that does not know him to go up in the literary world is not tall, and the progress of oneself is very limited, be in even downhill, live for oneself ceaselessly and struggle, there is the lead by hand of what essence very hard on the career.

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