Sunday, April 17, 2011

Xuan Xuan casts a love to talk- The dog is more reliable than the man

On May 16, xuan of announce of red star of movie and TV of Hong Kong TVB and Guo Jin Anlai play the exclusive special report that wall bulletin accepted when the activity rather. Xuan Xuan is in the recovery after with TVB one paper grows about 13 years " celibate " , review experience of these more than 10 years, xuan deep feeling has announce so that have to break.

Spit bitter water: Too cross vulnerability of honest and frank

With TVB one paper grows about 13 years to expire eventually, although renew the contract no longer, dan Xuanxuan still formed new cooperative way with TVB, review experience of these more than 10 years, xuan deep feeling has announce so that have to break, the regret also has results, altogether, "I was brought up, matured. "

At the outset, because Xuan Xuan is study abroad from England the recreational group that returns to just be joined, so Ceng Yin frank and outspoken " malefactor is much, appellation person is little " and by the coronal with " dispute essence " notoriety. These year come, more come out for many times the become enemies of relation of star of a lot of TVB such as she and Lin Feng, Zhang Keyi, She Shiman, mention these things, xuan Xuan is having infinite deep feeling, "The disposition that is me probably too cross honest and frank, I think the thing should have black and white two sides only all the time, need not need not turn round, but the fact is not such, as the happening of setbacks and dispute, I just understand most thing often is put in gray region, eat one chasm to grow one wisdom, I learn now a lot of better. " saying TVB is in-house is an actual edition " Jin Zhiyu evil " , xuan Xuan also confirmed this is nodded, "This is not the problem of TVB actually, however inside the problem between star, this is a kind of very bad ethos. Want to be in good human relations inside TVB, very special really difficult. "

Busy date: The dog is more reliable than the man

Become one elder sister of TVB, the announce Xuan achievement on the career is already beyond question, to her oneself emotional life just may be next life aim, "Before a few years, ever had me for some time to want to marry a person particularly, look at beside each is good the man got married, feel special lose, but this kind of condition had gone now, but I still am in date actively in. "

In TVB, end with parting company after all for years after the marriage of husband and wife of several pairs of screens such as name of latter Tao Dayu, Teng Li, the marriage that looks at a good friend is broken, xuan Xuan also had new view to marriage, "I won't suffer too much effect, everything cannot be importuned, there is lightning marriage lightning to divorce beside me, resemble what they marry to still want to part company for years so also having, ultimate control does not control emotive job, the psychological burden with too heavy short of is good. "

Although emphasize " along with the predestined relationship " , dan Xuanxuan asks to the boy friend in memory or some, "I should search like the animal, boy friend that has love, do not want so much word (the word because of me is much, still love to laugh at) , have bit of sense of humor, two people resemble a friend together same. As actor, my job is too busy, still be public character, it is more difficult to look for a boy friend. I should take care a bit, because just began you,knowing a someone is open-armed. My every time is patted procrastinating is true, want to marry the sort of. " speak of a dog, xuan Xuan more say with all sorts of feelings: "The person is too clever now, the dog just is the person's best friend, I raised 4 dogs, it is to roam about dog, getting along with them is much easier than getting along with the person. Getting along with them is much easier than getting along with the person..

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