Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rescue marriage to inspecting 5 minutes everyday

Doctor of an elder psychology once had recieved a pair of husband and wife, they already cold war is very long period of time, feeling is dimmer and dimmer. Before psychological doctor, two people resemble personal enemy same, distain each other. In advisory process, psychological doctor teachs them a method that rescues marriage: Be opposite everyday inspect 5 minutes.

At first, themselves is not clear also, can you produce so magical result to inspecting? Psychological doctor tells them, must try to seek the sort of mental state when love, unlock oneself heart, ground of exuding tenderness and love through eyes watchs opposite party. Try to be opposite when them when inspecting, each other are a bit bashful, because actually, they already very long had not seen the other side with the look that expects love so. Release the joyance of a heart and sincere feeling gradually when them, when receiving the longing in eyes of the other side and joy, they discover, body and mind had change -- of original marriage decide chronically situation, let them see the weakness of the other side only, despise each other gradually. Its are direct and sequential, passed more and undesirable suggestion and information to the other side namely, make marital bramble densely covered. And expect actively what this kind of full of emotive helped them seek pair of the other side to inspecting with the suggestion, those who be in this kind to be planted 5 minutes everyday is right in inspecting an exercise, it is OK that they discover opposite party is former so beautiful, so pure, remain the sweetheart that oneself choose at the outset, become good-tempered gradually.

When love, we are opposite silently inspect, but in marriage, bilateral conference from originally to inspecting, turn those who be backside is silent observation, turn again for negligence, may be to despise even -- why can you have such change? Because of us too mind that former perfect image, do not allow little flaw invade, we did not regard as the other side true faulty individual will try to accept.

The couple in case is in above the psychological effect that the study in seeking advice went to to look attentively at, they acquired a variety of prejudice in putting down a heart gradually, the sort of tenderness in picking up love again and abasement, much a bitter to the other side laugh, many somes good-tempered. Pack up the expression that densely covered, brows locks up anxious cloud closely when them, loosen truly come down, when speechless ground looks at the other side, can see more and good suggestion from body of the other side, the direction that can try to expect toward place of the other side then goes hard, final two people can return again gradually old good.

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