Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sun Nan and belle advocate sow be exposed to the sun to already was registered marry

Staff member of local civilian political situation weighs a reporter " the news that should not report Sun Nan marriage " , nobody receive Mai Gongmei telephone call listen.

Pan Wei, travel is defended inspect golf master of ceremonies. Ever had chaired England to make public contest, United States to make public celebrity of contest, United States to surpass match of golf of 3 big international.

When seeing Pan Wei for the first time, she just pulled Shadow Creek field of Siweijiasi to play a ball game from the United States. "We are opposite actually costly do not have a concept, but you understood what cries at a draught here costly. " admire case by sunshine moist slightly black face, pan Wei sends a bright smile. A few dollars also had been hit before public golf. In home, pan Wei and partner people also want to push golf to the masses all the time.

Look in her, golf is a kind of movement that makes a person relaxed and happy. "It can change your state of mind not only, also meet the life that exert a subtle influence on changes you " .

Sun Nan and Mai Gongmei had divorced, defend with travel inspect female advocate the message that broadcasts Pan Wei marriage had been passed for a long time, but party all the time absolutely deny. The reporter is in know from director of the X inside the circle accidentally yesterday, sun Nan and Pan colourful had married really, and be in Hefei bureau of civil administration of the area that include a river is registered.

Coterie signs up for Mai Gongmei of makings grandson Nan to already divorced

Yesterday, the reporter is to X the director enquires its make fun of newly originally filmed progress circumstance, because his new show gut involves the scenario of the divorce, this director is chatting to chatting to sigh suddenly unexpectedly: "Sun Nan and Mai Gongmei also parted, had held out before them " . He more disclose to the reporter, "Sun Nan had married with Pan Wei now, the person in this work group knows, in Hefei the area that include a river registers them. In Hefei the area that include a river registers them..

Choose the account that registers in Hefei to two people, this personage is analysed, because Hefei does not have dog young culture,be on one hand, message of not easy leak out. On the other hand, the compere of Anhui stage is before Pan Wei, there is a house probably in Hefei, plus her native place mounds in Anhui in relief, probable it is Sun Nan after the parents that sees Guo Panwei, they are registered in Hefei incidentally married.

   Mai Gongmei rejects a response

Reporter with branch of Hefei city civil administration many staff member acquired connection yesterday, but reporter discovery, they have a lot of to scruple it seems that, all not be willing the front responds to this matter.

One Q surnames a staff member is the reason that enquires the reporter is called enthusiasticly first, in be informed a reporter to want to understand Sun Nan to whether be the area that include a river is registered when marrying, the other side enquires the message that the reporter is informed from where first, denying his again subsequently is the person that the reporter should seek. The another personage that is not willing to disclose a full name expresses, do not know this matter. But the news that he says to the reporter should not report Sun Nan marriage again, colourful of Sun Nan Pan acquiesced to already registered be related it seems that between utterance. The reporter dialed Mai Gongmei's telephone for many times last night, all nobody are received listen. Subsequently the reporter sends the short message that seek testimony to her again, but arrive when distributing news dispatches, she also did not have a return.

To confirm this information further, before dawn calls the reporter now agent article flute of Sun Nan, he says surprisingly: "Impossible! I am done not have necessary conceal with you, I think this is not true, unless he connects me,also hiding the truth from. Unless he connects me,also hiding the truth from..

   Sun Nan buys sentiment of red younger sister history

1987, sun Nan becomes a of Chinese colliery song and dance ensemble vocal actor. The 2nd year, sun Nan knew the Xin Xin that is a singer likewise. Two people began amour very quickly. But October 1999, sun Nan and Xin Xin part company.

In May 2000, sun Nan and Mai Gongmei lightning marry -- they are acquainted when show, know 24 hour hind, sun Nan proposes to Mai Gongmei. After marriage, mai Gongmei abandons essay career for Sun Nan, was delivered of early or late one female one child. It is reported, when two people marry, sun Nan goes because of bridal midway CCTV show, leave Mai Gongmei one person manages overall situation, to compensate Mai Gongmei, sun Nan still expressed to think the end of the year fills last year do marriage banquet. Mai Gongmei's reaction is: "I do not want, I should let him regret all one's life. I should let him regret all one's life..

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