Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ten million wealthy old woman is crash face-lifting saves marriage

Because the husband loves another person, ms. Zhang of family property ten million flies back to Chongqing from Hainan on a special trip yesterday, in weak point the flower inside 30 minutes is in southwest hospital nearly 100 thousand yuan plastics division undertakes face-lifting, the hope can defeat young and beautiful rival in love accordingly.

"Doctor, ask you the side is busy, operation face-lifting can be passed in short time, become young and some more beautiful. " yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, a middleaged lady with luxuriant dress comes to division of this courtyard plastics, say oneself are called Zhang Jing (alias) , 45 years old, typical Chongqing person, answer Chongqing this on a special trip by plane from Hainan, plane goes straight towards a hospital continuously.

Below the doctor's inquiry, ms. Zhang says, go up century at the beginning of 90 time, she and husband are hit to Hainan go all out, so far, two people already were achieved on ten million family property. Before a few months, the husband begins apparently desolate she, do not come home for long. Finally, the member that she just knows a beautiful language of the husband and company is good went up. From this, the emotional go from bad to worse of two people. Several days ago, husband and wife two quarrelled greatly one, the husband lets her unexpectedly " look in the mirror well, see oneself that piece of turn against " . Accordingly, under stretch, her specially flies back to Chongqing, determination face-lifting saves marriage and family.

The doctor says, ms. Zhang maintains very well actually, but request to fall repeatedly in hers, after the expert diagnoses tegether, this division decides, inject for its 18 value injection of 6000 yuan of furrow fill fluid. After many minutes 30, inject ends, the Zhang Jing that keeps looking in the mirror expresses, to saved marriage to spend many yuan 10 are worth. (sign up for according to Chongqing business) origin: Net of Yangtse Evening Post

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