Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Piece - member - let enter wedding of the Liu Yong that wear Yun - ban - reporter

Liu Yong, Dai Yun, these two names are not Changshu all certainly for the Nanjing person to liking badminton, and after Sun Jun of this pair of afterwards, Ge Fei a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of carve of another pair of gods of Jiangsu badminton associate " after tierce postpones wedding day, get married yesterday eventually. Originally this is a very joyful thing, but what did not think of is, final Dai Yun and Liu Yong let come however the numerous reporter of congratulate on a happy occasion ate to shut an a thick soup...

Last night 18: 00, dai Yun is in Nanjing with Liu Yong's wedding some is famous restaurant is held as scheduled, come the guest in an endless stream of congratulate on a happy occasion, true it may be said " a thousand li is fawn on, high friend capacity audience " . Besides China male feather number one male Xing Lindan has temporarily besides the thing, just obtain Shangmusi in Japan cup and the bishop of Chinese feather team of You Bai cup drill the honored guest such as Xie Xingfang of champion of Zhang Ning of champion of Li Yongbo, Olympic Games, world shows up entirely, and one of male double parvenus Cai Zuo geng is the partner man that became Liu Yong. To these " teacher good friend " , the Liu Yong, young couple that wear Yun is taken care of very hand and foot, after arriving at restaurant when them, have person specially assigned for a task or job " convoy " , these convoy personnel begin from Li Yongbo, every time figure of convoy star level and moment of bridegroom bride photographic, the reporter of metropolis and spot breathes out a few times greatly: "You should pat a photograph to make the best of time to pat here! " begin a reporter to still do not understand what meaning, wait for guest to arrive basically later neat, the reporter just discovers, holding bridal hall doorway, had had 4 " security personnel " , and their responsibility does not let a reporter enter bridal spot namely.

Doesn't bridal spot let a reporter enter? Should be informed this one message in the numerous reporter of the doorway with respect to expect early hind very open-eyed. The reporter of a few TV stations expressed dissatisfaction immediately: "It is bridegroom bride informs us first, invite us to attend wedding, arrived here does not let enter again, what meaning is this after all? " but, consider this is the wedding day of bridegroom bride, reporters did not abreact come out.

A few reporters find the Liu Yong that welcomes guest in the doorway to enquire a circumstance, liu Yong says: "After waiting for wedding to begin, you go in again. " the explanation that heard bridegroom, everybody waits patiently rise, but bridal hall is walked into in musical sound when bridegroom bride, after wedding begins formally, the reporter that tries to enter bridal spot ate once more " a thick soup that close the door " , be blocked overbearingly to be in by security personnel doorway.

The reporter outside face each other of ground of special air of arrogance says the organizer of a female of the Liu Yong, wedding that wear Yun: "Do not take Liu Yong to say a thing, he is bridegroom official today, does his have the nerve say not to let you enter? Liu Yonggen did not say to let a reporter enter with me originally, the star of the Chinese feather team that comes today is too much, we do not hope the reporter is disturbed. We do not hope the reporter is disturbed..

Hear this word, attendant reporter finds both funny and annoying a bit, the reporter of a TV station in anger under, carry a camera to go, go to say very rustily at the same time at the same time: "I went, he patted me to me namely today, what meaning ah... "

And the thing of after this happening is to let a person feel to find both funny and annoying a bit more, the reporter thinks through world champion Sun Jun takes him into the spot, but outer part does not give like thinking of to organize that bridal female comrade, do not let enter namely, do so that Sun Jun also shakes can helplessly only finally shake one's head.

Not all also nevertheless reporter cannot enter the spot, also have mixed individually go in, the reporter that infiltrate goes to later discloses say, they were to go out " member " .

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