Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The expert is analytic- Battalion of shadow building already and management

The expert talks about battalion of shadow building already and management

Current, the boss of a lot of shadow building industry is existing generally error of a concept, manage the meaning with management and borderline problem namely. Because boundary line is not clear the meaning is unidentified bring about management amlposition, cause an enterprise to develop delay to be touched slow encounter market risk ability to drop, shortened thereby the lifecycle of the enterprise.

"Manage " with " management " which is the most important? This problem is benevolence person the person that see Ren Zhi sees wisdom, the answer has each different, the controller of a lot of Wedding Dresses industries, investor sums up a theory according to respective experience. According to scientific final conclusion should be both be short of one cannot, it is important to should be put in locally. Accordingly, the solution that the investor of industry of Wedding Dresses photography seeks namely: "Manage " with " management " fixed position problem is shown. Is He Wei managed? Point to namely for " planning battalion is sought " . He Wei management? Point to namely for " the manage inside administer also " . Made clear " manage " with " management " basic meaning, decide according to oneself circumstance, everything is in follow a rational line to do some work well reasonable in...

Shadow building wants to had been managed and do do greatly strong, want to be decided according to the oneself circumstance of each enterprise above all, " manage " with " management " the position has been adjusted orderly early or late, this is the first requirement that matters to shadow building to be able to develop continuously. At present of 90 % above of domestic medium or small shadow building is main it is " manage " put in the first place, namely: Play sales promotion and mobile card greatly, in order to extend the market, contend for grab passenger source to strive for market share for sale shift, increase shadow building business income.

According to afore-mentioned circumstances a lot of readers can ask, "Manage " with " management " which is more important? Which should be put in the first place? Actually this one problem is shadow building run in the market " core " problem. From theoretic telling should be to have first there is government after managing, the composition of this one important document is decided according to the order of nature of the market. Must behave force and company culture according to dimensions of building of oneself circumstance, market condition, shadow, employee because of this shadow building, with respect to the strategy that avoids light choice suits him again fixed position measures a body to make thought of business management of enterprise and company culture.

According to survey, going up century the scale at the beginning of 90 time is the largest " group of photography of Guangzhou Wen Yuan Wedding Dresses " group of VS" Guangdong lubricious colour atlas and " of group of Chongqing Jin Fu's person. From this two (inside the industry) the culture design of company of larger Wedding Dresses photography and company strategy fixed position look quite, give the otherness of the company culture of two enterprises and strategic thought and train of thought with respect to can clear resolution.

Group of Guangdong lubricious colour atlas is with real market all along oriented, real company seeks to live on put for the foundation, for market of race to control first machine, battle of bold and powerful be apt to and development enterprising, extend with sales promotion and uninterrupted activity from already management market. "Professional, kind, originality is banner " alliance of the big line of business that get surprise, fore-and-aft enterprising was contended for an another market space, fall in that special social period setting (seller's market) , going up to 90 time high speed develops the century and enter Chinese Wedding Dresses to photograph for the enterprise cuddle of 10 big crackajack pictures laid solid foundation, this one accurate enterprise " sale strategy " fixed position, can calls an industry example.

And another heavyweight is large industry of Wedding Dresses photography, group of Chongqing gold madam is in when be being built first with " brand strategy " to direct, it is dominant thought in order to build the base with solid industry, do not beg at the moment temporarily one benefit, do strong redo first big, contend for do Chinese Wedding Dresses to photograph the first brand, dovish management concept, make the culture thought of the systematic construction inside the enterprise, enterprise and driving market brand behave force, show vitality of healthy and strong increasingly. Because the enterprise has good base, avoid and touch encounter market risk ability to be strengthened greatly. Ensured the high speed of the enterprise grows thereby, group of photography of golden madam Wedding Dresses has made scale of industry of photography of Chinese Wedding Dresses nowadays the company of Wedding Dresses photography with the biggest, the strongest actual strength; Nowadays " golden madam " the first brand that the brand has made be worthy of the name of trade of photography of Chinese Wedding Dresses; "To honour, to be apt to, to the beauty " management concept, it is the target of a magic weapon that golden madam competes and pursuit forever.

The investment operator that regards Wedding Dresses as photography industry and controller can are opposite " manage " with " management " these two vocabularies have profundity comprehend and strong interest. Because this wants to had done the business, do strong, do Dabingde to arrive to develop goodly, company strategy locates must rigorous, science, actual, standard, accurate. In be being managed actually blindly " size sweep the deck " , apparently see the market have rate is very high, produced certain beneficial result, but as a result of insufficient " dedicated " , with respect to meeting generation low end the client thinks " the price is high " , high-end client thinks " class is low " , cause brand decline thereby, be travelled together gradually diversionary pull the passive phase that enters awkwardness even.

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