Wednesday, April 13, 2011

True luck of Liu Zhitai Yin pulls hand film Wedding Dresses to reflect exposure

According to Korea media coverage, actor Liu Zhitai and Yin Zhenrui are new film publicly " secret love " publicity marriage gauze is illuminated, let filmgoer of a lot of unwitting people false alarm.

Recently, actor Liu Zhitai and Yin Zhenrui are new film " secret love " filmed gauze of a group of marriage is illuminated. Piece in the two people of personate newlywed, illuminate in marriage gauze in complete emersion the happiness between a pair of lovers is sweet, caused filmgoer even people small suspicion.

In the photograph, liu Zhitai wears black Dresses tie-in and argent cravat, peremptory the about of a pair of accurate bridegroom. Still disclose to the reporter, to can put on this body Wedding Dresses, move in effort all the time before oneself, body of model reducing weight. And " false bride " Yin Zhen Ruize expresses him this is to give the first time after the path to pat marriage gauze to illuminate, film moment feeling is a bit tensely, cause expression a bit inflexible.

The cameraman that is two people to film marriage gauze is illuminated is right also two the individual's expression speak favorably of substantially, saying two people stand over is one is drawn. Righter the professional spirit that Liu Zhitai and Yin Zhenrui regard an actor as expresses to admire, let whole film the work is very great.

The marriage gauze that this two people film is illuminated will serve as piece in the adornment in home of 2 people newly-married, suspension is on the one side wall in the home. Also will make another special view in film.

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