Thursday, April 21, 2011

First marriage celebrates Changzhou exposition will come on stage in June ginseng exhibit business to amount to about a hundred

Content: 8 exhibit an area greatly, one-stop the service solves wedding for you all problems

To satisfy new personality is opposite now the pursuit of bridal individual character, high-grade, romantic, fashionable trend, it is at the same time marriage celebrate an industry to offer image of a brand to reveal, the arena that product service promotion, industry communication learns, sponsor hand in hand by Changzhou evening paper and Chinese Changzhou net, limited company of medium of business of short for Zhejiang Province of company of medium of culture of net of dragon of center of advertisement of industry of Changzhou city cable, Changzhou, Changzhou undertakes " marriage of first 2011 Changzhou celebrates exposition " will on June 11 - 12 days come on stage ceremoniously in Changzhou international exhibition center.

Rich of current Changzhou marriage meets nearly 100 businessmen that conformity whole town marriage celebrates relevant industry undertake centralized exhibiting, the well-known trademark that invites and other places of Shanghai, Nanjing is garrisoned, offer to the citizen one-stop service experience. Want time two days only, be in a place, can ramble all businessmen, solve you bridal and all problem.

Offer the wholest marriage to celebrate serve

Order a public house, search marriage celebrate, pat Wedding Dresses, buy marriage ring, make an appointment " 4 big King Kong " ... these preparation before marriage are adequate let a pair of any new personality catch mad. Need not anxious, besides these, changzhou marriage rich still can have more service and surprise to waiting for you. From hairdressing cultivate one's morality, travel to honeymoon, you are needed, everything what what think can be in Changzhou marriage rich is found on the meeting.

Meeting general divides current marriage rich 8 exhibit an area greatly: Wedding Dresses photography, marry wine shop of banquet of gem headgear, Wedding Dresses, marriage (happy event article) , travel of bridal plan and service, honeymoon, marriage celebrates things, newly-married to live in. Offer in all 30 a variety of mixing marriage celebrate relevant service category, celebrate a service besides personalized marriage, still have the relevant newly-married service such as outfit of house property, car, home and product.

Ginseng exhibit business to amount to about a hundred

Rich of current Changzhou marriage is met scale is unprecedented, participate in let what brand ginseng exhibits business to amount to about a hundred interest is well-known. Extent yielding benefit is unprecedented, total prices is as high as 1 million above, the real situation passes on broad consumer. Advocate consumptive civilization at the same time, sufficient play businessman gets the action of bellwether, initiate the marriage on a real significance to celebrate shopping carnival. Lucky big lottery still can play after new personality shops, award is numerous, value is rich and generous.

Want to sign up to namely the gift sends only, the new talent signing up that shares an activity, accurate new personality all will obtain an activity to sponsor the overflow gift that just appoints a businessman to offer (great gift is wrapped) or newly-married honeymoon swims large award.

"Whole town be passionately in love " prepare to wear for single men and women

Marriage rich can have two days only, but all sorts of theme activities begin warm-up since April. Sponsor just will hold " originality is bridal " the contest, gold emcee selection contest, most welcome marriage celebrates car of the exterior of photography of the gem headgear, most welcome Wedding Dresses, most welcome marriage to choose etc 5 choose greatly, hold Wedding Dresses to be tasted newly, gem headgear, marriage celebrates the 3 big themes such as things to release show vogue to exhibit meeting.

The activity kicks off to still will be held that day " whole town be passionately in love " large date meeting and " whole town love song " " love song is antistrophic " activity, in addition still gathering of heroes of opening ceremony, fashionable shopping section, single party, beautiful car waits for activity of 4 old scenes, drive whole exhibit the lively atmosphere of the meeting, offer sumptuous dinner of a vision to everybody.

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