Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 lead terminal to consume group of forum conferences to be held in Shanghai

On January 5, 2011, 2011 lead terminal to consume · of group of special subject forum case of layout of 6 big sale is published and marry analytic conference is in industrial catenary center of conference of Shanghai Nuo treasure kicks off. This second forum has come from Tianjin, Shandong, Heibei, Jiangsu, , inside the operator of building of more than 100 shadows of unconscious and other places participated in this second forum.

Summary goes, meet tomorrow. This second conference is being discussed and sum up the base that shadow building industry expanded 2011 to go up, from the theme layout of photography, sale, marry the Wedding Dresses of building of industrial catenary, shadow hired a few themes such as carry out to spread out to discuss, the Gaoxilin of Xi'an Luo Ya explains advocate sale case is analytic reach sale new pattern " , combine Luo Ya these year the development way that develops experience and future, introduced oneself old experience. And Taiwan one is video Xu Ren young those who introduced shadow building is large a field Tibet photography and thematic sale plan, got the attention of the person that attend the meeting. The Wen Xu of dimensional layout politics, the sale layout that is aimed at shadow building made the introduction; And the means of 25 big sale that the Zhan Qianlong of Shanghai cornfield is aimed at sale of shadow building network was done very detailed elaborate. Gu Junxian cites classic case gives the sale layout of disparate industry open of trade public figure one side gate. The experience of large show field that the Hu Chengxian that comes from Taiwan collect door is aimed at Wedding Dresses made the introduction, and Wen Zhouwei osmund bridal Li Xiong osmund osmund old experience did the bride to share, lie the professional common sense that dragon teacher introduced Dresses division in the round for everybody, people sighs with emotion benefit a lot. And yellow letter of chief editor of shadow building vision rents in the light of Wedding Dresses of the area establish and the experience that flow setting introduced him. Shen Mingtao of orgnaization of layout of sale of Taiwan life hall comes in the light of retail sales order made the introduction to everybody, everybody is experienced benefit a lot.

On January 6 in the evening, shadow building vision acknowledges end of the year late banquet is in Shanghai banqueting hall of public house of Shanghai China seafood is held. Lin Tianfu of Cao Junhong of Yan Taichang of chairman of figure photography association, famous composer, cameraman, Gaoxilin, He Jun, shanghai marriage celebrates Wang Kai of alliance of instructor of photography of Wedding Dresses of association chairman, Asia-Pacific, Shanghai to photograph Kuang Liying, " now figure " the person that ginseng of building of chief editor Ying Yufei and numerous manufacturer, shadow is met attended late dinner, it may be said is guest and host is used up joyous, everybody is satisfactory and return.

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