Monday, April 18, 2011

Young anxious marriage dates again and again

Channel of xinhua net Zhejiang on August 29 report (reporter Yuan Yan) in the impression in people, what be anxious for marriage is mature young person mostly. But a few days ago, the reporter dates a few times in Hangzhou see however on the meeting, area of area of a piece of Zhang Hai is babyish " low age " the youth also moves back and forth again and again among them. On August 26, hold in Hangzhou " commonweal of day of soubrette of Zhejiang of · of bissextile the seventh evening of the seventh moon dates congress " on, the spot is close in the participator of 5000 people, 20 years old of young people that reach 25 years old occupied 1/3 left and right sides.

Why more and more " low age " is the youth joined date team? "Now, often listen to family, friend to mention an object

Search hard. Especially girl, pass 24 years old to find flexibly Lang Jun's difficulty is great. Attend dating also can be to give his many somes of chance. If encounter flexibly, can ' who strikes first prevails ' ah. " " date meeting " on, the Xiaochen that the university just graduated this year says to the reporter. In the spot, the youth that reporter discovery and Xiaochen have same think of a way is true still many. These " low age " the young person is right traditional " date " means is not repellent. "It is OK to be met through dating friend of much associate with, cannot do husband and wife, can become a friend. " one dresses up fashionable male youth says.

Sponsor Fang Zhi of one " Zhejiang soubrette net " statistic, join them to date in the member of main forces, 20 years old of young people that reach 25 years old have 14700, 52.2% what hold member sum total about. Some hands in friendly club to also disclose, a few when they organize on 8 minutes of meetings that make friend, 25 years old of the following person that date were occupied 30% .

"Soubrette " Introduction Cao Mou, date team " low age change " with a few parents " apply pressure " not without the relation. Date the spot, a tall mom was written with one's own hands for daughter of 28 years old " card of have the groom move into one's house after the marriage " . Her " card of have the groom move into one's house after the marriage " drew a lot of parents stop read. "How has not so outstanding girl found a target? " aside some understand piece of mom hard the ground says, "My home child also have 23 years old, I must urge her look for a partner in marriage at once. " she says she turned in the spot after circuit, see so much parent is anxious for filial marriage, feel " the situation is grim " , have crisis feeling very much.

Jiang Qian gold analyses Zhejiang college professor, psychological expert, to love, young men and women holds taller hope than mature young person, idea is more Utopian also, but they also try to adopt a convention date means, find satisfactory target.

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