Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shen Aojun will be married in May house of state guest of Diaoyutai of diplomat male friend places marriage banquet

Yesterday, " conceal " in " Zun La " Shen Aojun of the person that act discloses when Beijing accepts a special report, by May, she will be in house of Diaoyutai state guest and flexibly it is good for Jin Zhi of the Qin Dynasty that Lang Jun writtens guarantee. The feeling of two people consolidates period film just about " conceal " when, nevertheless, this bridegroom resembles " Yu Zecheng " same mystery, because working nature is special,can play to media only " conceal " , can fair at numerous is -- the diplomat that he is some country, foreign nationality Chinese.

Remnant daughter is on dating road

Profess " desperately 3 man " Shen Aojun says, him job is too busy before be too busy to scruple individual problem, became remnant daughter not carefully, of family urgent the way that allowed her to walk up to date. "I and my gentleman are introduction of friend of 7 years of classics, date next successful, we are Manchu. After meeting, introducer still arranges him to went to Shanghai visitting my parents and elder sister, my people feels he is very dependable, begin formal association. " today, shen Aojun should answer Shanghai, with flexibly Lang Jun films marriage gauze is illuminated.

   Li Jing inserts willow Liu Chengyin involuntarily

The Shen Aojun that is enmeshed in happiness discloses, the acquaintance of two people, be in love with " conceal " return some relationships. "I am patted " conceal " when, he vacates the New year holidays that put two years I am accompanied in the play staff, we also appeared at that time a few contradiction, be hemisphere of north and south after all lie between, get together to leave less much. " " conceal " after be being patted, actual distance ever let each other relation cool for a time, till 8 years the left and right sides will attend Li Jing in September " super visit " . Li Jing one language sleeps lightly dreamboat. Shen Aojun says frankly: "A paragraph of Ceng Buyu's fast feeling was recollected to experience in the program at that time, li Jing says to me ' sometimes happiness is not distant, perhaps be in crossing turning, someone says to you -- you go with me ' , when hearing this at that time, indifferent horse extensive had my heart dimple, because my gentleman also follows me,had said same word. Record a program, I phone him immediately. " before long, shen Aojun's gentleman strives for the opportunity that works to China, she laughs at him character the mood in those days is sung with respect to the place in resembling a song " it is sunny day. " arrive from love get a marriage certificate, character of Shen Aojun laugh does not have the sort of blazing feeling between two people. "Our age differs 78 years old, the time that be together is too little, can disentomb only slowly. Can disentomb only slowly..

  Hopeful of morning of Sun Gonglei Yao attends wedding

3 elder sister marriage of Shen Aojun are domestic banquet replaces wedding, so Shenyang mother hopes young daughter can do a wedding all the time. To come true the mother wishs, shenyang is proud Jun Zhengan sends happy note. "Invited many friends such as Yao Chen, Sun Gonglei now. Can affirmatory is " conceal " director and producer, wave of Ren Quan, Yellow Sea can come, the daughter that still has Li Jing should be become to us flower child. The daughter that still has Li Jing should be become to us flower child..

Shen Aojun says, marriage is not two the individual's things absolutely,

  " conceal " medium modelling

One everybody still follows from the back child. The husband's parents dies, he whether blend in the domesticity besides bound of two the world? Shen Aojun expresses: "He acts independently all the time before, not quite be gregarious, learning hard now with us harmony of one everybody person lives. Learning hard now with us harmony of one everybody person lives..

Many female stars can choose marriage hind retired, photograph husband godchild, although Shen Aojun has this to read aloud, but already was strangled to be in the cradle by the gentleman. "He says with me, must get the life ring that has oneself, do not take sport you can become aware gain and loss falls, when arriving, you can blame me. The woman cannot be done really depend on the man's furniture, of other in part joining should be to make each other happy and joy, more, is not a captivity of other in part the world in oneself. " Shen Aojun still expresses, oneself into master " happy event of highly skilled doctor comes happy " hopeful pats continuation, production Founder negotiates to it. As to " conceal " , the director does not pat continuation absolutely.

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