Thursday, April 14, 2011

Waxwork house changes bridegroom Dresses to Yao Ming waxwork

Yao Ming wants to marry! These two days, as more and more media take delight in talking about Yu Yaoming and Xie Li are in too area of lake source scene filmsBridalThe news of the photograph, yao Ming that is rife long already wedding also will rise to surface gradually in August.

The Yao Ming that is in love nearly 10 years and foliaceous Li ended their love long-distance race in this summer eventually, represent Shanghai to celebrate "Height" the bridal grand occasion of giant, be located in Nanjing on the west the specially of house of waxwork of Shanghai Mrs. Du Sha of front door of road new world is mouth of its front door the Yao Ming that basketball of original a suit equips changed bridegroom Dresses, of Yao Ming brand-newModellingThe Jing sound that attracted countless Fans screams. Not only such, the Yao Ming of fund of affectionate fund of a suit Dresses still holds an one Shu Mei marvellous in both hands, beside a piece of tremendous card, also drew up the aspirations of every tourist: "Wish Yao Mingxin marriage is happy! "Wish Yao Mingxin marriage is happy!!

House of waxwork of Shanghai Mrs. Du Sha is opposite to this to express the blessing of new personality, still broadcast in the old hall in ground floor designedly " you should marry me today " , foil the tender feelings one side with a small invisible on field giant.

House of waxwork of Shanghai Mrs. Du Sha from last year since 51 practice, tourist in an endless stream. The celebrity waxwork modelling inside the house also is mixed as the modelling of celebrity itself of social heat news update constantly, let a tourist be able to be in the firstTimeExperience the newest elegant demeanour of star.

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