Friday, April 22, 2011

New marriage times 80, 90 hind enunciative- My marriage celebrates me to do advocate

In the spring that is full of romantic breath, december 2011 China (Guangzhou) international marriage rich is met (rich of marriage of " of the following abbreviation is met " ) added a fire for festive atmosphere. The Xiaogao that comes from the inn of 1800 renown the name of an article of 20 large trades to lift Guangzhou marriage to celebrate the market is wet, 200 thousand paragraph marriage is tasted newly bring the most fashionable marriage to celebrate tide not only, and, the businessman still makes extent be as high as 28 million yuan indulgence to yield benefit.

But, 80, the 90 marriage after are celebrated can not make benefit, material benefit simply OK and contented, ego of make public individual character, expression has made the consumptive concept of this generation person, marry prepare, of course " my " is done advocate.

Marry prepare, 80 hind heavy short smooth compare quickly with sexual price

Be in before beginning half hours, meeting site has discharged marriage rich dragon having a person, it is young husband and wife brings parental family to come round together more. Marriage rich is met organizing committee besides expedite enter freely outside the ticket, still stipulate parents is accompanied do not need to enter ticket, exhibit meeting site to like go to market kind lively.

The Shiqingsong that works in ad firm plans to will marry in May, young couple is taking bilateral parents to come round together today. Shi Qingsong says, wedding Dresses photography, marriage celebrates field of banquet of service, marriage, headgear of Wedding Dresses, gem, marriage celebrates the everything needed is ready such as things, alternative much, can compare a gender big. "From choose marriage give up to have honeymoon to marriage hind, I am in same a place is OK goods compares 3, what leave out rushs about is bitter, go to the lavatory not only quick, and economy is substantial. "He says.

Du Wei of chief inspector of media of conference organizing committee says marriage gain, make preparations bridal, around needs normally 6 - of 8 months prepare period, but very much now 80 hind without this time and endurance. Marriage rich is met the platform that as it happens provides a goods to compare 3 to allow new people, catered to burgeoning consumptive demand not only, and safety consumes safeguard, card of ginseng item on display not only quality reputation has assure, and affirmatory sale price absolutely not price of retail sales of prep above the corresponding period.

Rich of scan widely marriage is met the spot, inviting advertisement yielding benefit has too many visitors or business to deal with. A jade-like stone for example orchid diamond platinic gold stands to Buddhist monastic discipline decrease 1000 yuan, give home appliance lottery, rate of win a prize in a lottery is 100 % almost, " of a lot of conveniently of new personality " that buy get married ring hold television or freezer in the arms come home. In smoking the Zhang Ling of freezer laughs so that close not approach mouth: "Common saying says those who be opposite to ' is chosen only, do not buy expensive ' , I like ring very much, did not think of to solve the freezer of bridal chamber incidentally, too be to one's profit. Too be to one's profit..

Male color advocates, bridegroom " turns over " becomes heat

Consumption is celebrated in traditional marriage in the habit, the bride is very core all the time, can saying even is only main force, from Wedding Dresses photography, Dresses custom-built, wedding engineers honeymoon optional location, it is almost around move bridal set; Can say, bridegroom all the time pleasant is become " greenery " . But, as 80 hind, 90 hind enter knot wedding day in succession, "The agitation of pattern beauty male " is embedded also marriage celebrate an industry, in fact, the view of male lubricious consumption has been become marriage the consumptive heat that celebrate.

Can go up in marriage rich, the limelight instead of bridegroom Dresses had built Wedding Dresses cheongsam, become key of new people " to pay close attention to object " . Qian circle in the air Hu Daping of manager of department of operation of Dresses of male be an official says, marriage celebrate early days charge to reach 50 thousand yuan or so in 35 thousand yuan commonly, among them 90 % are used on bridal body. But analyse through consumption, we think if bridegroom has more outstanding Dresses and adornment, can let wedding be held more faultlessly.

Really, before the dress of the bridegroom on wedding is much with black, blue-black give priority to, grave elegance. But in light of the kinds or types of goods that from marriage rich meeting site much home postpones business, man Dresses began to appear the color such as argent, khaki is, lively and fashionable. Dresses no longer the format of adherence business suit, cooperate Dresses style of the bride, man Dresses appeared the different clipping such as together type, be dressed in a Chinese-style jacket and trousers.

Hu Daping says, man gift is business suit and recreational combinative edition more now, those who cater to a youth savour, take multivariate and tie-in course; Can match already bow tie, OK also and tie-in jeans, those who emphasize it is practical change with vogue. Qian circle in the air the marriage rich in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou meets Dresses of male be an official on, harvest not less than 500 pieces order.

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