Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pan Yueyun is caught face at the back of evil sue appeal to divorce

Yueyun of Taiwan singer Pan Jing exploded on March 6 this year evil is caught after living apart last year by marital Huang Guangquan, a few days ago by Taiwan person arrange of forest land check is sued according to crime of adultery, future may face 1 year of the following sentence. Her yesterday calm suffers visit, divulge already going up the month divorces to forensic appeal, at a variety of harm that litigant book lists 10 years to come. She alls sorts of feelings well up in her heart: "I won't marry again! " the announce cost that points to the TV on the month on her gentleman is " the 1st income that he comes to 10 years. " the announce cost that points to the TV on the month on her gentleman is " the 1st income that he comes to 10 years..

The message says, pan Yueyun marries 10 years, daughter also already 10 years old, talked about a divorce early with husband 2003 actually, as to why to talk 6 years all the time, she says: "My daughter loves father and mom very much, need a whole family. " until fizzle out to exploded to media a few days ago makings accusation she does not agree to let him see a daughter, still take media to wait for a daughter to the school, she just is driven beyond forbearance take legal approach.

She speaks of the requirement that raises at the outset: "I am conveyed the meeting is completely responsible to him (point to) of burden life expense, also include to be able to see a child at any time, but he talks not to want to talk, do not leave namely. " what to want after all to the gentleman, she says: "I know what he wants of course, he won't start to talk, he is very clever. He is very clever..

She expresses confined 1999 when very suffer, patient however up to now. She says: "He is only big I 1 year old, arms and legs is sturdy. " coming 10 years is she brings up 2 people all the time however (point to husband and daughter) , "Announce of on the month on him 2 TV, that is the 1st income that he comes to 10 years (it is reported makes an appointment with new station money in all 1000 yuan of 4 20 thousand) . " her dissatisfaction gentleman puts a word to say she moves ceaselessly for avoid a creditor, she is clear: "I move the home 3 times, it is to follow he parts, he is not moved be forced I am moved. He is not moved be forced I am moved..

And she and outside express affair object Huang Qizhou's current concern, she says: "I am put namely at present empty. " clear also did not live together with him. She is busy recently announce handbill music " look out lake " , funky of inn of night of 4 days of ongoing comrades opens next month sing.

The reporter called gentleman Huang Guangquan of Pan Yueyun yesterday, he expresses to have not receive announcement of divorce of A Pan appeal, ask why he doesn't accept divorce agreement behindhand, he says: "At the outset she takes me to sign, but her elder sister calls me tolerance, so I do not have an autograph, I am not not to leave, it is to know to other man intervenes later, the situation is different. The divorce must leave, but her attitude is too tough, I do not have method to accept. " Pan Yueyun points to announcement of the month on him is come 10 years first income, his angrily rebuke: "Be impossible! I have all the time do artwork business, give she, it is not fixed only, unspeakable certain amount, do not have a law to be compared with her of course. Do not have a law to be compared with her of course..

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