Friday, April 15, 2011

Wife of Eminem Ning Zuo spends Zuo marriage

Cast to Ning hand sufficient the day of group of beautiful Rap that becomes Yu Zuo king Eminem, the beginning of the year just follows the wife of the first to be appointed to an office with minute of old Zuo to restore good relations to attend church again, cannot think of Zuo paragraph Jin does not hold marriage to be accused namely play, Central Plains makes clear because of having no. Come to give a child 50 Cent at his, announces new piece again show, hand but the gold that is conspicuous of Long name Zuo resembles shadow emperor Nigulasijizhi.

Die of of Zuo of Lin Meiyin lifts Ceng Zaige Zuo Zuo , Shu of of Kui of character of delegate of bound of tongue of Zuo of Eminem Zuo and emeritus new Long is great, again message went out recently, kim Mathers of his Ning ex-wife of of of marriage of the 2nd Jian 82 days, is receive with Zuo marriage. His word person yesterday to Zuo of of intermediary Zuo Zhu thing, Er Eminem already put forward Zuo marriage to Detroit court explain Zha , the hope is OK Jian bundle the marital Zuo of 2 people, not Zuo makes him of reason of cracked of Zuo does not agree to divulge.

Ever made a song " wife thinking "

In this year January Eminem Ning Zuo he the Ning of city of root of of Kim Wu Mi of 3 of year of Zuo goes the 2nd times marriage Die , outside dividing friend of Zuo square Yin , with respect to Zuo prentice 50 Cent also has to invite attend, but by at refus Jian Yu of of new Long bound makes stands outside large quantities of Yin person with dog young Zuo .

Its Eminem already went with Kim Zuo in high school association, has one at Yo of marriage of 99 years of Jian female, however urgent Zuo of marriage after feeling falls continuously, Zuo takes the song Zha from wife name to write in " miss dead wife really " . Jin of first time marriage ran month of of a year of 0 , Zuo marriage remarries 4 years, nowadays most Jian is minute of Zuo .

person is new a muching Nicholas

just mentions Eminem prentice 50 Cent, Zuo like that it is very good that walks along , but in Zuo shadow respect still be the elder brother at the beginning of only, not Zuo already must succeed than Eminem . Fu Zhiceng of thing Zuo is in the film close to Yin of person " 8 lis of highway " powdery Chinese ink ascends , and 50 Cent is in Kui last year " Get Rich Or Die Tryin%26#039; " after plan is patted again new piece, nigulasijizhi performs emperor of shadow of Ning Si Ka greatly hand !

Zuo covers a " The Dance " ball piece is new piece, draw materials from actual person and event, Zheng narrates the Nicholas that acts famous fist to teach Jin , in Luyishianna city Bao spends Zuo exceed Zuo 40 years convict holds the post of Li to teach Jin . To at 50 Cent it is the criminal that a has share of shadow boxing sky, the Zuo of of identity of a criminal awaiting for execution that Zuo has fist of ambition Jin good Zuo can be face him with Zuo , the of apprentice Zuo of 2 people of of draw of film concentration. ■ civil: Shu can boy

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