Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love of compose of bethel of 4 big honeymoon is mythological

In this winter, how should the new people that prepares honeymoon choose to give a ground again, small today make up recommend bethel of honeymoon of a few newly-married for everybody, no matter where go to, two people that love each other are in boundless the appreciate in journey is worn the love that belongs to each other, the corner of alive bound leaves compose to give love myth.

Island piece the promise that Hainan makes an eternity

In area of scene of bay of dragon of sea South Asia, often can see the bridal bridegroom that is wearing bright and fashionable Wedding Dresses, in the seaside of snow-white beach and clear azure blue, at the same time amuse oneself pats Wedding Dresses to illuminate at the same time, see them placing the Pose that all sorts of deep feeling are in love with, let a person envy their happiness really. Besides typhoon and heavy rain season, any time come 3 Yadouke with to the top of one's bent. Sunshine is beautiful, arboreous luxuriantly green. Hot spring of blue sky of coconut forest white sand, sunshine, blue sea, back of dew shoulder, dew won't feel cold, can choose various Wedding Dresses, extend to the top of one's bent below sunshine. On dress, can wear Wedding Dresses, skirt of raise letting wind is placed flutter, also can wear dishabille, white short skirt, jeans + shirt, even if took off shoe smooth foot to go on the beach,be right choice, still can film collect carefully of photograph of a group of bikini rises even.

Characteristic plays a way: The seawater here is very clear, below the illuminate of sunshine, not only the Bai Sha that can see seawater falls is mirrorred wave light is clearly, still can see a lot of not famous small fish swim footloosely in crural edge. With the lover pedestrian and row, blow together blow sea wind, those who experience the sea is quiet with dark.

Gu Cun piece the be sentimentally attached to that grand village lingering gives on the west

Grand village is given on the west that long and narrow alley child in, have a few bundles of sun now and then, cross stone carving to show a window, on the wall that imprints wonderful decorative pattern opposite, the change that refracts a myriad comes. Arrive without the dream however badge city. Here, all beautiful dreams the elegance with made of baked clay blueness of whitewash a wall of running water of Na Xiaoqiao of be not a patch on is chic. Still remember " orange became red " in, beautiful standing grain is in the court of badge city deductive chilly is beautiful love story. The sensation of that generation all the time keep arrives now, call wears those who love people to if the place like a haven of peace searchs him,head for that only beautiful story. Characteristic plays a way: Lean close below the peach of that individual plant of village mouth together with him beloved, look at silent shed dripping time from dorp, elapse in mountain forest, feel oneself and be in harmony of person of heaven and earth are an organic whole immediately. The love between two people rises for big love, perhaps this should be being mixed of the seventh evening of the seventh moon should justice. This momently, there is him only in your eye.

Travel sticks person: Can sample in the wineshop in the village steamed dumpling of city of crab carapace yellow sesame seed cake, badge, fry tea of spiral shell, 5 cities dry, panbroil the local cate such as pine of reed of sesame seed cake of corrupt of young soya bean, short, bud.

Desert piece Dunhuang seeks poetics picture idea

Recommend reason: How romantic thing is in having desert of rambling Yu Sha with sweetheart photograph, you can imagine? Be in Dunhuang, the poetics of rambling desert draws sense to make the brigade of honeymoon unforgettable all the more. Actor actor desert of ground ramble Yu Sha, experience " smoke of big desert Gu is straight " capacious mind, watch Protean desert marvellous spectacle, each minutes of each second, different natural landscape guides love associate to take colorful movement of the imagination. 5 kilometers place has Dunhuang city southwest to be in magical desert marvellous spectacle -- cry Sha Shan. Cry sanded hill ridge is like a knife, the person ascends cry namely, slippery circle of delicacy of 5 kinds of sand, fall along with sufficient decadent. Enter the peak, that path sanded peak is like the aureate wave in the sea, of great momentum, billowy. That hillside issues scrutiny spring of a crescent moon, blue waves ripples, resemble a rosebud, attentive ground leans close in the lover's bosom, changeless 100000.

Characteristic plays a way: Climb with lover barefoot, slippery sand, ride a camel to ascend dune, perhaps take slide slippery sand, jump drawing umbrella, undertake Sha Yu, sanded cure, interest is full.

Travel sticks person: Go crying amuse oneself of spring of sanded hill crescent moon with the dusk, crepuscular time optimal.

Green hill piece hill of high mountain eyebrow chains love

Recommend reason: Hill of high mountain eyebrow, the 4 great marvellous spectacle besides famed the world -- besides lamp of light of sea of clouds, sunrise, Buddha, emperor, more because high eyebrow mountain gold supports, one place is not person place hep, novel however and chic homocentric lock a plank road built along a cliff. What head for Jin Ding from hole of thunder level ground is telpher go up, about 5 minutes, repass steps of stone of a 100 class, can arrive at Jin Ding. It is by the side of Shi Ti's armrest, that engraved the homocentric lock of countless sweethearts name thickly on baluster of the most absorbing nothing is more... than, this formed mountain of high mountain eyebrow another distinctive scenery line. Allegedly, after wanting to lock up the lock only, cast the key absolutely into the abyss on the side definitely, but affection is decided lifelong, never depart. Interesting is, a lot of homocentric locks do not have key eye originally, once decide affection,this expresses, do not have leeway.

Characteristic plays a way: With the lover hill of eyebrow of pedestrian You E, not be cursory climb, get in the motion of life however the edification of historical culture, in pedestrian in of gotten heart release. Each cloister of hill of high mountain eyebrow has its individual lasting appeal, from building of woodiness condole foot, arrive indicative " nature round place " bricky hall, arrive again resplendent and magnificent Jin Dian, waiting for you to seek the result that attributes your. Go tired, OK in the evening the clever beautiful hot spring with famous place oneself, water mist waves in the wind, lamp shadow is hazy, talk of everything with the lover, feel life is such nevertheless also.

Travel sticks person: A section of a highway of the part on hill is very arduous, sweethearts people should notice safety, unfavorable the bottom that wear light and strong base shoe. The man should play the lady's hand, love is involving the raising of things to a higher level on the hill road of the hand each other.

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