Thursday, April 28, 2011

Makeup girl of marriage gauze photography makes up skill and aesthetic

Of 21 centuries today, as the change of people careful beautiful idea, of culture art grade rise, ever the 1000 people one side of be the rage has the mode of some of common fawn on to change bridal modelling and nondescript even film the style will be accepted no longer, contrary, the gravity that people favour can reflect Wedding Dresses to photograph already at those and divine, show again at the same time give a kind of nature, of distinct personality film style and make up modelling, the makeup that adopts different style namely and photography will behave different temperament of the character, turn colorful life into eternity with the instant. Face offset expends the requirement with new market, major of Wedding Dresses photography makes up while modelling division is enhancing technical professional ability hard, what need to promote an individual more is all-around integrated quality. The technology that photographs Wedding Dresses, artistic, grade, culture, only elegant and beautiful, vogue, divine, organic ground is united in wedlock together. Will initiate jointly reach the consumptive group that caters to 21 centuries to mature increasingly.

What problem should makeup girl note when making up for the client?

1, the color that decides powdery bottom

Predetermination is luster surely or lacklustre, oily skin should use lacklustre pink base, because oily skin gives oil extremely easily already to cause,take off makeup; Drying skin should use burnish pink base, but when lest take a picture,lacklustre pink base must be being used when patting Wedding Dresses to illuminate, glance. Choose two, by 3 kinds of pink that are close to him color of skin, try brush at the cheek, in order to decide the color of skin with oneself is close to color most, if already had,go up makeup, best at buy of place of ear ahead bureau discharge makeup retries, color just is met accurate. By the pink that also can try a color of skin is deeper to compare his, such makeup look to have the effect of stereo feeling more.
2, if why is the face decorated by pink model it is a very fundamental skill
Apply bright, dark look appears wide, narrow the method of the effect will decorate color of skin, if pass wide two buccal or zygomatic can be decorated by pink of deep color of skin. Narrower forehead, compressed zygomatic or too short chin, can use white or be decorated by the pink of bright color, but want with the juncture place of former pink bottom even, downy, do not see apparently colored difference, to demand the result end even, downy pink, had better brush bottom of divide evenly pink with soft sponge, the effect is much better.

3. eye shadow

Eye shadow is challenge sex is had most in colour makeup, the richest also change and interesting measure, because wonderful eye film is,apply boundless originality. How to combine different, rich color together, the appearance that makes abstract, dream, diversification comes. Normally the colour of dress applies the color that avoids will comparative color or different color to fasten as far as possible to be put together, wait like purple and yellow, peachblossom and tangerine, but the colour of eye shadow is applied do not accept this restriction completely, the brushwork of eye shadow has following a few kinds:

(A) gradually layer law: This is the commonnest also be a kind of simple method, same color in order to differ deep, light color, word eyelid lower part is consummate square, by go up greatly to shallow gradational picture, can model abstruse the effect of the eye.

(B) Qing Chun: This kind with cheek red brush on after eyelid, brush in the position of double-fold eyelid on the eye shadow of deep gray or nigger-brown, use to eye end by eye head same kind of colour, line leaving a small hole with ash brown or nigger-brown comes by eye end eye head, by thick go out to detailed natural picture, do not look to go out almost so have on makeup feeling, but the eye is met it seems that big at least 1/3 and have very much very god, bright.

(C) Europe type is stereographic: Eye socket place gives orbital effect with nigger-brown or deep gray picture, increase the deepness of eye ministry and three-dimensional result.

Can match on eyelid the warm color such as golden lubricious orange olive green is, or the cold colour such as red of blue purple, wine, behave different mass-tone to move.

(D) geometrical model law: With is a music being drawn among eyelid? Quot; < " or modelling of " > " , be like among make modelling result with azure blue color, eye head criterion with peachblossom, eye end criterion with bright wine red, whole draws the outline of romantic amorous feelings, build an attractive lasting appeal. Making up is a kind of skill. Practice constantly, can develop the skill of a practised and technique certainly, but how using color is a kind of art, need to develop imagination and originality, just but brandish asperses the colour unreal with freely will diversiform ground to change a different color, this also is the place of eye filmgoer person. It is have challenge sex so, do not accept any restriction completely also, warm even, cold lubricious mutual collocation often also has the effect of beyond all expectations.

4. eyelash is brushed

Oriental eyelash is mostly short and straight, hang down downward even, after before had better brushing eyelash, with eyelash clip pressing coils, brush again, eyelash should press 3 times: Place a ministry the 1st times, angle is 45 degrees; The 2nd times clip is interrupted, show 90 degrees, bend up gently; Place tail end the 3rd times, show 120 degrees, bend older point of view up, the attention when clip does not place eyelid. Had better use amphibious type eyelash to brush, when taking out either edge eyelash to brush, can brush filter to go with across eyelash redundant fiber, just won't brush piece condense the effect of posse, also too won't wasteful, brush first on eyelash, brush with small eyelash again brush next eyelash, after been brush, brush with eyebrow brush an eyelash modelling, also make its won't stick together has shocker effect

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